Top Ten in March

I’m not sure when or why I decided to commit myself to a daily posting schedule here on the blog, but it’s what I’m used to and it’s what you’re used to, so that’s what I keep doing!

I love the pace, to be honest with you. I always miss the comments and the feedback on the rare occasion that I do take a day off; but with such a hefty posting schedule, I’m usually so busy creating new content and thinking about what’s next that I rarely take the time to stop and dive into my analytics, assess what is working and what isn’t, and consider new ideas or strategies for the future.

I decided to do some of that this week, and it’s been interesting! By recycling some of my old content, I’ve been able to spend more time on the back end of things, and I thought it might be fun to share some of what I discovered.

TOP 10 IN MARCH: My 10 most popular blog posts from the month of March, and the 10 most popular products among JLS readers.

First I’ll share my top 10 posts from the month of March, and then I’ll share the 10 products that were the most popular here on the blog. If you aren’t a daily reader, I hope you enjoy this recap. I you are, perhaps it will be a good refresher, or at least interesting to see what other readers like best.

Top 10 Posts in March 2018

These are in typical Top Ten order, with the month’s most popular post listed last.

#10. Must Have $22 Tee for Spring // This outfit is so simple, yet I really like the combination of colors, and while I know a lot of you detest these shoes (LOL), I think they’re a great way to give a basic look a modern update.

White Pullover with Pink Jeans and Vans

#9. What To Wear with Pink Jeans // Without a doubt, the softest pullover ever, and the cutest jeans I’ve worn this spring (similar for less at Gap.) The Vans keep it casual, and this shoulder bag is my new favorite.

#8. What To Wear When Spring Is Slow To Come // Haha, if we had only known then how slow it was going to be. I’m still waiting… At least I’m getting a lot of wear out of all those transition sweaters I bought! This striped whipstitched sweater is probably my favorite of all… this one or the colorful striped one from Old Navy (see #5.) I’m totally obsessed with stripes this season.

Weekend Ready: Varsity Tee with White Jeans

#7. Weekend Ready // This is such an easy outfit, and I love the sporty vibe. These jeans are on sale, by the way. They’ve been my favorite white distressed jeans for going on three years now. (Size up one; I wear a size 30.)  And if you want more ideas for styling your white Converse, see yesterday’s post, 15 ways to wear white Converse!

#6. How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans This Spring // Evidently you guys like these casual looks as well… this is really just another variation on #7. And there’s that bag again!

Striped Spring Sweater

#5. Striped Sweater Outfit // Because stripes make me happy… and can we just take a moment and talk about those earrings? How fun are they for spring? Statement earrings are a big trend right now, and they’re a great way to level up a basic outfit.

Sunday Best: Lauren Ralph Lauren Cap-Sleeve Floral-Print Jersey Dress with Sam Edelman Hazel Pointy Toe Pumps and KSNY shoulder bag

#4. Sunday Best // This worked perfectly as my Easter outfit, and I’m sure I’ll be wearing it a lot this spring and summer for church and other events. This dress is so flattering, super comfortable, and it doesn’t wrinkle. Plus it’s 20% off right now! Oh, and I found my go-to white pumps on sale as well. See all my Saks Sale Picks!

Trunk Club Unboxing

#3. Trunk Club Unboxing & Try-On Haul // These posts are always popular. I’ll have another one for you all next week!

White T-Shirt Review & Comparison

#2. White T-Shirt Review & Comparison // It seems women are forever ISO the perfect white tee, can I get an amen? I actually found several good ones, and I’m sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly in this, the 2nd most popular post of the month!

Pink High Waist Ankle Cigarette Jeans

#1. Pink High Waist Ankle Cigarette Leg Jeans // I’m fascinated that this is the most popular post of the month… and by a landslide. It’s definitely a look that’s a step outside my comfort zone. I guess you all like it when I change things up a bit! FYI, these pants just went on sale. If you were on the fence, now is the time to take the plunge!

Top 10 Products in March

Do you ever wonder what JLS readers are buying??? Based on clicks, these were the 10 most popular products across my blog and social channels during the month of March.

#10. Stripe Puff Sleeve Dress // This is the only product in the top 10 that I didn’t feature in a dedicated outfit post, but it got a lot of attention when I shared it in a Try On Sesh. it really is such a great little number to dress up or down this spring… so flattering and excellent quality. For reference, this is a size 6.

#9. Sannibel Wedge Sandals // I’m seeing these sandals on all the blogs, but amazingly, they’re still fully stocked! I can’t wait till the weather warms up around here so I can actually wear them.

#8. Darren Shoulder Bag // This is such a great everyday bag, and I absolutely love the quality for the price point. It looks and feels so luxe. I did manage to snag mine on sale, and it’s stocked by a variety of retailers so I expect to see it on sale again at some point. I’ll keep you posted!

#7. Varsity Stripe Tee // Love these Treasure & Bond sporty tees for wearing with jeans and kicks on the weekends or any casual day at home. For size reference, this is a small.

#6. Basic Pullover // I absolutely adore this slouchy washed jersey pullover, and I guess you guys did too, judging from the clicks; I think I wore it 3 days last week. It’s a little spendy, but sometimes I’m willing to splurge on a casual top that I know I’ll wear a ton. For size reference, this is a small.

#5. Knot Front Tee // You know how much I love a tee with a twist, and evidently you all do too! This top is such a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. It comes in red and yellow as well. For size reference, this is a small.

Kensa Peep Toe Booties

#4. Kensa Peep Toe Booties // There are still a few sizes left! These shoes are so cute and comfortable, and currently selling for half of what I paid for them last spring!

#3. Vans Slip On Sneakers // I love these shoes… I’ve been wearing them a ton. So comfortable and they go with casual outfits so well.

#2. Twist Front Tee // You guys do love your tees!!! This was another super popular item, and with good reason. At $22, you really ought to get all 4 colors! In addition to the three colors that were available when I first posted this look, this tee is now available in a really pretty mint green that pairs beautifully with white! For size reference, this is a medium, and I washed and dried it before taking these pictures.

Drum roll please . . .

#1. Sylvie Tiered Hem Linen Tee // This top was by far the most popular product on my blog so far this spring. It has double the clicks of the next most popular item. It really is a great little tee, and it comes in so many pretty colors. I’m still waiting for the azalea to be restocked in my size. For size reference, this is a small.

There was some discussion about sizing, and if this was the right size or if I should have sized up. I’ve worn it again since looking at these pictures, and the small does fit just fine. I think the way I was standing in this picture makes it look like it’s pulling in the chest a bit, but it fits really well. I haven’t washed it yet, though, so I’ll keep you posted on how that goes!

In Closing

I hope you found this post interesting! I always enjoy looking back at what was popular.

It seems that you guys really like cute tops and occasionally a dress, but pants hardly ever rank, even when I share a lower priced option. Shoes are popular, but bags not quite so much… although one did rank in the top 10 this month.

I also find it curious that accessories and jewelry hardly ever get the attention major wardrobe pieces do. They’re such a great way to update an outfit without breaking the bank. Maybe that’s because I tend to wear the same few pieces over and over, although I did share a couple pairs of fun statement earrings this month.

While my spring fashion series may be over, spring hasn’t even arrived yet here in Pennsylvania, so I’ll definitely be putting more spring outfits together when the weather warms up!

I’ve also got some other fun posts planned, including a white jeans review, a shorts roundup, and some of my usual features such as 5 Under $50, April Favorites, unboxing and try-on posts, and some more Fight the Frump posts! As always, I’m open to ideas and suggestions.

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34 Responses

  1. I enjoy seeing what others have “clicked”! Especially this year when the weather still feels very “ early March”, I’m tempted to give some of this pieces another consideration🙄.
    Personally, I always hestitate to buy pants online unless it is a known brand and style. I find that tops generally always fit in my typical size and the “size up” or “down” tells me all I need to know. Pants/jeans, not so much!

  2. Well this was fun! I’m not even surprised about that top being #1. You’ve proved just how versatile it is with the ways you’ve styled it. I love mine in white and am even considering getting another color in the short sleeve version. And those wedges! Truly my favorites by far!

  3. Lots of pretty things. My personal favorite didn’t make the cut – it’s the Mauve sweater from Ann Taylor. I bought it and just love it.
    I also have my eye on the white pullover. If it ever goes on sale, I will pounce lol!

    1. I was surprised that sweater didn’t make it too. It’s one of my favorite purchases this spring. The quality is much nicer than the Loft sweaters, and it washed up really nice.

  4. That was very interesting reading! I really wish I’d jumped on those Kensa booties right away. Now they’re sold out of my size. I also would like to get a nice quality bag, but I’m having a hard time pulling the trigger on an expensive one. I need to look more closely at the Sole Society handbags that I think you’ve linked from time to time. I have some Dooney & Burke and Fossil (which aren’t cheap), but I really would like to get one for spring.

    I’m really looking forward to your shorts roundup. I’m currently taking Course 2 of Adore Your Wardrobe, and shorts are the next lesson. I love wearing shorts in the summer but don’t think my legs are that nice, so I tend to wear shorts that are just above the knee, although I have some denim shorts that are 5″. Can’t wait to find out what I *should* be wearing. 😀

    1. I think a 4″ or 5″ inseam is pretty universally flattering. Knee-length shorts can be tricky, but I understand feeling more comfortable in them.

      Dooney & Burke and Fossil make very good quality bags and they have great sales at Macy’s and other dept stores. Sole Society bags look okay, but I think it’s worth investing in leather for your everyday bags. I need to include more Dooney & Burke and Fossil in my recs. I don’t notice them on Nordstrom much, but I am not sure why. They’re great bags.

  5.  I’d noticed your uptick in posting, and yes, I am definitely enjoying it. I bet it’s keeping you hopping!
    That said, your casual style this month definitely struck a chord with me.   I do like to dress up, but comfies are my favorites.
    I went to try on your vans this week and they only had one size left in our local store.  Popular shoe! I borrow my daughter’s black ones all the time… they’re so super comfortable!

    Actually these posts and your try-on sessions have become my favorites, which is surprising because I started following you for your seasonal series.  

    They’re all great reads to me!

  6. Always fun to look back 🙂
    I WISH I could get up and exercise and shower before 8 am…. I. JUST.CAN’T. I’ve tried so hard to be a morning person, but I’m just not happy .. lol
    Anywho – have a great day !

  7. Great post! I enjoy these. Please keep us posted on a sale the RM Darren shoulder bag. I need a new everyday shoulder bag for summer and think this is the one I want. Just wrestling with the price, although I have to say, the RM bag I have, I have used a ton and it still looks great. Happy almost Friday!

  8. Oh my gosh! This was ( in my mind) a genius way to help readers get the oppurtunity to purchase something from a post that they might have liked but not made up their mind about 😊. I personally loved the format of this post and am excited for this to be a regular part of your blog. Nice work! And thanks so much.

  9. Fun post!  You mentioned pants/jeans not ranking as well.  I know I pretty much have to try on jeans in a  store, because I’m hard to fit as a petite woman, so I don’t buy much online.  But I always love seeing how you style  yours.  Now, give me a cute top or sweater and I’m all over that!  Ha ha  I have ordered several of the ones you’ve posted and love them!

  10. I’m one of the ones that got the twist-front t-shirt. I got black and it’s a wonderful shirt! I’m surprised your Triple Points at Nordstrom page didn’t get lots of hits. I’m still trying sizes of the denim jacket and shorts trying to find the right ones….it may be a loss, but I got the great t-shirt so I’ll be happy even if the search for the others must continue.

  11. I love my shoreline Converse also, but they do not have enough support to wear all day so I was considering Vans.  If I was wearing them with a variety of colors of shorts which color of Vans do you think is most versatile? The color you have been wearing or should I go with a tan color? 

  12. Love the analysis posts, always interesting! I am a casual girl too, and love all the casual outfits you post. The hot pink pants post- it was different for you, and me… but I actually had bought some hot pink jeans from JCP a few years ago and love the way they fit, but just don’t wear them much at all… so after that post, I wore them to work with a black top and black shoes! 🙂 It was fun! I tend to stay with neutrals, and add color with accessories and/or shoes. Things also tend to fit me about the same way they fit you, so that is always helpful! 🙂 Blessings on your (LONG) day!!

  13. It’s fun to look back on past posts to see who liked the ones I did. High scorer here!🤚🏻
    Like others I prefer to try pants on in store. I ordered a pair of pants from Loft. They were a little big in waist/hip area. I sent them back but my account was never credited. A phone call got the money back into my account but . I still don’t know where it went wrong – UPS or Loft. That was the first time I ordered clothing online – not a good experience. I like to try footwear on as I have narrow feet. So, all that to say I only order tops as they seem to fit according to size. 

  14. I laughed out loud when I read your email intro this morning! So true to life…c’est la vie…..but so frustrating! I have the week off and with no plans until the afternoon I was planning a leisurely morning, but instead I was woken up at 7:00 by my parents unexpectedly ringing my doorbell! They had decided to drive over my way for an early morning walk around a nearby lake and decided to stop by for a visit since we hadn’t seen them on Easter this year. (They’re very early risers – up before dawn every morning.) So I scrambled to look presentable (threw on my favorite Splendid cardigan over my pajamas -thank you JLS – my coziest cardi 😘) and made fresh coffee for them. However,  I need to go grocery shopping and my dad is one of those who needs something sweet with his morning coffee (muffin, danish, croissant) and I had nothing (then had to listen to my mother lecture me about how I need to keep more in my freezer “just in case” ). Luckily I had strawberries which I ended up slicing up and I made him some cinnamon toast. Voila! Problem solved! 😊 
    Anywho…..so after reading this post I decided to order your #1 readers pick: the tiered lined tee since the reviews seem so positive. I ordered it in white and the pink. Yay!  
    I loved yesterday’s post with the multiple ways to wear your Converse sneakers….very helpful!! 
    Hope your day gets better as the hours unfold! 

  15. I enjoyed this post…seeing what’s popular, and what other readers like.  Since the jewelry doesn’t get many “clicks”, maybe you’ve discovered another dedicated post idea!  I’ve been looking for just the right beaded pendant necklace, and your David Yurman bracelet is on my Nordstrom Wish List!

  16. Hi Jo-Lynne, my question is not fashion related. I really like the pillows and linens on your bed. I especially noticed them when you got something off your husband’s chest of drawers during your live chat. Where did you get your bedding and pillows? Are they still available? Thanks!

  17. Interesting isn’t it what people pick out as their favorites?  Good post.  I watched your Facebook live post yesterday and I have to say the more I listen to you the more I love to read your blog.  Its so refreshing to hear you talk and see how real you are.  Thanks for always posting it after the live because I don’t have Facebook, so watch it later on my iPhone.  I can’t get the link to work on my laptop but it does on my phone.  🙂  I have an idea for a post.  I really want to wear a sunscreen that is safe and chemical free but really don’t know if there is one.  My daughter bought me one last summer to try and I burned.  I was told at one store to do this it will be one of those sunscreens when you put it on its like white colored and then you look pasty.  I like to have sunless this time of year if wearing a dress but last year bought an expensive one and didn’t use it because thought of the chemicals I was putting on.  I don’t  know now if it is okay to wear this season.  Its the one Cyndi S.  recommended with NO smell which I was looking for…. can’t remember the name right now.  It was mentioned in your Facebook live Tues.  

    1. I’ve actually done a lot of research on this. I wrote this post once: https://jolynneshane.com/just-say-no-to-chemical-sunscreens.html

      There are two kinds of sun protection. Chemical sunscreens are what you typically see at the drugstore, and they are the ones that rub in easily. The alternative is a mineral sunblock made with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which do not penetrate the surface of the skin. That is why they are white, they basically coat the skin and “block” the sun. Popular mineral sunblocks that I see recommended a lot are the Badger brand and California Baby. I have used both on my kids — they hate them. In recent years, as my kids are older and not as likely to cooperate with that stuff, I have been using one of the COOLA sprays: https://rstyle.me/n/c2xfg8gthw although they are $$$ and don’t last long. I’m going to order some of their cream this year.

      You can always check here: https://www.ewg.org/skindeep and my friend Katie keeps this post up to date every year. She has done wayyyy more research than I have: https://www.kitchenstewardship.com/natural-mineral-sunscreen-reviews/

  18. Hi Jo-Lynne! Love the post because it reminds me of a few things I want to order! ;D So about those vans–are they flexible as in do they bend with your foot or are they more like a platform? Love your Easter dress and family pics!

    1. Hi Pam. This question sounds familiar… I am afraid I might have forgotten to reply the first time you asked. 🙂 I find them quite flexible. Definitely NOT a platform feel at all. Also, they are cushioned around the back of the heel, so there is nothing to cut into your skin, and they require almost no breaking in at all. Very comfy! 🙂

  19. Snow!  Say it isn’t so!  We are expecting 4-5” of Sun.  I like it when you share your daily life with us.  At least you got an early start today.  I’m dreading having to get up at 5:45 in the morning!  Hopefully, I’ll sleep half way decent in our hotel.  At least Larry and the boys have their own bedroom.  Have a great night and an even better Friday!

  20. JLS. Although I’m trying to stay out of the stores and wear what I have… I love to see what you are putting together. Gives me fresh ideas… Thanks for your daily posts!!!

  21. Well I’ve been MIA on commenting, but I’ve still been reading. That’s a lot of analyzing you did there, friend. You’re right. It’s interesting what people seem to buy, but when I started to think about it (for the few minutes I’ve been reading) I realize tops and dresses are primarily what I shop for and try on when I go into stores with occasional pants. Hmmm, kinda funny. Sure hope y’all don’t get bad weather this weekend. We are going to be wet all weekend, but that’s ok. Things will stay green and that makes me happier than when they are brown. XO

  22. I am excited for the 5 under $50! Whenever you post the Old Navy outfits I go and check them out. I love your blog and check it every day.

  23. Such a great review! The T&B wedges are so fantastic….I’ve been wearing mine like crazy here in Texas and they are so comfy. Loving those pink jeans too! You have great style Jo Lynne…love following along.

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