Top 10 Posts of 2020

Good morning, and happy New Year’s Eve! 🥂 We have absolutely no plans tonight, except I have a bottle of Prosecco in the fridge that I plan to enjoy. How about you?

Today I’m sharing my Top 10 Posts of 2020, and I was actually surprised to see some of these in this list! You’ll have to tell me what you think.

According to my Google Analytics, these are the ten most highly trafficked posts that I published this year. I’m listing them in typical Top Ten order, with the most popular post at the end.

There seems to be a theme here, and I think you’ll see it as well. I can definitely tell what types of posts you all prefer!

Top 10 Posts of 2020

#10. Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Fall Wardrobe Essentials 2020

This post is one I update and republish each year, and it’s always well-received. It’s a great starting point if you’re restructuring or rebuilding your wardrobe, and depending on your climate, it could be relevant for winter as well.

#9. 2020 Swimsuit Guide

2020 swimsuit guide: swimsuits for women over 40

This is another post I update and republish every year, and I always get requests for it. It’s one of the more time consuming posts I do, so I’m glad it’s popular!

#8. Casual Alternatives to Shorts

Casual Alternatives to Shorts for Women Over 40

I wrote this one a few years ago and updated it and republished for 2020. A lot of women over 40 don’t like to wear shorts, so I tried to come up with a lot of other options that are still practical and comfortable.

#7. Old Outfits Updated for 2020

Old Outfits Updated for 2020

I’m hoping to do another one of these next month. I need to go back through my archives and find some winter outfits to recreate for 2021.

#6. How to Cut Your Jeans for a DIY Raw Hem

Fashion DIY Tutorial: How To Cut Your Jeans for a Raw Hem

In my opinion, the best denim trend going is the raw hem. The length of your pants can make or break an outfit, and this makes it easy to “alter” your jeans at home for free!

#5. 20 Fall Outfits to Copy Right Now


I love doing these posts because I can use pictures from my archives, and there’s no need to buy anything new or get gussied up for a photo shoot.

Fall is especially fun because there are so many layering possibilities, but I’ll definitely do one for spring as well.

#4. Understanding the Rule Of Thirds

make a better outfit by understanding rule of thirds

I get asked about this all the time, so I finally wrote a post about it! Not all outfits have to follow this rule to be flattering, but understanding this concept can help explain why an outfit might look a little off.

#3. Women’s Pant Lengths Demystified


And this is yet another older post I updated and republished this year. I was getting a lot of questions about pant styles and hem lengths, and I remembered that I had this post, so I tweaked it for today’s trends. It’s crazy how much styles have changed since I originally wrote it in 2018.

#2. Dos and Don’ts for Wearing Shorts

Dos and Don'ts for Wearing Shorts

Wow, I’m kind of surprised to see this one rank so high! Shorts really are a hot topic. I guess I need to remember that.

And the post that came in First Place this year…

#1. Are Skinny Jeans Out of Style?

Are Skinny Jeans Out of Style?

Possibly the most controversial fashion topic of 2020, the skinny jean… I maintain that skinny jeans can look stylish and on trend if styled in a modern way, but I’ve also been around long enough to know that nothing stays in style forever, and I see the straighter styles making headway.

A sure-fire way to get stuck in a certain decade is to stop trying new trends, so I’ll keep trying the straighter cuts, but I also believe in wearing the styles that are most flattering on your unique body, so we’ll see how that all plays out. For now, anyway, I’m going to continue wearing my skinnies!

So anyway, that’s a wrap. Over and out, 2020!

Tomorrow, I’m kicking off 2021 with my Year In Review, and there will be no new blog post on Saturday, but I will be sending out my Weekly Digest email newsletter. I’m working on a new format, and I’m excited about that! If you don’t receive those already, you can sign up here.

Whatever your plans are tonight, have a save a save and fun New Year’s Eve!!!

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32 Responses

  1. This was a great walk down memory lane! I thoroughly enjoy your blog and am excited for all you have in store for us in 2021!

  2. #7 – old outfits – is just EYE-OPENING and SO AMAZING to me !!!!! How 2 so similar outfits can take POUNDS off a person !!!! I SWEAR you look at least 10 lbs lighter in the more recent pic !!!!! 
    Happy 2021 !!!!! 

  3. Hi JoLynne! Great post and I too love seeing all the faves for 2020. Such great content always and so appreciated! Hey, could you do a post on what’s ‘out’? What we need to purge from our closet and what has staying power? I feel like I have some accessories that maybe need to go haha! Have a wonderful New Year’s and pop that prosecco! 🙂

  4. Yes! I remember how much I loved each and everyone of these posts. So many of your top posts provided education. Looking at what works for one body type is nice, but understanding why is valuable information we can learn from. I am saving this top 10 list so I can refer back to it time and again. You are an awesome blogger. Thank you! 

    We are having snacks and Brut this evening after we kick a can to the curb for 2020. You can be sure we will be in bed as the calendar flips to 2021. Lobster and Scallops for dinner tomorrow, and more Brut providing we don’t finish the bottle tonight. 🎉🥂

  5. Happy New Year’s Eve Day!
    Fun to see which posts were most popular. A few I would have definitely picked. Updating an outfit is always good since I tend to keep clothes forever. A post, as someone suggested, on what is “out” would be great. I think that might help me clean out my closet to prepare for our packing and moving. It is so hard to get rid of pieces that I love but are definitely old and not in style. Yes, keeping what looks good and makes one feel good – so important. And the 1/3-2/3 post? I always forget about this. Maybe that is one of the reasons an outfit just doesn’t feel right.
    Enjoy your evening! We are going for quiet as well. Lobster for the two of us, and I will make a mini apple pie, and some bubbly I think.
    Before I forget – thank you for introducing me to IF and Yoga with Adriene. I have been fasting for 346 days in a row! Now to cut back on sugar and carbs a bit, and our diet will be even better. Yoga has helped me keep moving (as well as walking and some strength training.) I have missed some days of yoga, for sure, but aiming for more in 2021.
    Maybe my word for 2021 (rather than a resolution) should be consistency.

  6. I loved the updated outfits post– I imagine we would all enjoy seeing some more of those. We’ll be home tonight, just the two of us, which is quite a change from last year when we hosted dinner and fun until midnight with 6 other couples. So we will be in bed by 10! We plan to make pizza in our pizza oven that fits into our smoker (One of the best cooking “appliances” I’ve ever bought.) We’ll have a fire in our fireplace, enjoy a glass of wine and look forward to the new year.

  7. So much valuable information in all of your blog posts! Thank you for all you do to keep us fashionable and “in the know!” Have a wonderful evening and happy New Year!

  8. Great post.  It’s fun to see some of the posts from earlier in the year, before I started following you.  Enjoy your evening and Happy New Year!  We will do appetizers, open a bottle of Dom, and celebrate with our two kiddos.  Thankful for our health and getting through 2020 without any issues.  Bring on 2021.

  9. Thank you for bringing us a year of great posts and good cheer; it has been a nice break from reality.  Happy New Year to you as well!  It will be a quiet evening for us too: no one outside our household is allowed in to visit under new  restrictions. We have a night of games and wine planned. Will probably be in bed well before midnight.   I agree with the other comments of future posts of: what makes an outfit be “off” and what is “out”; how to update and refresh older looks pre and post comparisons.  

  10. It’s no wonder these posts are so popular. It’s like reading a self help book on fashion! I’m not overstating this when I say your informational posts have totally changed how I style my clothes. I love how you take a question we are asking ourselves (or don’t even know we should be asking!) and give us guidelines that make it work for us. When I look at pictures of myself from 10 years ago, I can’t believe how much frumpier and “older” my style was – and I wasn’t even old! Learning about what’s in style and how to wear it has really increased my confidence. My husband frequently compliments my look and recently a colleague I hadn’t seen in years asked how I could look younger after all this time. Ok, I will stop gushing now, but seriously, your blog is one of ones I never skip! Thanks for all the fashion insight. 

  11. My favorite from the top 10 was “Old outfits updated for 2020” that was a fun one and maybe good to again in 2021? But I have to say my biggest disappointment this year was the Caslon leopard tee. It was so popular and kept selling out and I couldn’t wait to get it but….it’s very thin and the collar stretched out. Luckily I got it on sale! 
    Happy New Year and I look forward to more great post from you on 2021. 

  12. Not surprised at this list. I love your everyday posts but I tend to go back to your posts that take you a lot more time to put together. I frequently pin those posts and refer back to them. You continue to amaze me with the posts you do for us. I look forward to your daily email as well as look forward to what you are bringing to us in 2021. Have a wonderful evening and find many blessings in the new year. 

  13. I’m wearing more straight leg pants than skinnies but once it gets colder or snow and we need to wear tall boots, I’ll be pulling them to the front of the pile. I still haven’t mastered the straight leg crop. They feel awkward with booties. I’m fine in the warm weather wearing them with sandals or fashion sneakers but not with boots. I suppose one has to train their eye to accept the look. 🤔

    Thank you for all your hard work throughout the year. Your newsletters are fun to read because you add that personal touch. And, you help us be a better version of ourselves. 

    Happy New Year and Wishes for good health and happiness in 2021! ✨

  14. Happy New Year – I love the post ideas of some of the other reader suggestions. I struggle with “what’s in and what’s out”, like long straight leg jeans similar to your Updated Outfits post – I have a beautiful pair of AG jeans that I fold up for a wide cuff and wear them with cute fashion tennis shoes or boots. Ha ha ha, I was thinking of offering fondue to my kids tonight, but I think I might offer them take-out from wherever they’d like instead. Since we’re out west, we only have to make it till the “ball drops” in NY 😉 Take care

  15. Jo-Lynne,

    Happy New Year! Loved this post. I found the info about jeans very helpful. I replaced skinny jeans with straight leg jeans this fall. After getting new jeans, I needed boots to wear with them, so I bought new boots, too. Yay, me! I feel this was a good upgrade and am thankful for your guidance on the subject. I’m with you on not staying up late on New Year’s. We make pizza fondue and dip garlic bread in it. Yum. I know I like it more than the rest of my family. Oh, well, chef’s choice!

  16. Happy New year 2021 🌟
    Thank you for a great informative year!! I have really enjoyed learning from you and I am super excited to see what 2021 brings!!

    God bless you and your family


  17. JoLynne-  I wish you a fun NYE with your family! Your blog is a favorite of mine; you’re honest, stylish, and always consistent about connecting to your readers. I also love the supportive community of women you have here. Will be looking forward to more JoLynne fashion advice in 2021! 
    We are getting ribs tonight from a favorite local restaurant and I’m making apple turnovers. Then tomorrow I’ll make white chicken chili with homemade cornbread. We have a couple bottles of Moët & Chandon chilling for tonight and tomorrow too! 🍾🥂 
    Today I’ll be creating my mini “vision board” (I use a personal journal) for 2021 and setting new goals. I’m going to try to convince both my sons to do it too. My 24 year old graduated from college in May, but has been feeling in limbo this year, unsure what to do next. He majored in history and political science as he originally was planning to do law school, but he has changed his mind. So I’m trying to help him open his mind to other possibilities out there. 🤷‍♀️ Boy, parenting never gets easier does it?! 
    Happy New Year! 🖤

  18. Thank you for the wonderful posts all year long. Your posts are the best of any blogger I’ve found. I know it takes a great deal of work, and I thank you for all you do.

  19. It seems that we were really interested in current trends for every season of this year and options to stay current while say, not wearing shorts.  Larry had 15 bean soup in the slow cooker and I’ll make cornbread muffins to go with it.  We invited one of the guys to join us to keep him from being alone.  Yes, we will stay up, yet again, to see in the new year.  We bought a couple of snack trays at Publix for our after dinner enjoyment.  Happy New Year to you and your family!

  20. It’s so fun to go back and look at these posts again!  I am looking forward to this next year and what is coming.  🙂  I am glad skinny jeans are still ok, but I also have a few pairs of straighter leg jeans that I love.  I don’t think the straight crop are good for my short legs, but I still love the cropped skinnies and tend to cuff anyway, if I don’t cut them off.  My “straight” leg jeans fit more like a skinny through most of the leg, but the leg opening is just a bit bigger, so not really “straight” all the way down.  I think that is a good compromise for me.  It will be interesting to see how things change this year.  Thanks for keeping us in the know!  I look forward to your emails and posts every day.  Happy New Year to you and your family!

  21. That was a great recap! I think one year you did a review of your best purchases and not so best purchases for the year. I remember it was helpful and would love to see that again if you have time! Happy New Year!

  22. That was a fun read!  Thanks for all you do every day to keep us looking stylish.  I’m looking forward to 2021 – who isn’t?  Keeping optimistic that later in the year we return to some semblance of normal. Blessings to you and you’re family in the New Year. 

  23. What a fun round up of great posts. Like so many others I loved #7 and would love another like it in 2021. I just love any post where you are teaching us and sharing your knowledge and insight. I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and dedication. I look forward to reading your emails and blog every day that you post.  It has been especially valuable to my mental health this year to have something to look forward to! So please know you are appreciated. Happy New Year.

  24. Happy New Year to you and your family, Jo-Lynne! I think everyone has already said it all but count me in the appreciation bandwagon! I love your posts and eagerly look forward to reading them everyday. My favorite are your try ons and I love the time you put into describing each outfit. I really geek out on that stuff! Also, I read Delay, Don’t Deny based on your recommendation and it is life changing, thank you! Next I’m going to look into the probiotics you recommended as I have digestive difficulties too. See you in 2021!

  25. Thank you for a fabulous year of blog posts! Numbers 7, 4, and 1 really resonated with me. Since my province is in lockdown, it will be my husband and me bringing in the new year. This will be the first time in decades that we haven’t gone to our friends’ place for their annual NYE party. Happy New Year, Jo-Lynne!

  26. Fun to look back.  Happy New Year’s to you and your family.  Have fun tonight relaxing with your family.  It will be just my husband and I at home. Hoping to talk him into a few games of Yahtzee. 🙂  Blessings.  

  27. I love these recaps. I remember the 1/3 and 2/3 post and ordered the cute flowered dress and boots. Then covid and they are both still in my closet unworn. Bummer. Hopefully, they will not be out of style this coming year. I am into joggers now . In the beginning of the stay at home phase, I put on make up every day and dressed in normal clothes – no more. I am so looking forward to normal gatherings and socializing. Walmart and the grocery store no longer does it for me! I look forward every day to your posts so you are one of my many blessings. I love the idea of what’s OUT??? Happy New Year to you and your family, and to our extended friends here who follow you.

  28. I love this list – thank you! There were a few posts that missed my radar so you’ve just had another click on them! You’re right that definite themes emerge – the thing that really stood out for me is that these favourite posts, which can be kind of timeless, would make a great foundation for a BOOK!!!!!!  What do you think? I would definitely buy it!

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