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I can never say the word “tradition” without wanting to sing it like in Fiddler on the Roof.

I love hearing about people’s holiday traditions. So I’m starting a series of posts about ours.

The Christmas Season in our family officially begins the day after Thanksgiving. On Black Friday, when half of the population is rushing to the shopping malls  and getting into fisticuffs over the Toy of the Year, our family is bumping  along in a tractor-drawn wagon at a local tree farm searching for The Tree. We  are looking forward to doing exactly that today!

This is a tradition that started with Hubby’s family. Due to allergies, my family always had an artificial tree. But the first year we were married, Hubby informed me that in his family, they always went out and cut down their own tree. And they always did this on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  So that Black Friday of 1995, we set out to get my very first REAL Christmas tree. I had so much fun tromping through the trees in search of the perfect one.

We came home planning to keep the tree hydrated in a pot of water on the front porch for a week or so until it was time to decorate it, as his family always did. But I just couldn’t wait to decorate our first Christmas tree. So I talked Paul into setting up and decorating it that day.

And thus began our annual tradition of getting our tree and putting it up on Thanksgiving weekend.

Now, we’re off to go cut down a Christmas tree! Pictures are sure to follow!

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