Try-On Haul: LOFT, Anthro, Madewell & Everlane

Happy Thursday, friends! It’s time for another Try-On Haul! This week it’s all about the sweaters, and I’ve got orders from LOFT, Anthropologie, Madewell, and Everlane.

Try-On Haul: LOFT, Anthro, Madewell & Everlane

The usual disclaimers apply — I’m 5’5″ with an hourglass shape, and I usually wear a small in tops, a 6 or 8 in pants, and an 8 in dresses.

Fall Try Ons: Everlane

Sweater weather isn’t here in Philly yet, but that didn’t stop me from ordering a bunch from Everlane. I’m a huge fan of Everlane’s quality and dedication to transparency and ethical factories.

They rarely run sales, but their prices are a good value for the product, and their policy is to be totally transparent about where their products come from and the cost of production. You can even “tour” the factory where each product is made.

EVERLANE RETURN TIP: Everlane offers a Happy Returns Bar in lots of major shopping malls across the country. This way, even if they don’t have a storefront in your area, you can make returns free of charge. See if there is one near you! I was happy to find one at my favorite mall in a very convenient location to where I normally park. Score!

Everlane The Link-Stitch Crewneck Sweater (size small) // I wanted to find a few lighter weight sweaters that I can start wearing now (or as soon as this summer reprise is over!) This one is 100% cotton, and the looser weave makes it a nice “year-round” sweater — depending on your climate, of course.

I really like the texture and weight of the fabric, but the crewneck isn’t the most flattering on me and it fits kind of boxy. It runs TTS, and I’m wearing the Bone. It also comes in Rust and Brass.

VERDICT: Undecided. I really wanted an off-white sweater I can start wearing soon, but I’m not sure if this is it.

also wearing: AG Prima skinnies (on sale!) and Sam Edelman Laurna mules

Everlane The Luxe Wool Square V-Neck (size small) // This sweater is surprisingly lightweight — much thinner than any of the other sweaters I ordered.

I love the elegant simplicity, and even though it has a boxy cut, the drape is amazingly flattering. My only complaint is that the v-neck is pretty deep.

Also, it only comes in Black and Navy, so I ordered the Navy, but I have a navy v-neck sweater (from Everlane, in fact!) so I really don’t need this one. I suppose I could re-order in black . . .

VERDICT: Returning because I don’t need a navy v-neck sweater and because the neckline is too low.

also wearing: Rag & Bone Cate skinnies with Madewell Remi mules

Everlane The Cashmere Oversized V-Neck (size small) // This sweater is absolutely sublime, but it’s cashmere so I wouldn’t start wearing it quite as early as the cotton and merino wool.

The v-neck is cut just enough higher to provide the modesty I need, and the stitching around the neckline is a really pretty detail. It’s super luxe, and the quality is definitely above that of other store-brand cashmeres. I also like how it’s a little longer than the others I ordered — it’s more of a traditional length, for those looking for that.

This sweater runs TTS, and I’m wearing the Light Oatmeal. It also comes in Heather Rust and Black.

VERDICT: Returning, as this Oatmeal color is a little drab, but the Black might be a good option. I need to take inventory of my winter sweaters before I make a final decision.

also wearing: Rag & Bone Cate skinnies with Madewell Remi mules

Everlane The Cashmere Rib V-Neck (size small) // Another off-white option, and this one is also cashmere. Of course, I love a v-neckline, and this one is narrower than some but still flattering, although I wish it were not quite so low-cut.  Also note the way it has a slight v-neck in the back as well — such pretty details.

The rib knit is gorgeous, and again, the quality is fantastic. I like the flared sleeves and the overall length. I wish Everlane would provide length measurements, though. I like to see that number when comparing sweaters, and I’d like to be able to share it with you too.

It runs TTS, and I’m wearing the Ivory. It also comes in Black and a gorgeous Pale Blue Heather.

VERDICT: Undecided. I like it, but the price is on the higher end of my budget, so I will need to make some choices.

also wearing: Rag & Bone Cate skinnies with Madewell Remi mules

Everlane The Texture Cotton V-Neck (size small) // Now this one is a keeper, for sure!

It’s a cotton/nylon blend, and I like the chunky knit. The v-neck is the perfect cut, it also has the smaller v-neck detail in the back, and knit details on sleeves and around the split hem are really fun.

This sweater also comes in Bone as well as Black, Atlantic Blue, Surplus, and Dark Navy; but I ordered the Crimson because I think it’s such a pretty shade for fall. It runs TTS; I’m wearing the small.

VERDICT: Keeping!

also wearing: Good American Good Legs high waist skinnies (sale option) with Steve Madden mules (on sale at Dillard’s)

Fall Try Ons: Anthropologie

I’ve had a few requests to do some try ons from Anthropologie, so I ordered some things to try. You guessed it . . . more sweaters!

Anthro is a store I tend to forget about — I guess I think of it as having more of a boho vibe, but they actually carry a variety of styles, and the quality of their products is generally very good.

Michael Stars Tie-Dyed Pullover (size small) // This is more of a summer sweater, in my opinion . . . which is probably why it’s on sale and selling out. It also runs reeeeeeeally small. I ordered the medium, due to the reviews, but I’d prefer a large.

That said, it’s beautiful, and the material is lightweight, soft, and luxe. This sweater puts classy in tie-dye.

VERDICT: Returning, as it’s too small and they’re sold out of the larger sizes.

also wearing: AG legging ankle jeans with similar espadrilles

And with a front-tuck . . .

Anthropologie Ethan Camo Sweater (size small) // This is another gorgeous sweater, although the print is quite memorable, which cuts down on the potential opportunities to wear it and increases cost-per-wear.

It fits true to size or even a bit large; I found the small to be quite roomy. If you have an edgy vibe and appreciate a quality sweater, you may like this one!

VERDICT: Undecided. I want to try it with some lighter jeans and think it over.

also wearing: AG legging ankle jeans with similar espadrilles

T.La Vicky Thermal Waffle Tunic in Ivory (size small) // I tried this waffle tunic on a gazillion different ways, and it’s odd, but the ivory fits smaller than the terra cotta (below). I tried it both untucked and front-tucked with these faded black skinny jeans and spotted mules. I think I like it best untucked with that outfit.

also wearing: AG legging ankle jeans with Madewell Remi mules

Then I tried the terra cotta on with crop flares . . .

T.La Vicky Thermal Waffle Tunic in Terra Cotta (size small) // I think this color is really fun for fall, and I like the thermal as an alternative to the sweaters I typically wear.

VERDICT: Keeping the terra cotta.

also wearing: BlankNYC Varick kick flares with Steve Madden mules (on sale at Dillard’s)

Anthropologie Faux Suede Leggings (size 29) // These fit really weird. They’re big in the waist and hips, tight in the thighs, and loose again in the calf.

I actually like that they don’t fit snug all the way to the ankle, but they’re not very comfortable the way they’re too big in the hip area. Very strange, as I have wide hips so nothing is ever loose there on me!

VERDICT: Returning; I like the idea of these, but the fit is off.

also wearing: T.La Vicky Thermal Waffle Tunic with Madewell Remi mules

Fall Try Ons: LOFT

Of course LOFT is always coming out with new styles, and I’m a sucker for their sales.

LOFT Textured Knit Moto Jacket (size small) // This jacket is a fun twist on a leather or suede moto. The textured knit has almost a wool look to it, but it’s a poly/rayon blend.It runs a bit big; I’m the small here over a tank and it’s a little roomy. I wouldn’t size down, though.

VERDICT: Undecided. I need to play around with this a bit.

also wearing: Frame Le Skinny Chew Hem Ankle Jeans with Splendid Hailee II snake embossed mules (verrry comfortable and walkable)

LOFT Colorblock Open Poncho Sweater (size XS/S) // I’m loving these open ponchos with the dolman cap sleeves, as they’re calling them.

Opinions were mixed when I shared these with my Facebook Group, but the general consensus was positive.

While they’re voluminous, I don’t think they add visual weight in the same way a traditional closed poncho can, and they’re fun to throw on over a tank or tee to add another element of interest. I will also wear this over a long-sleeved tee when it gets colder.

VERDICT: Keeping! Super cute, and a fun addition to my fall wardrobe.

also wearing: Frame Le Skinny Chew Hem Ankle Jeans with Vince Camuto Gigietta booties

LOFT Open Poncho Sweater (size XS/S) // Another open poncho, this in a more fallish color. This one is a thicker fabric too and has a cozier vibe.

VERDICT: I probably don’t need both but I can’t decide between them, so… I’ll keep the tags on both and see which one I end up wearing before my 30-day return period is up. I will probably end up returning one of them, but I like them both equally.

also wearing: Frame Le Skinny Chew Hem Ankle Jeans with Splendid Hailee II snake embossed mules (verrry comfortable and walkable)

LOFT Speckled Shirttail Sweater (size small) // This is a pretty sweater, but it runs very small. I would want to size up.

VERDICT: Returning because it’s too small and I don’t love the shirttail hemline.

Also, my Tortoiseshell Print Hair Cuff is from LOFT, and it’s a nice way to dress up a basic ponytail.

also wearing: Frame Le Skinny Chew Hem Ankle Jeans with Taryn Rose Faye loafers (more colors)

Fall Try Ons: Madewell

Annnnnnd finally, a Madewell order! I’m always a fan of their fall/winter sweaters, and they also have good denim, shoes, and bags.

They were having their Insider’s sale, which I took advantage of. Unfortunately that is over, but they will probably run another sale for Columbus Day (mid-October), if not before.

Madewell Kent Striped Cardigan (size small) // In the past, I’ve sized down to an XS in this cardigan, but I kind of like this one in the small, I think. It’s cozy and nice quality, and the color blocking is fun.

VERDICT: Keeping!

also wearing: Ann Taylor mixed jersey tank with Good American Good Legs high waist skinnies (sale option) and Sam Edelman Laurna mules

Madewell Marchmont V-Neck Pullover Sweater (size small) // Why so thin? Why so short? It’s too bad because the cut of the double v-neck is so flattering.

I may try the medium the next time they run a sale, but for the time being, this one is going back.

VERDICT: Returning; too small and short.

also wearing: Good American Good Legs high waist skinnies (sale option) with Steve Madden mules (on sale at Dillard’s)

Madewell Cashmere Sweatshirt (size small) // So this one is interesting . . . first of all, it’s cashmere, so obviously it feels amazing on.

I like the waffle texture and the sweatshirt detailing, it’s a nice luxe/casual vibe. But it’s kind of fitted, and almost has a banded waist. I guess I need to try the medium.

VERDICT: Returning; may try medium when it goes on sale again.

also wearing: AG legging ankle jeans with Vince Milo loafers in Pewter (and man, oh, man, these are so comfy! I forgot how much I loved these.)

Madewell Arden V-Neck Pullover Sweater (size small) // Yep, another ivory sweater! I had high hopes for this one, but it’s a no for me — mainly because the texture is rough and not at all pleasant against the skin. But I also don’t like how it hangs in the front.

VERDICT: Returning.

also wearing: AG legging ankle jeans with Madewell Remi mules

Madewell Marled Watermoor Short-Sleeve Sweater (size small) // I love the textured fabric, the flattering rolled scoopneck, and the cut of the short sleeves; but this sweater is about an inch too short for my comfort level. I know it’s supposed to be cropped, but I’m not sure I like that.

It’s too bad, otherwise it’s a great little top for wearing right now when the weather is warm, but you want to give a nod to fall.

P.S. This sweater is on sale.

VERDICT: Returning… I guess? I dunno… can’t decide. Does it look too short? Should I try the medium?

also wearing: AG legging ankle jeans with Steve Madden mules (on sale at Dillard’s)

Madewell The Abroad Tote Bag // I thought this might be a good option for some of you — I often get requests for a good leather tote. I had a request to compare it to my Everlane Day Market Tote, so I took some mod shots of both.

Basically, my thoughts are these: The Madewell tote is obviously a bit smaller, and it has a top zip. It’s also made of softer leather than the Everlane tote, which is very stiff and never really softens up.

I see the Everlane as more of a carryall/work tote, and the Madewell as more of a roomy everyday handbag. Both are nice bags, it just depends on what you want.

also wearing: Mother Looker ankle fray skinnies with old UGG loafers

Odds & Ends

And finally, a few random odds and ends I ordered . . .

Je Ne Sais Quoi Tee (size small) // This is cute but the material is soooo thin. It’s also a bit snug. And also? I don’t know why I ordered a $98 graphic tee… I mean, I know I spend a lot on some things, but this isn’t worth it to me.

VERDICT: Returning.

Less Mondays More Sundays Graphic Tee (size small) // This tee is really soft and thin, and I think it’s cute. I like the neckline too, but it fits a bit snug, and it’s short. It’s more the length that bothers me than overall fit, but I want it to be comfy, and also be able to throw it in the wash, so I ordered the medium.

VERDICT: Returning; ordered the medium instead.

I also ordered this Indoorsy graphic tee — which is so me. I hope I like the fit.

BlankNYC The Varick Kick Flares (size 28) // I’m wishy-washy on these. For this style of jean, I think these are pretty good. They fit snug in the thigh, bell out from the knee, and the 25″ inseam is perfect on me.

But those rear pockets are tiny and a little out of proportion, and they’re really snug in the waist. I hear they stretch out, so I don’t dare size up, since they fit well everywhere else. I guess I just need to wear them around a bit and see if they loosen up.

VERDICT: Undecided; trying to like this trend, but I really prefer my skinnies.

also wearing: Steve Madden mules (on sale at Dillard’s)

And that’s a wrap! You will see some of these items styled for the blog in upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!

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52 thoughts on “Try-On Haul: LOFT, Anthro, Madewell & Everlane

  1. I really like the Loft items!! They’re so cute! Think I might need to order. I just can’t get on the flared cropped bandwagon. That is def not a flattering look on me. Love my skinnies!

  2. I just received this double scoop neck Loft top. I am wearing it today with Loft skinny jeans in the light sage color with open toe booties. I definitely feel like I am channeling you today haha! The sweater fits a bit tighter (not really tight) than I normally wear (on the model it looks much looser fitting, but she is rail thin), which I think is good. Time for me to stop wearing so many loose fitting tops (my comfort zone.) This top is definitely for transition weather. I even wore my jean jacket on my way in to work (thought of you). Remembered to add some jewelry as well.

  3. Wow! Sooo many great sweater choices!  Thanks for doing the legwork for me.

    Speaking of legwork, can I ask a cigarette leg/boyfriend jeans question (yes, I have a jeans curse).  I seem to be finding that the fits are really comfy…BUT the fabric kind of wrinkle/pools just below the seat.  I’m completely gifted in that area so I was kind of surprised (too much fabric isn’t usually a problem).  Any guess on if it’s the cut, size or maybe it’s me?

      1. Trust me, you don’t have to look, you can feel it as soon as you put them on.  It’s weird.  Just happened with a K from the K pair I wanted to love.  Fit perfectly everywhere but…  (or should I say butt). 

  4. I liked just about every sweater although some were for sure better for your body.  The first one, you said was boxy. That is true and I usually agree we don’t want boxy. Lol but….that is a traditional style file that kind of sweater. You looked good in it as I saw it.  

  5. Great post! So many items that are beautiful, but not all are keepers. This is so very helpful. BTW, I’m glad your not keeping the graphic tee with the poor grammar. It’s FEWER Mondays, not LES Mondays. That alone would drive me crazy!

  6. I really loved this try on, as these were the sweaters I’ve been eyeing at Everlane and Madewell too! I enjoy your try on “sesh-es” the most. Thank you! Now I know which sweaters I think I’ll try from Everlane. 

  7. I love the black AG jeans on you ! These outfits are a good round up of things to consider.. idk the Loft items caught my eye the most. I pinned these on Pinterest so when I go to the store I can pull them up on my phone and head to the dressing room. This is a great help and a time saver ! Great job!

  8. I almost ordered the “Indoorsy” tee when I ordered the “No Coffee No Talkee” tee. 😀 Because both are me. 😉 Loved the Everlane sweaters, but I also wish they’d give the lengths for each sweater. Still debating about the ribbed one that you’re keeping, although I think I’d get the pink.

  9. I had purchased the Everlane, heather gray, cotton v- neck sweater you featured earlier this year. Although it was a very nice sweater, it just didn’t fit me right. I was surprised upon making my return that there was a restocking fee. I’ve searched their website and cannot find their return policy anywhere. Except, maybe electronics, I’ve never been charged a restocking fee, and never for clothing. I will not order from Everlane given that. Sometimes you just have to see how an item will fit. There was free shipping initially, but I had to pay the return shipping and restocking fee. 😟

  10. Those Good American jeans look amazing on you!  I didn’t catch if you’re keeping them or not, but they are beautiful on.

  11. I like the sweaters where the shoulder seam is at the shoulder better. I’ll be glad when that dropped shoulder trend is over 🙂 This was all helpful. Thank you!

  12. I was going to say something about the “Less Mondays” t-shirt, too, but another reader beat me to it! LOL I’ve been teaching English to adults in Austria for the past 20 years, so I’m especially sensitive to grammatical errors.

    1. Oh I know! That did strike me too. I think it should be Less Monday More Sunday – like more of a generalization if the Monday vs Sunday vibe. Ya know? Still, it’s comfy and cute – even if just for a pj top.

  13. I would love to try wearing Converse, but feel that since I’m in my sixties it would look weird. Can you advise as to how one might wear this shoe style. 

    1. Do it & own it. Get the converse with thicker sole rather than very flat& thin ones. I found them supportive actually. Choose classic white or the navy & white or something toning with your wardrobe. I love to see sixties plus rocking this look. Any look that they love! Trying to get my Mom to give sneakers a go. She’s mid eighties.

    2. Hey Franca, I agree with Val. Just go for it! 🙂 I don’t think it’s an age thing, as much as a style thing. I’m sure you can pull it off.

      One of my regular readers – Ginger – I believe she wears them, and she’s in her 60s. My grandpa used to wear them in his 90s — we thought it was too cool.

  14. I love the Try on Haul.  So many great choices.  I fell in love with jeans in the first few pictures – the Rag and Bone Jeans.  I noticed they have the unfinished hem but the link takes you to jeans with a finished hem.  They are so cute.  Your post on Cigarette Jeans vs. Skinny jeans was terrific.  I really want to try the Kut from the Kluth Cigarette jeans but they are sold out – I’ll keep watching!

  15. I really love the Anthropology camo sweater and it looks very nice on you! It is something different and is on trend for fall. It looks a lot better than the ponchos and the color block cardigans, which look too big to you.

  16. This post is very helpful! I LOVE the terracotta waffle tunic from Anthropologie but can’t justify $78. I don’t shop there much – mostly because of price. Hope for a sale. The cropped sweater trend can go away anytime. I don’t mind a little shorter but I need something to hide the midsection lol!

  17. So many pretty things!  I really like that crimson sweater on you and loving the Loft poncho cardigans!  I’m getting worried about the length of pullover sweaters this season.  I may have to shop my closet if I can’t find longer ones.  I’m short, so usually the shorter length tops are great, but these new sweaters are really short!  They look great on other people, but I need to cover up my little lower belly paunch.  Ha ha 

  18. I so agree with you about the kick flare jeans. I was too tall for “bell bottoms” back in the day (giving my age away LOL) and this is how they looked on me! I can’t get past it! I hope the skinnies never go out of style or at least the cigarette style works for me. I haven’t tried them yet. Thanks so much for all you do to keep me up to date….my daughter is very happy about it! 

  19. I like the Everlane link-stitch sweater on you, Jo-Lynne. And, like you, am often hesitant with crew necks, especially with texture. I think the silhouette is different than you’re used to, but it’s very flattering, especially with your jeans rolled up. Love the terracotta tunic, especially with the kick-flares. Again, great silhouette. Makes me want kick-flares! The trend seems like the distressed trend– more casual and youthful. Do you think it will be around for a while?
    I like the gray poncho sweater over the rust, which is weird because I love rust. I think the gray is very polished and chic, the rust more casual.
    Were there supposed to be photos with the Madewell section? No photos in my email. I love Madewell and wanted to see the sweaters on you.
    Happy Thursday!!

  20. I love, love, love cashmere sweaters. They’re warm, so soft, and cozy, plus they don’t itch like wool.
    The Camo sweater is cute. Memorable or not, I’d reach for it again & again. Throw on some jeans, your sweater, a great belt, front tuck and go. 

  21. Wow, that was quite the try on haul! I loved the Everlane Crimson sweater on you, nice color for fall. But so many of the sweaters are really short- is this the new trend, Jo-Lynne?
    Also, love all the shoes you are wearing!

  22. This is such a great post- so many choices! Can you share the details of the necklace you are wearing in the Anthro tie-dye photo?

  23. I really enjoy your try-ons. They end up saving me a lot of ordering and returning – and when I do like something, it’s more apt to fit as expected and be flattering.
    I love the crimson sweater the best in this haul. It fits perfectly and the color is seasonal. I like the other colors it comes in, too.
    I’m also on the lookout for cute graphic tees. Two problems I run into are high crew necklines (uncomfortable and not flattering on me) and thin, skimpy material.

  24. Madewell for sure is geared toward the younger set, but I think LOFT and Anthropologie provide a pretty good selection for older working women too. Anthro is one of those stores though where I think it’s better to shop in person than online. Whenever I go in the store I’m like a kid in a candy store, and I try on everything I’m considering buying because fits vary so much in their clothing grands. When I’m looking online though the clothes look very different than in person. 

  25. I think I’m officially not a fan of the “chew hemline” on jeans. Everyone I see in them has me seeing the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz! Like there’s straw stuffed underneath them. I’ll sit out that trend. 

    I love the red chunky knit sweater and the rust colored Anthro one. None of the LOFT items were keepers IMO except the poncho sweaters are cute but I bought 3 of them last fall/winter. I’m surprised to see them back actually.  

  26. Really love the Anthro sweater on you!  I am an Anthropologie shopper and would defiantly love to see you style more things from there (if you can!) because I’m a little off of Loft clothes – just because everyone shops there and I like to be a little different!  

  27. Wow!!!!  That was a lot of work and a lot of returning you have to do.  Thanks for all your hard work.  I don’t even know where to comment, but since my mind is on the last pair of kick flare jeans, I would not keep those. I just do not like the look. I am like you, I prefer skinnies, even though fashion is trying to push them out.  I’m not liking the new jean styles.  But, I think I  could do the cigarette style, like you’ve styled.  

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