Two Questions And They Have Nothing To Do With Tempeh

1) Have you ever had your nails done by a guy?  It’s a bit disconcerting.  And furthermore, what guy would want that job, anyway?

2) What do you generally tip your hairstylist and manicurist for a job well done?

Oh, and when you get home and your babysitter says, "I wouldn’t trade jobs with you," you know you picked a good day to be gone.

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  1. As you know I am a nanny now, but while in college I worked for the YMCA as the counselor and site director at an after-school program at a small, Christian school.

    Nearly on a daily basis, I had TEACHERS tell me they wouldn’t trade jobs with me. They had them for 8 hours, I had them for, at the most, 3. Tells you how bad it must be…

  2. I have not had a manicure/pedicure by a guy. I agree with you. Hands and feet feel a bit more intimate than a man cutting your hair. Maybe it’s the sitting face to face thing.

    Tipping…right now my SIL is cutting my hair (and she does an excellent job.) She gives me a smokin’ deal so i tip her well. Otherwise I tip about 15 %.

  3. A man did my daughter’s pedicure a few weeks ago. It seems pretty normal around here to have guys working. I tip 20% for hair and usually 15% for nails. don’t know why the discrepancy, except that i know i could do the nails myself.

  4. My best pedicures and manicures have been from guys. My favorite manicurist is a guy. They seem to take better care of you. He told me it was because they take care of the things they love whereas women tend to rush through it all.

  5. I actually have had a guy give me a pedi and it was a little weird. As for the hair thing, I actually caught a lot of flack for tipping too much. I didn’t know what the rule was so on my $150 hair color/cut I tipped $50, too much?? My last one was $85 and I left $15 but I was REALLY unhappy like in tears unhappy. Maybe I just like rounding to the nearest hundredth 😉

  6. I’m ‘sposed to TIP ’em? Uh oh.

    Okay okay, I’m kidding.
    I think I tip about 20 – 25% depending on the full cost of the service. I had a guy do my nails. One time. He cut my cuticle and it bled for like 25 minutes. It just wouldn’t stop. He just sat there, smiling and nodding, holding my hand in his, dabbing at my finger with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol. Add in the language barrier and it made for a really awkward way to spend 25 minutes. I just don’t think it woulda felt quite as weird with a woman.

  7. I have had a couple of males do my nails and they did great jobs. A couple were Asian and I loved the compliments they always gave me. I had one that was American and he was probably the most disconcerting but he was good.

    I tip like restaurant service; 20% for great – 15% for good.

  8. I agree a guy would be a bit awkward. Tipping I would have to say 15%. I stopped by to enter your giveway and checked out your blog. Very nice.

  9. My brother did my nails for me, oh, at least 15 years ago, although he denies it now. It was an odd experience. I can’t imagine a stranger man (haha!) doing my nails.

    Tipping in the salons should be similar to what you would tip a server in a restaurant.


  10. Yup, I tip about 20%. And the one guy I’ve had owned the place and he was SOOOO fast! I loved it!

  11. 20%, give or take a little to make it come out to what I have in my wallet :-), and the place I usually go has guys doing the pedicures and women doing the manis.

  12. I have had a guy do my manicure, which was a tad odd, but he did a great job. I think a pedicure would be a totally different thing.

    I tip 15-20%. (Or whatever rounds up to a nice number 🙂

  13. I have had a guy do my nails… I didn’t mind too much. The place I go… the local Beauty College… they don’t expect tips, but they allow them. so when i get an extra good job, I tip 15% 🙂

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