I just can’t do it all.  I’m so tired and overwhelmed.  I think I have bitten off more than I can chew.  Remember when I said I have two speeds — stop and go?  Well, I’ve been going for a long time.  And now I’m coming to a screeching halt.  I feel like I can hardly put one foot in front of the other, and yet I can’t stop.  I have made so many commitments.  And I enjoy everything I’m doing WHEN I have time to do it all.  But I fear I’ve overextended myself.

Am I alone?  Somehow I doubt it.  In fact, I know I’m not alone because yesterday in a fit of desperation, I zapped out an SOS to my Twitter peeps.  And within seconds I had about ten replies, all empathizing and encouraging me.  Of course that made me get all teary.  Because there’s something about people being nice to me that makes me all emotional.  That’s logical, I know.  I apologize to my five male readers for being such a weepy female.  I hate weepy females.  Sigh…

I would say I’m taking a break, but I know myself.  The second I say I’m taking a break, I’ll come up with a zillionty-one things to say, so instead I’ll just let it all hang out here on the blog.  Because the only thing worse than a weepy female is a whiny one.  Go big or go home, that’s my motto.  Might as well do it all the way.

Of course you may be thinking if I’m so daggum busy, why am I taking the time to write this post?  Surely there is something more worthwhile I could be doing with this ten minutes.  But you see, that’s what I do when I get overwhelmed.  I start treading water.  It’s some sort of illogical defense mechanism.  Or something.  Just go with it.  I’m clearly not a psychologist.

So yeah.  That’s where I’m at this morning.  And I hate it when people say that’s where I’m AT.  That just shows you the state of mind I’m in.  There I go again.  Another sentence ending with a preposition.  You kknow it’s bad when I don’t bother to correct my grammar.  Oooh, look, a typo.  I’m gonna leave that too. I’m such a rebel.

Oh, by the way, Boomama’s Christmas Tour of Homes is coming up this weekend.  I hope you’re gonna play along.  It’s always fun.

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25 thoughts on “UNCLE!

  1. Love it when the blogosphere starts keepin’ it real. And yea for Twitter encouragement. You guys lift me up all the time 🙂

  2. Girl, it’s scary how similar we are. Two speeds. Stop and go. I can’t do anything in moderation and it constantly gets me in trouble. I go, go, go until I’m completely overextended and overwhelmed. Then I hit the brakes and collapse. It usually involves the ugly cry. And then I do it all over again.

    I wish I has some words of sage advice for you but, clearly, I’m in no position of offer any. I hope someone else gives you some and I can take them too.


    p.s. Hate the ending-a-sentance-with-a-preposition thing too. Yet somehow have no problem starting a sentance with “And.”

  3. I hear you — I’m the same way. Just remember to take care of yourself as you tackle all that needs to be done.

  4. I see nothing wrong with ending a sentance with a preposition.. baha.. but then again, I am the worst writer evah!!!

    Just remember to breath..I know .. I know…easier said than done..but it does help (sometimes.. )

  5. Sounds like you’re handling it quite well – with humor and plain ol’ honesty. Love it! Go right ahead and dish, because that’s what us girlfriends are here for. There. I ended a sentence with a preposition too.

  6. Every time I feel overwhelmed by my to-do list, I start to shut down, too. It’s like there’s just too much to possible handle, so I handle it by sitting on the couch & surfing the internet. Not very mature, but it’s what I always end up doing.

    You definitely aren’t alone in your busy-ness! I hope things ease up a bit for you so that you can enjoy the holiday season!

  7. I love the saying “if Momma’s not happy no one is happy”. Take care of you. Yes we’ll miss you and wonder every day what you are up to. That didn’t sound too stalkerish right? You’ll come back to us re-energized with lots of stories to tell. Just keep a blog list so you remember to tell us everything. Now go cross some things off your list!

  8. Well, I hope this day is better for you. December is always my worst and best month! Best because I love the holidays and my son’s birthday is in it, too (see my post from yesterday)! However, those are the same reasons it is my worst month. I have my son’s b-day, Christmas, then my daughter’s birthday 10 days later in January! The shopping, the budget, the decorating (both Christmas and party), etc. get me so flustered I think my hubby walks on eggshells all month long. God Bless him! So, I am right there with you…there to offer support when I can, but also empathy, since I know what you are going through! Good Luck!

    PS I hope I don’ t ever offend you with my run-on sentences, bad grammar, etc! I was never any good at it!

  9. I took a “day off” a few weeks ago. I sat on the couch with a cup of hot tea and watched a movie..all by myself. It was wonderful and really helped.
    Its a crazy time of year, try to enjoy it.

  10. Yup. I’m a two-speed kinda girl too!
    Sweetie, just take a deep breath, maybe treat yourself to a nice long, hot bubble bath with candles and relaxing music and just veg out. Focus on calming thoughts. When a thought pops up about something that you just HAVE to do, as soon as you realize that’s where your thoughts are wandering, consciously return your focus to the calming thoughts. Focus on relaxing. If you aren’t into the whole bubble bath thing, then just go to your bedroom…alone, but the “do not disturb” sign up!

    Remember, your faithful followers are your friends. I know that I, for one, don’t see it as whining; I see it as a friend needing a shoulder, and I have a shoulder for ya girlfriend!

    Huge hugs….Anita

  11. This is my gift to you – hope it helps.



    So often we make our decisions from a place of fear. Fear separates us from our abilities. It does not protect us, nor will it alter an outcome. Being afraid is natural, but acting out of fear is not the same as using your survival instinct. When we choose to move forward despite our fear, our abilities are empowered, our faith is restored, and our hopes are renewed.


    When we cannot change what life sets before us we are challenged to change ourselves. Remember that we are defined by our possibilities, not our circumstances. At any given moment we can choose despair or hope, revenge or forgiveness, fear or faith. The choice is always ours to make, and therein lies our power.


    No matter what our circumstances, if we take the chance and opportunity of seeking out beauty in the world around us, there are moments in every day that can be treasured. These moments of joy may be small, but they are powerful. If you can’t find the beauty and joy in your day, create it.


    Giving up is an act of anger or despair. It implies there’s still some fight left, some unfinished business to complete. Surrender is a release, a letting go. There is peace and contentment in knowing there is nothing more to give, or receive. Surrender can only be accomplished with forgiveness and love.


    Become a Warrior on behalf of your own life!

    Copyright 2008 Heather Summerhayes Cariou
    Sixtyfive Roses: A Sister’s Memoir

  12. December has a way of doing that to us doesn’t it? Especially women!!! We think we can tackle it all!!

    Breath, take time for yourself, and just worry about the really important stuff! Will anyone really remember that in 2008 you didn’t make a zillion different cookies?, blog EVERY day? wrap all your gifts with BEAUTIFUL hand made bows? NO!

    and remember to ASK for HELP!!! even the BEST mom’s need help getting it ALL done!!

    Take care hun!!!


  13. you’re definitely not the only one, but I guess you figured that out already now 🙂

    After I really (and I mean really) got stuck a year ago, I had no choice but saying NO to things (and thinking I’M SORRY with every no…)

    Hard to do, but after a while I felt so much better! Even the things you like cost energy, and I only have so much to give..

    My eyeopener was: 80% is good enough, instead of 100%
    as I was always going for 110%..Hope you can make some choices, it’s worth it.

  14. I totally understand. I have been on the verge of a breakdown for a few days now. I guess it is everyone, but sometimes that out of control feeling makes you feel so alone. The more behind I get, the more “depressed” I get. Thank goodness for blogging.

    Hope things settle down for you soon and you are able to enjoy the season!


  15. Nothing weird at all about writing a blog post about being overwhelmed and having too much to do. Isn’t that what the blog is for? I hope you find a resting place amidst all the craziness. I’ve gotten better at saying no to things and protecting my and my family’s time, but I’m not perfect. And none of my commitments generate income, so it is easier to let things go. You’ll find your way out of this eventually. 🙂 In the meantime, do some virtual shopping to make yourself feel better.

    And just to make you feel better, I just now tried to put my email password in the website box. Clearly my flux capacitor is not fluxing.

  16. It is OK to take a break….Treading water is what I do when overwhelmed too. When I get too much in my brain I jot posts in a notebook then on anight when I have time etc. I draft a bunch at once! Helps a little.
    Hang in there

  17. Sometime all you can do it tread water and hope you make it through. It will get better.

    I have been there many times, and can only think happy thoughts for you!! Hugs to you!

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