I just can’t do it all.  I’m so tired and overwhelmed.  I think I have bitten off more than I can chew.  Remember when I said I have two speeds — stop and go?  Well, I’ve been going for a long time.  And now I’m coming to a screeching halt.  I feel like I can hardly put one foot in front of the other, and yet I can’t stop.  I have made so many commitments.  And I enjoy everything I’m doing WHEN I have time to do it all.  But I fear I’ve overextended myself.

Am I alone?  Somehow I doubt it.  In fact, I know I’m not alone because yesterday in a fit of desperation, I zapped out an SOS to my Twitter peeps.  And within seconds I had about ten replies, all empathizing and encouraging me.  Of course that made me get all teary.  Because there’s something about people being nice to me that makes me all emotional.  That’s logical, I know.  I apologize to my five male readers for being such a weepy female.  I hate weepy females.  Sigh…

I would say I’m taking a break, but I know myself.  The second I say I’m taking a break, I’ll come up with a zillionty-one things to say, so instead I’ll just let it all hang out here on the blog.  Because the only thing worse than a weepy female is a whiny one.  Go big or go home, that’s my motto.  Might as well do it all the way.

Of course you may be thinking if I’m so daggum busy, why am I taking the time to write this post?  Surely there is something more worthwhile I could be doing with this ten minutes.  But you see, that’s what I do when I get overwhelmed.  I start treading water.  It’s some sort of illogical defense mechanism.  Or something.  Just go with it.  I’m clearly not a psychologist.

So yeah.  That’s where I’m at this morning.  And I hate it when people say that’s where I’m AT.  That just shows you the state of mind I’m in.  There I go again.  Another sentence ending with a preposition.  You kknow it’s bad when I don’t bother to correct my grammar.  Oooh, look, a typo.  I’m gonna leave that too. I’m such a rebel.

Oh, by the way, Boomama’s Christmas Tour of Homes is coming up this weekend.  I hope you’re gonna play along.  It’s always fun.