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Last night my husband and his buddy Brian (aka The Handyguys) removed our kitchen counters.


I’ve wanted to replace these ever since I moved into this house almost 4 years ago.  More bothersome than the counters was the shallow double sink that would not allow me to wash a large pot or cookie sheet without acrobatic feats.  When the faucet started to fall apart, we knew it’s days were numbered.  So as an early Christmas present, I got to pick out new counters.  SQUEE!  They arrive in approximately 30 minutes.

So for now, we wait.


My kids are thrilled because they get to buy school junk lunch today.  I’m thrilled because the next time I wash dishes, it will be in a sink big enough to hold my biggest saute pan.  My husband is thrilled because he’s hoping he won’t have to hear me complain about washing dishes anymore.  Let’s not burst his bubble JUST yet.  😉

In other news, my youngest daughter turns 4 tomorrow.  FOUR.  Sniffle, dribble, honnnnk.  (That’s me blowing my red puffy nose.)  I can’t believe my baby is FOUR.  I do love Four, though, and I’m not so sad to say good-bye to the Therrible Threes as much as I’m just having a hard time realizing that I no longer have a child small enough to curl up on my lap and fall asleep.  Sigh…  Those were the days.  On the other hand, I no longer have to change diapers or cut up food into small dices at dinnertime, so the glass is half full, I s’pose.

I’m planning a little party for her, here at the house tomorrow, with 6 or 7 of her little buddies.  Someone hold me.  Hosting birthday parties give me angina.  I’d love to be one of those laid-back moms who throws gorgeous yet frugal children’s parties in style, but I’m the type of mom who buys a store bought cake and throws some store bought crafts on the table and sweats until it’s time for everyone to leave.  I’m praying for nice weather so the kids can play outside.

My daughter, on the other hand, has been planning her party for months.  She can barely believe it’s actually here.  She’s already had 2 mini-parties (at school yesterday and at church last Sunday) so she’s getting used to being the star of the show.  As if the past 4 years of her life haven’t been practice enough.  If I survive tomorrow, it will only be because we manage to get her to take a nap between gymnastics class and her birthday party.

So what are YOU up to, this sunny Friday morning?

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23 thoughts on “Various and Sundry Randomness

  1. Busy lady!

    I can’t beleive she is 4 already! I started reading you when she was 2! Wow how time does fly.

    I have hosted birthday parties almost every year, just never at my house. This year, well in Feb, will be my first. I can’t wait. I think it’s a twisted person that loves having them. lol

  2. My little guy turns 3 next week and we are having a small family party next weekend. I’m going to attempt a dump truck cake! Last year when he turned 2, we took him to Ruby’s for dinner–just the three of us [insert mock horror!]. The kids birthday craze is utterly out of control. Glad to see there are other moms not renting out Bouncetown and Linvilla!

    Mmmmmm… potatoes. You just made me thing of a recipe I used to have somewhere for mexican-style potatoes. Something like diced potatoes, taco seasoning, lime juice, cilantro, and cheese. I just might need to make that this weekend!

  3. How exciting about the counters! When we moved in to our house, it has a shallow SINGLE sink! My husband got a big double deep sink and installed it. It makes a HUGE difference!

  4. I wish it was sunny, its been raining here non-stop for 2 days. You know you get alot of rain when your in the mountains and you still get flash floods!

    I feel you on the turning 4 thing, I just posted yesterday about my babies turning 2 and 7! Where does the time go? Good luck on the party I am sure all will turn out well. And it will definitley be better than the one I threw last weekend.

    way to go on the yahoo article and the free pass to Blissdom. What ever you decide to make you must post here! =)

  5. I love your honesty! I’m totally blown away by those crafty gals who have such style (and I’m also blown away by your healthy / unprocessed eating commitment – I have YET to roast a free range local chicken) but God makes each of us with different strengths and weaknesses. Your daughter may or may not remember hand crafted-ness, but she will remember your attitude and love for her. Make that your focus and everything else will fall in place.

  6. I’m exactly like you when it comes to parties! I actually am holding out as long as possible with the boys because I have no.clue. what to do with all those kids! LOL

    I do *try* to make and decorate a cake for them, but that hasn’t turned out so well…I actually told my mom that I’m going to have to start buying them cakes soon because they’re getting old enough to realize that my cakes look nothing like what they’re supposed to LOL

  7. Of course you know we want the ‘after’ pics of your glorious new countertops!

    I was just at a ‘playgroup’ and the host-mom asked me why I didn’t have such things at my house. I told her flat out that I am anti-social and I don’t think I could make it happen. I have total respect for someone who can be such a gracious host…..and I probably made myself sound like an @$$ now that I think about it…..hehehehe, oh well….

  8. Sometimes your posts make me nervous about having children, haha.

    My last apartment was built a billion years ago so I had the kitchen the size of a closet. A 1 square foot piece of counter space and a sink that was so shallow I avoided baking anything that produced more than a couple dishes.

    So our new apartment has more counter space than I know what to do with and a bee-yootiful deep sink. Oh and a dishwasher. Who said whining didn’t get you anywhere. 😉

  9. Don’t forget to post the after pictures. I love kitchen makeovers! I one of the things I wanted in a kitchen, when we were looking at homes, was HUGE sink. I can put my biggest gumbo pot in there and then a few more dishes. I love my sink. I also know what you mean about the birthday party thing. I always always stress!!! Good luck, hope it all turns out OK. Just remember to breathe!

  10. Happy birthday to your little one! Four years old. My oldest in 19! My youngest is 10…. and then I have two rugrats in the middle.

    Lets see…. My Friday morning:

    I’ve cleaned up a gob of feathers from a featherbed that my animals decided would be a great form of entertainment (I posted a photo on my blog if you would like to see my pain)… I made breakfast burritos and I’ve sat on my butt not feelin the motivation that my day deserves to have…not to mention my house.

    OH WAIT ….. I did run payroll for our employee’s today. OK, whew…..I feel so much better now….. 😉

    Hope your daughter has a wonderful day tomorrow.

    By the way….. I’m the mom in line behind you at the grocery store asking myself why i didn’t just buy a pre-made cake, like the SMART lady in front of me…..then I hear my rugrat rambling on about how she need the $300 worth of frosting, decorations and goodies to decorate this cake we are about to make….and I remember why….because I didn’t leave my artsy fartsy 11 year old rugrat at home…

  11. My little one turned four about 6 weeks ago – she began planning her party in June – she has to wait out a summer FULL of birthdays to get to hers and it was painful for her this year! Then, once it finally came – she had sing Happy Birhtday before the pizza, before the cake and I think she would have had us keep on going all night long if we would have let her! This crop of 4 years must all have something in common!!! Happy birthday to your sweet thing and CONGRATS on your counters!

  12. YAY for new counter tops! I plan to get new ones on the spring. Can’t wait to see your’s! I’m sure your “baby” will have a blast at her party regardless of whether it is home made or not. I’m sure she will be happy with the simple fact that she was able to have her friends over and that she was the center of attention!

  13. Happy B’day to R! Ummm, could you please post some pics of the new counters? You can’t leave us hanging all weekend.

  14. You’re makin’ me laugh about the birthday parties! 🙂 I’m guilty of being the Mom who loves to throw the parties! I miss them (glutton for punishment)! 🙂
    Can’t wait to see pics of your new counters, exciting!!!! 😉

  15. My youngest turned 4 on Sept. 25th. A sad time as well. She thinks she is a teenager. I can’t believe how quick they grow up.
    I love my kitchen, but would LOVE new countertops. Congrats to you!

  16. I saw that you had appliancehelp.com listed in your sidebar. Do you recommend them or is that a computer generated list of advertising/related companies? We are looking to get a part for our dryer and were researching this company. Thank you!

  17. Hi Ranee. That is a paid advertisement, and I do not have any experience ordering from them. So I’m afraid I can’t give them a personal recommendation.

  18. I seriously hope four goes better for you than it has for me so far! My daughter turned 4 last month and it seems we have gone from the terrible 3’s to the frightening 4’s. She’s only flooded the bathroom 4 times, every time I tell her ‘no’ she replies ‘when she’s a grown up’ she’s going to do it anyway, and she hasn’t actually smothered the new cats with love – yet. I love her dearly but I’m thinking a part-time job would be a lovely break!

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