We Need An Alice.

This giveaway is closed.  The FIVE winners of $100 to Alice are Kellyn, Christa, Misty, Stefani, and Christine Bowman.  Congrats, ladies!  Enjoy shopping at Alice.  As for the rest of you, don’t forget that EVERYONE gets $10 off your first $50 order, so go forth and shop!

Ever since we had kids, my husband has been fond of saying, “We need an Alice.”  And then he would go on to describe what our lives would be like if we had an Alice to take care of us, like the Bradys.  So I couldn’t wait to tell him about a new website, just launching today, called Alice.  This Alice isn’t going to come to your home and cook your meals and fold your laundry, but she does promise that you will never run out of toilet paper again.

Alice is basically Netflix for household goods.  It is free to join, and when you log in, you can begin to create your personalized list of products that you use regularly.  You then choose to add the product to your current order (like if you need it ASAP) or save it for later (if you know it is something you use but you don’t need it at the moment.)  Then you can schedule auto-reminders for however often you need to replenish that particular item.  Alice keeps a record of your products so you don’t have to go hunting for your favorite brand each time you want to shop, which makes Alice a HUGE time saver in the long run.  And then the products are delivered right to your door.

A few years ago, when I was stuck at home with three small kids all winter, I started having my groceries delivered.  It was such a treat.  But once the kids were in school, I couldn’t really justify the $10 delivery charge, so I stopped.  But the cool thing about Alice?  No delivery charge.  EVER.

And also, they will automatically find and apply available coupons to your purchases. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m not a coupon-cutter.  However, I’ll gladly take them when they’re offered to me.

And it gets better.  In celebration of their launch, Alice has given me $500 in credit to give away. I’ve decided to award five readers $100 to spend at Alice.com.  I will randomly select the five winners on Tuesday, June 30, to receive $100 in Alice credit. 

Plus, each person who signs up will get a $10 credit in their Alice account once they spend at least $50 on the site.

Here’s what you need to do.

1) Join Alice.com through my referral link.

2) Leave a comment here about your impressions of the site.

You have to have an account to deposit the $100 into, so be sure to sign up and remember the email address that you used.  I will need that information if you win.

Honestly, I’m so excited about this site.  Yes, I get a small referral bonus if you sign up from my link, but I would want to tell you about it even if there were no benefit to me.  I hate dragging home big cases of paper towels and toilet paper from the store, and I hate even more running out at midnight for certain female essentials that have a way of running out at the least opportune time.  I, for one, will be placing my first Alice order today.

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78 thoughts on “We Need An Alice.

  1. Wow! This is so timely. I am getting ready to run out the door to the grocery store with a sick baby because I have 1, yes 1 diaper! I would KILL to have someone show up at my door right now with a big ole box of Huggies!

    Seriously, as a home schooling mom of 4, going to the grocery store is HARD! I have often said that when my children are old enough, I want to start a ministry to home schooling and elderly people to go shop for them and deliver their groceries because it is SO HARD to get out with all the kids, still do school, etc. I just finished signing up and will have to go back and select my “stuff”…cause I’ve gotta go get diapers, but I am very interested to see if this is a cost effective solution, if it is, it is TRULY a God send! Thanks for introducing us!

  2. Wow! I did the gracery delivery and also couldn’t justify the delivery fee but this is amazing! And they find coupons for you – Wow! I’ve signed up!

  3. So, this is a pretty cool service. In fact, I think it’s awesome. No delivery charges? Sign me up. Seriously. (Well, I already did, so actually, don’t.) A lot of the prices are very, VERY comparable (if not cheaper) than what I’m paying now with my panicked trips to the Walgreens or 24-hour CVS in my area, plus the coupon thing? Amazing.

    I am so glad I read this! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh. MyGosh. This may be the best idea ever. EVER!! Seriously, it’s so awesome that I can’t even contain myself. I will definitely be using this site. I love how you can shop by room. The variety of products isn’t *great* but it’s good. I’m very impressed and thank you very much for sharing with us! Now pick me as a winner, OK? 🙂

  5. I love that there is a green/organic filter. I have to go to several different stores to get green detergents, dish soap, etc, b/c my main grocery store doesn’t stock any green options and my secondary store is always out of stock. Driving 20 minutes to go to Target just so I can buy my preferred brand of detergent doesn’t feel very eco-responsible. Hope I win so’s I can stock up!

  6. This is a great service. I think if they added milk, it would be perfect. When our babies were little, my friends and I always said we should open a drive-thru milk and diapers store. I like that the site is very user friendly. Picking out the members of my family was really cute!

  7. Amy, when we lived in Drexel Hill, there WAS a drive-thru convenience store called Swiss Farm. They only have a few around anymore, but they are THE BEST.

  8. I am so excited about this! I am always looking for the best deals on cleaning supplies and paper products. This will save me so much time!

    I used your link…can’t wait!

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway too!

  9. Ok.. Alice.com is a little confusing to begin with. This reminds me of a Service from a Few years ago called WebVan I believe, which was very convenient, although I didn’t use them.
    I would hope that they would include fresh products in the future. Not sure how they would ship it though. over all A good site and probably very helpful for people who are homebound or how cannot get out much due to transportation issues!!!

  10. I signed up. Really great website. I like how it lets you shop by room, because that is usually how I think about my list. And I like that it tracks your spending for you. And I like the coupon bar at the bottom so you can focus in in products with coupons. I didn’t take a long time to click around, but it looks like the prices are very comparable to what I already pay. Add delivery to that and it sounds too good to be true.

  11. The alice.com site seems like it is pretty easy to use! I signed up because I’ve used a grocery service before, but like you, didn’t want to pay the delivery fees (and usually higher prices).

  12. Alice seems like a really easy to use site…Love the fact that it finds the coupons for you! One I signed up, I was able to find most of the products and brands we use. I absolutely hate grocery shopping, but doing it my PJs sounds alot less painful!LOL!

  13. LOVE IT!!! I signed up and I’ll be placing an order soon because we are moving in a few weeks and who has time to shop! I love that it’ll remind you to re-order things!

  14. I’ve been browsing around on alice.com for an hour! The prices are comparable and it can be delivered to my door for free! I LOVE that idea. I will be using it!

  15. Wow! I was just grumbling this morning as I carried my toddler through the Wal-Mart parking lot in the 100 degree heat. This service is great! I signed up!

  16. Love it!!! I hate my local Wal-mart and try to avoid it at all cost, but in my small rural area, there aren’t many choices. Thanks for sharing this great new site!

  17. Totally need this. We fight about when we’re going to Costco, mostly because we can’t get out of there for less than $300. EVER. I could totally use this, thanks!!

  18. I can’t wait to start using alice! I know it’s going to be a life saver! I’m always running out of detergent and toilet paper — and I know there will be tons more benefits with alice! I signed up this morning – my username in the alice neighborhood is lala0502! Thanks for the opportunity to enter your contest!

  19. I signed up for Alice under my personal email (if I win I’ll let you know what it is!). I love the idea of stuff being delivered for free–sweet!

  20. Very cool! I mean, for me, it’s weird because my mom’s name is Alice. But believe me, for what I’m seeing, I can definitely get over it! 😉

  21. I’m going to give it a shot. Paper towels and toilet paper are two products I loathe buying at the grocery store. They take up too much cart space.

  22. I just signed up at Alice and looked around a bit. I’ve used diaper websites in the past, but I always forget to order them BEFORE I am about to run out. I love that you can customize how often you want reminded for each product. And that they have so many different products to buy. It seems like such a great idea, since whenever I go out for toilet paper or diapers, I ALWAYS come back with stuff I see at the store but don’t actually need. And the free shipping is awesome! Not to mention the chance to win $100. Thanks for the give away and for sharing this site with us!

  23. Just signed up. Looks VERY interesting. I’d like to compare prices at my local store before I order from them, but I’d definitely take some free supplies in your giveaway!

  24. I’m impressed with the namebrand selections they offer! Hope to go on a shopping spree! 🙂

  25. I’m a pretty thrifty shopper and I can’t believe a service with FREE SHIPPING is so competitive to my local stores! Sign me up!

  26. I signed up for ALICE earlier this afternoon. I love their site, it’s so comprehensive, there’s NOTHING they left out!

  27. Fun site! I had problems with the site moving slowly, but that may be attributed to my crappy government computer.

    I like the budgetting feature- that would be cool to use.

  28. I put off buying toilet paper until we’re in danger of using leaves from the backyard. This site is perfect for me (and so clean looking – I love it!)

  29. This is a fantastic site!! I hope it won’t matter(sorry about your referral bonus) but I had already signed up prior to seeing this post on your blog!:(

    I think it’s great especially the NO SHIPPING?! omg lol

    I’ve had recent transportation issues, so this would be perfect for me! Plus my birthday is less than a month away haha

    Thanks for the chance!!:)

  30. What a great site! I have already started shopping-I just hate to buy some of that stuff at Walmart and sometimes they don’t have what a need. Even better that it is delivered for free :}

    Thanks for keeping us in the know!

  31. Great site! I signed up through your link and am excited to place my first order. The free shipping is awesome and the prices are cheaper than the stores around me! Thanks for the great referral.

  32. That is SO cool. I tried grocery delivery too, esp. when Boo was sick, but I couldn’t justify the delivery fee, either. The product selection is a little limited but I can still order plenty! so I don’t have to make as many trips or drag as many bags. SO cool.

  33. What a great idea. I signed up and like the online grocery, probably will take some time initally but then it will be a lifesaver. They have my brand of contact lens cleaner which is not that easy to find. I too could not justify the delivery charge and they were out of too many things (oh how I miss webvan).

  34. Hello! I remembered talking about this the other night and figured you would have a link on your blog and so I was happy to see this. I signed up and took a look around. They prices are in line with the cheapest grocery store in our area and having the coupons done automatically makes it a hugh bonus. For anyone who buys what they need when they need it and doesn’t fuss with sales or coupons this is great because overall you will be paying the same or less and it is delivered to your door! I think the navigation is easy and saving preferences really gives it a big advance over the grocery store site. It really is a very comprehensive site with budget tools and all. I am impressed!

  35. I liked the site a lot! I especially like that you can choose the brand you like, and there are NO delivery charges…that is the best part. Otherwise, I can’t really justify the cost for the convenience. Thank you so much for the giveaway–$100 would be fantastic right about now!

  36. Oh my goodness – With a set of two year old twins and a three year old – it is a battle to go to the grocery store – this would be fabulous! Thanks for the great blog and the great giveaway!

  37. I am particularly interested in the diapers/wipes options! I hope they find even more coupons to apply to those items. Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. Can’t wait to try Alice! I always wanted an Alice (too bad the site can’t cook and do laundry for me too).

  39. What a great website! I signed up using your referral code! I hope I get the $100 to get started.

  40. I’m sold! Was especially impressed that the Alice website was so easy to navigate.
    I signed up with your referral code and am about to place my first order. Thanks!

  41. I signed up through your link. This looks like an awesome site! Hopefully I’ll be able to stop the coupon madness now! Thanks for letting us know about it! (and for the give away!)

  42. As a graduate student, full time employee and mother of two..this site may just become my new best friend…except I must give props to my real best friend, Gay, who gave me the notice about your site and Alice.

  43. That is such a cool site! I’ve been wondering for a long time why a site like that doesn’t exist. My favorite feature is the way they remind you to buy stuff at certain intervals. Brilliant!

  44. Cool! Thanks for the link. What I love best about the site is the free shipping. I love having things delivered but don’t want to have to pay for shipping. 😉

  45. love this! thanks for the link!!
    very easy to use and the prices are surprisingly good!

  46. I used your referral link, and I think the site is awesome! I’m about to place my first order, it’s going to save me from packing up the baby & diaperbag and lugging off to the supermarket. Sweet! 😀

  47. I think it’s nifty, but I’m a big coupon shopper. So I’m not sure I’d use Alice that much….it looks like I’d end up paying more for some items. But it’d be definitely useful for items I’m brand loyal to, that don’t frequently go on sale or have coupons. And I do love the free shipping.

  48. I’m a new reader, but I’m so glad I came over! I hadn’t heard of Alice.com before, but it really is such a great idea! The site is super easy to use, but I also like sites that have great graphics and are intuitive – all of which alice.com has. I’d love to win and be able to try it out! Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. What a great site! I clicked over and signed up, and I really like the fact that you can set reminders to reorder stuff at different times. The whole thing looks very easy to use.

  50. So glad I found your blog! I had planned on stopping by the grocery store tonight to pick up a few things – and that’s no longer needed! And thanks too for the giveaway!

  51. This is the second time in a week I’ve heard of this site. I’m intrigued….and if I can save money (and time) like the site promises, I’m all about it! And once you get signed up, it seems easy enough to use…

  52. Love this site! My hubby actually told me about it and had been encouraging me to use it. Such a great design and concept. I just signed up for my account and can’t wait to put it into action!

  53. What an amazing idea! And such a great array of products! We are moving to a smaller city this week which does NOT have a Costco and this would be a wonderful replacement for SO many of the things I get there!

    The site is well organized and easy to use from what I can see!

    Thanks for the chance!

  54. We are moving away from a conveniently located grocery store and warehouse store, having Alice available while I’m out in the country? And she finds coupons for me? I signed up all right. (And it’s okay if I call it a her right? I mean only a woman is this smart…)

  55. Wow. This is super cool. Such a clean easy-to-use site. Really. I usually NEVER buy stuff like this online b/c it’s too hard to look at every option. But this site is easy to use!


  56. Very cool! I love the efficiency of this. It can also reduce impulse buying (those shiny “end caps” can be so captivating sometimes!) This is a great tool for helping with time management and organization. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway.

  57. I was surprised at the number of options available. Very easy site to use.

  58. OMG! This is a busy mommies dream come true!
    I LOOOVE shoppping, but not for the common everyday stuff.. This sight so helps with that so I have more time to shop for more fun stuff.. like purses, shoes, ha ha

  59. Saw this on 5M4M a week or so ago. It sounds like HEAVEN!!! I did sign up already (so I can’t do it through your link–sorry!) but I haven’t purchased anything yet!

  60. Okay, I’m in! I’ve been hearing so much about the site and am glad to have finally joined!

    I love the concept behind the site. FINALLY a great and effective site for Moms who spend too much time on twitter. I mean, Moms who are busy cleaning and cooking. Yes, that’s what I meant. 😉

  61. I have a new love….the prices are great – how fantastic to have someone else find coupons for me? And this will eliminate the trips I make to the big stores that end up with me buying a million little things I don’t really need. And no delivery charge – I’m saving money on multiple fronts and it makes my life easier!

    I’ve signed up and will place an order today!

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