We WILL Have a Merry Christmas, DANGIT.

It has been quite an eventful 24 hours.  Last night when I was indisposed for a short time, I heard a lot of yelling out in the family room and then a loud crash followed by wailing.  My husband ran downstairs and I heard the kids yelling and him saying, “But is she hurt?”  When I arrived on the scene, my husband was holding my 3-year-old and the big kids were both talking at once.

Evidently the 3-year-old was trying to pull a stocking down from the mantle where they hang on those attractive metal stocking holders — a weapon if there ever was one.  My son tried to tell her no, and before he knew it she had pulled it down on herself and had a nasty gash on her face.  I guess we were due for a trip to the ER.  It’s been what, 6 months?  We wouldn’t want them to give away our private room in our absence, so we make sure to have an ER-worthy event at least three times a year.  Oh I jest.  We don’t have to try.  We just come by these mishaps naturally.  Sigh…

The thing is, we decided not to take a trip to the ER.  I held ice over it and we got the bleeding to stop, and we decided they probably wouldn’t want to stitch her face.  But this morning I’m having second thoughts, and my mom might just drive up here from Virginia and take her in herself if I don’t do it.  I’m without a car today, but I’m going to borrow a neighbor’s car, and hopefully her childcare services since the other two are on Christmas break, and see if this latest wound needs attention.

And of course that’s not all.  My 6-year-old woke up with a fever this morning.  Oh the joys.  And I had great plans to wrap up a few reviews and designs today.  Oh yeah, and pack for our trip.  It will all get done, right?

Meanwhile I’m looking forward to a gift wrapping party tonight with some neighborhood pals.  We may or may not complete our holiday wrapping, but there will be wine involved, and that is all that matters.  And tomorrow we are hoping to drive to Virginia to spend the holidays with my family.  (I say hoping because my husband has not officially committed to taking Wednesday off from work.  But I am optimistic!)  So allow me to officially wish you a very Merry Christmas, although I’m sure I’ll be posting again before then.

I hesitate to say I’m taking a blogging break, because invariably when I say that, I come up with 110 things I want to say.  And this blog is my outlet.  But I AM taking a break from reviews and giveaways, from designing, and from pressuring myself to blog daily.  How’s that for leaving a giant loophole for my loquaciousness?


We are back from the ER.  I can say one thing for sure, this is NOT how I had planned to spend my last day before Christmas vacation and the coldest day of the year.  HMPH.  Mega thanks to my neighbor Kim who let me borrow her car!

Our trip to the ER was quite painless.  They did not treat the wound at all.  Had I brought her in last night, they may have glued or stitched it, but today it was beginning to heal, and they said it wasn’t worth the trauma.  R was clearly in no mood to have stitches.  It was all we could do to hold her down so the doctor could look at the injury.  They instructed us to keep it moist with antibacterial ointment and to apply vitamin E once the scab clears up.  I’m praying for minimal scarring, as it is on her face.  In the meantime, our stocking holders are taking up permanent residence in our attic, and our Christmas pictures will need some mad photoshopping skilz.  Thanks for all of your kind comments and prayers this morning.  They are greatly appreciated!

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29 thoughts on “We WILL Have a Merry Christmas, DANGIT.

  1. I’m praying for a miraculous SHORT wait in the ER. So sorry! This beats the year I had the flu really bad on Christmas. Hang in there

  2. My four-year-old has a knack for finding accidents like that. When he ran into the wall while playing Superman, we should have had them stitch it. But, the doctor in the ER doctor claimed that he couldn’t because there wasn’t enough skin or something. Now he’s got a scar on his forehead, that I kick myself for. Oh, well. In the bigger scheme of things, it’s not that big a deal.

    I hope your little one’s trip to the ER is quick, easy and drama-free! (Which, I realize is an oxymoron when talking about the ER, but hey, one can hope, right?)

  3. ooo no! I hope she doesn’t need stitches. My friend’s 2 year old little boy did this. They ended up glueing(apparently not a word) it together in the ER. I hope you have an Amazing Christmas!

  4. Oh man!! Hopefully no stitches will be needed, the fever goes down and doesn’t spread to anyone else……….take a much needed and deserved break dear, and enjoy your self, your family AND Christmas!!


  5. What a day! Hope you get everything done that is on your list – and have a Merry Christmas! 🙂

    You’ll be missed, but you certainly deserve a blogging break!

  6. Ouch! I’m soooo sorry about the stocking holder incident. Hope the ER visit goes smoothly and she feels better soon. I had a conversation with A. yesterday about our stocking holders (we have large metal ones too–bought prechild) and let her hold one etc., even so I’m leery of having them up there. They are so tempting.

  7. My little girl did the same thing 2 years ago at the beginning of the Christmas season. Luckily my parents were visiting so I only had to lug one child instead of 3 to the ER. She ended up with surgical glue to bind the cut vs. stitches. Since then we have not used our mantle stocking hangers and instead use a 10 cent hook to hang our stockings – works just great!

    I’m sending good vibes your way that the fever breaks and your Christmas is merry!

  8. The poor thing! How awful. I am so glad that she is okay. We have the heavy stocking holders too, but don’t use them for our stockings anymore. Boo pulled one down two years ago and had a goose egg for Christmas.

    Hope you have a safe trip!!!

  9. Yikes! What a start to your week!

    Am wondering if you should check in with a plastic surgeon? Probably depends on where the cut is and how big it is. My son ran in to a bookcase when he was two and had to have stitches. You can still see the scar. It’s near his eyebrow, and well, he’s a boy, so I’m not really concerned. Might think differently if he was a girl.

    Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

    Kiel was sick with a fever all weekend, which really slowed my Christmas preparations down too.

  10. Claire gashed her forehead open in October. Our uncle, the dermatologist, told us to massage Preparation H into it every night for a year, and to put at least 30 SPF sunscreen on every day, rain or shine, for at least a year. So far, so good, and she had 70 stitches!

  11. I knew a girl this happened to a few years ago and it totally busted her sons head open from the stocking holder. VERY SCARY! i am glad your DD is ok!!!


  12. I’m glad the injury is not serious. R just wanted to make this a memorable Christmas in her own way. And a wrapping party sounds like tons of fun. I wish I could get in on that. 🙂

  13. Your mom and I were going to take her to the ER 🙂
    Glad it all worked out. Seriously, I wished I could have helped you but I didn’t think you wanted my strep germs. Hey, I scar VERY easily and I SWEAR by vitamin E. I use it straight out of the gel tablet.

  14. Oh my, I am so sorry, like you really needed more to think about. I am glad all is turning out ok and lets hope the fever subsides as fast as it came. Thinking about you.


  15. Oh, I am so glad to hear she is okay. Those things are sooo heavy. I have often thought about them being pulled down on someone’s head.

    Have a great trip and enjoy some downtime. I hope your son is feeling better, too.

    Hugs and prayers for you!

  16. Her and Adelaide both. A keeps picking the scab off and it’s driving me nuts! I have to sneak back in after she’s asleep and reapply the ointment and a band-aid.

    You know, I was looking at our stocking holders thinking how traumatic they’d be if they fell down on someone’s head. I think I might have holes drilled in ours and screw them into the bookshelf or something like that. (For next year, lol.) I think I scared my kids enough about pulling them down, though…

    Anyway, hope you really do have a wonderful Christmas!!

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