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Last night my husband paused the movie we were watching (more on that in another post) to inform me that he thought I should do a blog post on what I eat for a week.  He thought inquiring minds may wanna know.

I retorted that I don’t expect that there is a living soul who wants to read another post on my blog about what I’m eating these days, but it seemed like an easy post to put together since I have been keeping food logs, and I’ve learned never to predict what people might actually want to read, so here goes:


Breakfast: homemade granola with raw whole milk, coffee with cream and sugar

Lunch: vanilla yogurt, apple, 1/4 PBJ, water

(Yes, a 1/4 of a PBJ — my daughter didn’t finish hers and I hated to see it go to waste.)

Dinner: roasted chicken, roasted carrots, mashed potato, water

Snacks: banana


Breakfast: homemade granola with raw whole milk, coffee with cream and sugar

Lunch: roasted broccoli, fried egg with homemade bread toasted, strawberries

Yes, I realize it is somewhat unconventional to eat broccoli with eggs.  Dinneen told me I needed more veggies in my diet, and I had some leftover from dinner, so there you have it.

Dinner: whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce, water

Snacks: vanilla yogurt, brownie


Breakfast: baked soaked oatmeal, grapes, coffee with cream and sugar

Lunch: chicken noodle soup, apple, water

Dinner: Chicken Rosé, steamed green beans, roasted fingerling potato

Snacks: banana, dry roasted almonds


Breakfast: 1 pastured egg fried in butter, 1 slice toast with raw butter, water

Snack #1: mocha latte with whole milk, chocolate chip cookie

Snack #2: 1/3 cup almonds, water

Snack #3: 1/2 apple, 1/2 homemade granola bar, small glass whole raw milk

Dinner: Baked Salmon, quinoa boiled in homemade chicken broth, steamed broccoli with butter, red wine


(I’ll go with last Friday since I obviously don’t know yet what I’ll eat today.)

Breakfast: 1/2 banana, 1 slice french toast, 1 cup coffee with cream and sugar

Lunch: vanilla yogurt, granola bar, water

Dinner: veggie frittata, water

Snacks: cheese and crackers, 1 glass white wine

Dinneen challenged me last week to put more variety into my diet (in other words, fewer carbs and more fruits and veggies) so I’ve been really focusing on that.  I’ve also gone off my Nexium, so I’ve been trying to keep my portion sizes down and to eat foods that won’t trigger heartburn.  So far, so good!

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13 thoughts on “Week of Meals

  1. I love seeing meal plans, it gives me ideas for our meals. I started planning out our meals each week, to save time and money. I can now pull out hamburger in the morning, or chicken, and it saves me time when I get home at night.

    Yeah for no heartburn!! That is wonderful. Can I ask, with the better eating you have been doing how has it affected the other body challenges you were having (weight etc…)? You can also tell me to stick it and mind my own business. lol

  2. Kellyn, I actually lost 2 lbs this week. But before that it was stable. I think my age finally caught up with me last winter, and the healthy eating has helped me maintain and not gain more. With Dinneen’s help, I hope to lose that pesky 5 pounds and keep it off without feeling deprived. 🙂

  3. This challenges me to eat healthier. I am a lifetime member of Wei*ht Wat*hers and I always count points *in my head*…I think I ALWAYS will. BUT, I have gotten into some BAD habits lately. Thanks for sharing. We ARE interested!

  4. I thought this was very interesting — I like knowing what other people eat, and it also gives me ideas for meal planning because every now and then I feel like I make the same ol’ thing.

    Quick question — are you giving raw milk to your kids? I thought I read a while back that you might have been a little concerned about that. I finally found a raw milk supplier, but I’m not sure about giving it to the kids. My youngest is 2 and she is my milk drinker, but given that she’s so young, I’m concerned about the safety issues…

  5. Random question but food related: do you have any thoughts on cutting out sugar and caffeine in an effort to help alleviate PMS symptoms (specifically depression and irritability)? It’s on my mind…

  6. Dawn, I haven’t read much about that. I know that cutting down on sugar and caffeine is a good thing all around, but it’s nice to know that it could also help with PMS.

  7. Keep your portion sizes down? Jo-Lynne, this makes me feel like a pig! I definitely eat a lot more than you do. Don’t think I could survive with just a little yogurt and granola for lunch. No wonder you’re so thin! Maybe I’ll use this as inspiration for cutting down MY portions… hrmmm.

  8. Honestly, that’s not typical. But I was trying to keep the heartburn down. And honestly, I cannot have 3 full meals a day and any snacks at all and maintain my weight. I’ve been struggling with this new metabolism for months now.

  9. Wow. I eat a lot! Guess I always have. My metabolism has always been pretty good for my age, but as I get older it gets slower. I can’t eat like I used to either. And keep focusing on the fruits and veggies. At least 5 servings a day!

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