Weekend Link Love

What Makes Them Happy at In The Trenches of Motherhood

The Crying Mom at Joy Unexpected (Get out your tissues.  Yes, that’s plural.  You may need more than one.)

And I have a couple of tags that I need to acknowledge and pass along.

Girlymama at fun. crazy. life and Nicole at 4andcounting both think I’m real nice.  Aw, shucks.  Thanks, girls.  I think you’re both pretty nice yourselves. 

I’m supposed to name three more bloggers that are nice.  So.  Lawanda at Lovin’ Life is a faithful commenter and a real sweetheart.  The same can be said for Georgia Mom and Holly at Marathon Bird.  And so many others, but I was told to only name three.  So ladies, grab the button and pass the love along.

Last week, Heather at Curious About George told me that she hearts my blog.  Oh, and lookie!  Nap Warden at The Chronicles of a SAHM does too.

And word has it that I give txmoppet of Canned Laughter a reason to smile.  So this allows me to name a few lovely ladies who make me smile. 

First I want to say that Big Mama ALWAYS makes me smile.  Or more often, snort coffee out my nose.  And I also want to tag Jaime at Fully Operational Battle Station, because she poses a similar threat to my morning coffee.  When she gets her bum in gear and puts up a post, that is.  She has been a very delinquent blogger lately.

Really, I could go on and on.  If you think about it, these awards are sort of silly, aren’t they?  I mean, if you’re on my blogroll, you are nice, you make me smile, and I heart your blog! 🙂  But it’s always nice to get a chance to spread some bloggy link love!  So ladies, be sure to grab your buttons and pass them along.

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  1. Yes it is kinda silly giving these awards but it so much FUN!!! I kind of felt good about it when I got some like someone thought my blog was worthwhile I guess. Ya know what I mean?

  2. Thanks for the linky love sister! You always know how to get my butt in gear. You’re my fave.


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