Weekend Wrap-Up

So I schlepped all three kids to the Driver Licensing Center yesterday morning to get my new license, and this time it was a mission accomplished.  I walked confidently up to the A-Dispenser and pulled an A-Ticket without even a moment’s hesitation.  I’m a pro, now.  Unlike all those poor suckers standing around, looking like deer caught in headlights, trying to figure out which ticket and which line they needed.

I looked expectantly at my ticket to find the current wait time, optimistic that it might be 0 minutes as it was during my first failed attempt at the “photo licensing process”.  But no such luck.  This time my wait would be 18 minutes.  Not too bad, but with an impatient 7-year-old, an excitable 4-year-old, and a wiggly 1-year-old, it wasn’t my first choice of ways to spend my Friday morning.  True to their word, 20 minutes later I walked out with my new license.

As I mentioned in another post, Paul has been in Mississippi all week, helping rebuild homes lost in Hurricaine Katrina.  It has been a loooooooooooooong week.  Long and lonely.  But all in all, not as hard as I had feared.  I had never stayed alone with all three kids for more than two nights, so it’s nice to know I can do it if I have to.

Paul has been doing electrical and tile work in 95-degree weather, working some 12-hour days.  He says he’s never worked so hard for a whole week in his life.  I definitely think I got the better end of this deal!  He arrives home tomorrow night, and we leave for the beach on Monday morning.

How I’m going to be packed and ready to go remains to be seen.  We will be vacationing with my inlaws.  The kids are dying to spend a week with their cousins, and I’m gritting my teeth in preparation for communal living.  I adore my inlaws, and everyone gets along well, so it’s always a fun week.  But I’m always ready to return home to the peace and quiet of home.  Be prepared for a barrage of pictures when I get back!

We had a little pre-birthday celebration tonight.  My birthday isn’t until next Sunday, but you can never have too many birthday parties, now can you?  My parents brought me a gift and ran out at the request of the kids to get me a cake.  They gave me an All-Clad roasting pan, which I’ve been wanting for, like, EVER.  I love to roast chicken, and my pathetic little aluminum 13×9 pan just doesn’t cut it.

By the kids’ excitement, you’d think I had received a year’s worth of candy or something.  A turkey baster!  Just what I’ve always wanted!!  Lifting forks!  If only they were PINK!

Then came cake and ice cream.

Also this weekend, D finally lost his second tooth, a mere six months after losing his first one.  I think he might be setting a record for the last kid on earth to loose his baby teeth.  He was beside himself with excitement.

Unfortunately, the “tooth fairy” forgot to leave money.  He was very upset when he discovered the tooth in a baggy still lying beneath his pillow, and he said disparagingly, “I knew she wasn’t real!”

Frankly, I had no idea he believed she was real.  I’ve never really played up the whole Santa thing, and last Christmas he made no bones about the fact that he knew Santa wasn’t real.  But evidently he was counting on the tooth fairy, so in a rare moment of inspiration, I grabbed a five-dollar bill from my purse (inflation’s a beast!) and ran upstairs and proclaimed indignantly, “Let me check!  I don’t believe you!”

And I pulled up the pillow with my free hand and felt under the pillow with the hand clenching the money, and lo and behold, I pulled out the delinquent five-dollar bill and handed it to D.  I’m a regular D Copperfield, I’ll tell ya!

I fully expected him to call me on it, but he said in wonderment, “I didn’t see it there!”

Phew!  Disaster averted.

Well, I think that pretty much ties up all loose ends around here.  Have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. Whew, that tooth fairy is going to have fun coming up with $5 a pop times 3 kids. I hope she has a money tree in her backyard somewhere! :vD

    The things we parents corner ourselves into. LOL!

    I forgot with my son too, ’cause like you I never played any of that up. So I just told him the tooth fairy had phoned late after he went to bed and said so many little boys had lost their teeth that day that she just couldn’t get around to them all that night and would he mind if she came the next night. And he would get a little extra.

    Ya, that cost me too. And wouldn’t ya know it. I forgot again for the next tooth. Same story worked both times. But my wallet was empty. :v)

    And a very Happy Birthday to You!

  2. I’m glad to see that you, too, make your children wear shoes while riding bikes. I see kids around the ‘hood riding in flip flops or barefoot, and I always worry their toes will get caught up in the spokes. Ouch!

    Happy pre-Birthday, BTW.

  3. I love picture posts!

    The older little girl I nanny for got $10 dollars (!!!) for one of her canine teeth. I think it must have been the only bill her mom had on her!

  4. Ah, you’re such a beautiful family. I love the shots! I don’t know anything about quilts other than if you can’t throw them in the washing machine I don’t like them! Have fun on vacation.

  5. Love all the pictures especially the one with David showing his lost tooth! Hope you are having a great time at the beach! BTW I don’t like communal either no matter how much I like the people! :o)

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