My 30 Seconds of Fame and Other Sundry Mentions

I’m two for two!  I was fortunate enough to get TWO ladies’ nights out this week.  After my Mom’s Night In on Thursday night (the video with my 30 seconds of fame is embedded below!!), I was out again on Friday night at my friend Kim’s house for an Entertaining at Home party where they showed us how to set a buffet table using “color, height, and texture” or something like that.  I wish I was more gifted in this area, I really do.  I just didn’t get that artistic gene.  I ordered a snazzy platter with matching dip bowl and spreader.

entertaining at home

I figure if I keep stocking my kitchen with cute serving pieces, maybe the creative table setting gene will suddenly appear.

As promised, here is a video clip I received from Beth Feldman — it’s footage from the Mom’s Night In last Thursday.  It’s long, and some of it’s hard to hear, but fortunately they caught me in a quiet spot in the dining room, so my portion is quite audible.  My little blurb starts about 7 minutes in.  My buddies Sarah and Melissa also get a little video spot in here too!

Role Mommy Presents Mom’s Night In…Philadelphia! from Beth Feldman on Vimeo

In other news, have I told you my SIL is expecting!?  We’re all very excited because we recently found out IT’S A BOY!!  It’s funny, last year at this time we were shopping for bridesmaids dresses at D’s Bridal and now we’re shopping for baby clothes.  Mini Boden has SUCH cute things, by the way.  My girls are so excited they can’t stand it.  Since a new cousin is the closest thing they’re going to get to a baby brother or sister, they’ve decided to embrace the concept wholeheartedly.  They keep asking to go see Aunt Susan’s baby.  They don’t get that the baby isn’t here yet!  I try to avoid discussing the topic at any great length because I’m not sure where that line of questioning might lead.  Actually, I’m pretty sure where the line of questioning will lead, and I do NOT want to go there.  Not yet, anyway.

On the business end of things, I have a few giveaways wrapping up later today.  You can win a Family Four Pack of Tickets to Sesame Street Live in Philly and a Hugs and Kisses Necklace by Lisa Leonard Designs.  And my neighbor and blogging buddy Shannon has a cute giveaway over at Muzbee Crazy where you can win a wire fruit basket, bread loaf pan, and a sample box of the new Banana Nut Cheerios.  There will be THREE winners, so check it out.  These giveaways all close tonight.

And finally, if you like the Fashion Question of the Week posts, feel free to send me your fashion questions and I’ll post one a week until we run out again.  Keep in mind, I do not see myself as an authority on the subject; I know what I like and I’m always willing to give my 2 cents, but when I ask these questions I am expecting a great conversation in the comment section. You guys always deliver, and that’s what makes those posts so much fun!!

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  1. I think it is great that you all can get together – a blogger bond! If only you were on the west coast … looks like you girls had a great time!!
    Was a winner announced for the Rain-X giveaway on Reviewsings? I think I missed it somewhere?

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