Weekend’s Almost Over

The weekend’s coming to an end. My parents, who were visiting, went home today.  C is very sad to lose her playmate, her “Gandee” (grandfather).  She said to me just now, “I want them to come down next week.  Cause I love them.”

We had fun shopping. My mom was in the mood to shop, and Nordstrom was having a sale, a dynamite combination! *grin*  C is a born shopper, just like her Mama. She discovered a pair of shoes she loved, and she clopped around in them all over Nordstrom for an hour while Mom and I tried on our own shoes. We ended up buying the ones C picked out, and when it came time to get dressed for church this morning, she came downstairs wearing the shoes and announced that she was wearing them to church today. We got that straightened out right away.

*I* wore the fun new shoes to church.

In other news, R is blossoming.  She can scootch herself around on her bottom in a sitting-up position.  She has also learned to throw her hands up over head when I say, “How big’s my baby?!  Soooooo big!”  And then she just grins from ear to ear and laughs like she is so proud of herself.  She also has cut three teeth this week!

D is 6 going on 12 these days. He’s such a little man. His legs are strong and shapely and tan. Grammie bought him a pitch-back, and he’s in heaven out there, throwing the baseball into the net and catching it. It beats throwing it against the side of the house, which is how he was practicing his throwing and catching before. When he’s not outside, he is reading like a 1st grader and doing 3rd grade math for fun. Doesn’t take after me, that’s for darn sure!

I managed to stick to my diet this weekend despite the date night and the homemade biscuits my mom whipped up for lunch today, and I’m now within 3 pounds of my pre-baby weight. YAY ME!

So other than WWIII breaking out in Israel, life is good.

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  1. I hate to have to disagree with you, but air conditioning is no SMALL blessing. It’s a pretty big one!!! Glad you had fun with your parents!

  2. I love it when they are at the age that they throw their hands in the air when you say “So Big”!No AC here in Maine. I am just soaking up all of this glorious heat. Winter is right around the corner…

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