Well, DANG.

I was hoping she could avoid this.  Where are her parents, is what I want to know.

I haven’t seen the pictures.  I’m hoping that they’re not as bad as it sounds.  But then again, I always try to think the best of people.  To a fault, at times. 

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10 thoughts on “Well, DANG.

  1. The sad thing is that her father was with her and is in some of the pix. I worked from home today and got to see all of the talk show fodder around this – what a shame!

  2. I didn’t find the naked back that disturbing. What I found offensive was the obvious freshly ahem’d hair and make-up that she was sporting. Yes, she made a mistake. Her parent’s made a mistake. However, I feel that Annie Leibovitz should accept the brunt of the blame. She suggested the photos and coerced a 15 year old child into posing for what AL thought were artistic. If an unknown male photographer had taken those pictures, he’d be up on child pornography charges faster than you could say Pete Townsend was framed.

  3. Methinks you are tapping in to something controversial 😉

    Why HM and her teenage topics have been deemed acceptable and even welcomed and adored by mothers of 7-9 year olds everywhere is simply beyond me. One merely has to look at her predecessors to know where it was all headed.

  4. Why on earth would you pose for a picture with just a sheet draped over you? Especially if you are only 15? Surely you could see that might be a little provocative?

    That’s the problem, I think…teens often make poor choices but celebrities’ mistakes are out there for all to see and criticize.

  5. They’re not as bad as one is tempted to think given the “racy” and “provacative” label they’ve been given. The talk show stuff about it I’ve heard this morning is that the photographer tends to always photograph this way, and that really, they should have all just known better. But I personally don’t think they’re that racy, per se. The only thing you see is her back. Really, to me, she looks uncomfortable.

    I just think she’s got to be more careful, and she’s learned her lesson.

  6. I have to agree with Kim and Debby.. they were not that racy or provacative as one would think of such a thing.. and she does look very uncomfortable. I think her parents(who were there during the photo shoot) should be beat.. I mean who in there right mind lets there 15 year old daughter do such photos anyways.. and what Debby said about annie Leibovitz and AL I have to totally agree with.. My very 1st thought was in the real world this would be child porn and he would be in jail.. For the love of Pete she is only 15 years old and they Had her pose that way.. isn’t there laws about such things. I think this would be a totally different topic if she and her boyfriend was doing these pictures.. then you mark it up as stupid teenagers making mistakes… but honestly.. her parents were there, there were professional adults there all telling her to do this.. What ARE these people thinking..

  7. I don’t think they are racy.. ??? She should not have had to apologize. Her parents maybe, but not her.

    I think she is a pretty good girl, and she only does what ANY girl who is in her position would do: eat it all up and try to be cool.

    It is hard enough to be a teen, but sheesh, when everyone is watching you… it must be even harder.

    I do hope she doesn’t screw up like others have and turn into a hard living woman. But I am hoping the best for her. She has a decent shot if she can come out and apologize for something like that. I thought that was pretty grownup of her!

  8. The Vanity Fair pictures weren’t too bad, but not too great. I think she and her family would have remained totally fine with them if she hadn’t put the stupid MySpace pictures up. The VF pictures suddnely seem much more of a risk to them, and they’re freaking. Especially since the one of her on her dad’s lap looks an awful lot like the one of her on the boy’s lap.

    She’s a teenager, and teenagers do stupid things. Hopefully it will be a wakeup call for her before she goes farther down the stupid gang plank. In the meantime, hopefully it will also be a wake up call to parents of young kids. Occasional HM or HSM or whatever is fine, sure, but you need some limits. Because the show may be Disney, but that don’t mean squat. The stars are still spoiled teenagers who will more than likely act out in public where your kid can see. It’s probably best to limit your child’s fascination before that happens.

  9. Ok, I didn’t see the actual VF pics, I guess. I only saw the pics of the photo shoot in progress.

    I take it back. She SHOULD be ashamed, and I am glad she apologized. But her PARENTS. They should REALLY be ashamed. ASHAMED!!

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