What Does Your Desktop Look Like?

Daniel at Daily Blog Tips wants to see what your desktop looks like.

I confess that my desktop only looks this good, well, when I decide to take a picture to reveal to the World Wide Web.  But hey, it’s as good a reason as any to clean.  Now if I could only keep it this way.

So this is where all the musing happens. 

Let’s see your work station.

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  1. I’m not playing this game. Mine’s not cute or fun at all and it looks like a tornado of papers.

    But, yours is cute!


  2. I blog at the kitchen counter mostly. Or in bed with the laptop on my lap. I don’t even HAVE a workstation! Or a desk. But the coffee (or my pillow) is nearby and BONUS! I’m only 4 steps away from the laundry room.

  3. I’d take a picture of my desktop and share, but it wouldn’t be fair. I only keep the laptop on my desk. Everything else, and I do mean everything, is on a shelf in a kitchen cabinet. I usually clean it out when it starts to fall on me. Oh, wait, that’s not true, then I simply stack in on the microwave!

  4. Cute! I don’t have a workstation anymore. LOL I sold it this morning as we are getting new bedroom furniture. You’ll have to check out my blog in a couple of weeks for pics as the bed and nightstands are coming January 24. So now my computer is on the kitchen table. ROFL

  5. Oh,I thought you meant your computer desktop…like the wallpaper.


    Mines a laptop. So right now my workstation is my legs. Not going to post THAT!

  6. I have a laptop also, so I am always on the move. However, I need a mom/workstation for all my mom work (i.e. the million of forms I need to sign for my kids etc..). I love that workstation desk thingy, what-ever you call it! It’s ideal, where did you get it?

    I need one!!!!!!
    Lost in the paperwork…….Sandy

  7. When you first said “desktop” I thought you meant the monitor screen when no windows are open! lol. THAT I would show you. The actual top of our desk- not so much!

  8. I also use a laptop right now and blog in my den on my lap or on an ottoman, while the kids are playing around me or napping. My desk is for scrapbooking. I like the family pic at your workstation.

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