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What I Wore Lately Vol. 32

Well, friends, it’s Wednesday, and you know what that means! It’s time for What I Wore Lately — a roundup of my daily outfits from the past week.

This week has been a casual one… I guess they all are anymore, but I do have an outfit evolution that is a bit all over the place. At the very least, it’s a frivolous distraction from more serious matters at hand.

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and 135 pounds-ish, with a slight hourglass shape. Unless I say otherwise, I’m wearing a 6/28 in pants/jeans, a small in tops, a 6 in dresses/jumpsuits, and size 8 shoe.


Starting with last Wednesday, it was cold and rainy, and I was working from home all day. I ended up wearing a pair of comfy, familiar skinnies with my thickest Barefoot Dreams cardigan and cozy UGG boots.

This cardigan was an #NSale purchase… you’re going to see that’s a bit of a theme in this post. I wear it almost every morning when I got up — I throw it on over my pajamas and wear it until I go back upstairs to get dressed.

It is just sooo soft and cozy. It’s like putting on a hug. Unfortunately, they did not restock this one, so I linked to the entire category of Barefoot Dreams cardigans below.

Barefoot Dreams cardigans // white tee // similar jeans // UGG Quincy boots // specs

Thursday was yet another cold, rainy day, but I had to go out so grabbed my Sorels to keep my feet warm and dry.

I also got to finally break out my favorite #NSale sweater. This one is a Vince, and I love the speckled knit, the narrow v-neck, the subtle raglan sleeve… and it’s so cozy.

The material is 67% wool, 30% nylon, 3% alpaca, but it isn’t itchy at all. Best of all, it’s supposedly machine washable. I’m wearing my usual size small.

Vince sweater // AG jeans // Sorel Slimpack boots // Kendra Scott earrings and necklace

I got my hair cut and colored on Friday, but unfortunately I was not dressed this nicely to go to the salon. I went straight from my workout, and I was wearing leggings and a hoodie and the same Sorel boots from the day before.

When I got home, I put on makeup and got dressed. I haven’t worn these AGOLDE Toni straight leg jeans very much lately, but I’m trying to branch out and not wear skinnies every day.

I threw on my white leather Vejas and this pink Vince sweater (yes, another Vince #NSale purchase… usually I limit myself to one, but this year I confess, I went a little off the rails… I blame Covid stress.)

Vince sweater // AGOLDE jeans // Veja sneakers // Lagos earrings // Lucky Brand necklace (old – can’t find a link)

We went out to dinner with friends on Saturday night, and I took the opportunity to wear the new AllSaints leather jacket I scored on a big sale a few weeks ago.

This jacket has been on my radar for a few years. Everyone who has one raves about the quality and fit, and they say they have them forever, but the price tag has always given me pause.

Well, this oxblood color went on major markdown when Nordstrom was doing a flash sale a few weeks ago, and I popped it into my shopping cart… Let’s call it research. I was truly curious to see what all the hype is about.

So yeah, it really is everything it’s cracked up to be. The leather is amazing, and the fit and attention to detail are on point. I know how much I wear my taupe suede and black leather moto jackets, and I feel like this oxblood color will be really versatile in my my closet.

I first put it on over a black v-neck sweater with my grey jeans, and I threw on my black rag & bond Margot booties out of habit. These have been my go-to black leather heeded booties for several years.

But altogether, I felt like it looked a little too tough for my comfort level. This jacket has a lot of hardware, and the boots are pretty sassy.

Plus, it pains me to say this, because I love these booties SO much, but that little dip in the front is beginning to look dated to me. So, I switched them out for the AGL flats.

I don’t usually wear flats on “date night” but I think it was a good swap in this case.

They have more of a ladylike silhouette, but the small silver studs tie into the hardware on the jacket. I felt comfortable but still stylish and a little extra special.

Here’s a view from behind.

I like how the sweater adds a luxe element to the look, and the grey jeans aren’t as harsh as black but a little more tough or rugged or something than blue jeans. (These from Express are similar.)

I’m actually thinking of wearing this outfit or some variation of it for our family pictures today.

To get the look for less, I found a few options. Nordstrom Rack has is a similar AllSaints moto in Oxblood on sale, and there is this Walter Baker option too.

Abercrombie has this vegan leather moto jacket in a very similar shade of burgundy, and French Connection has one too.

And I found this faux suede moto jacket on sale at LOFT; the plum raisin looks really close to this oxblood brown.

AllSaints jacket (more sizes at Bloomies) // black sweater // grey jeans (similar for less) // AGL flats // Lagos earrings and necklace // similar belt

Sunday was church, and yet again… rain. (We got a reprieve on Saturday, thankfully! It was Halloween, of course.) I hadn’t looked at the forecast, so I put together this outfit with white jeans and light grey suede booties.

I love it, but I realized the folly of my ways and switched into blue jeans and more durable leather booties before leaving the house. It’s a good thing I did because it was pouring when we left church.

I didn’t get a picture until we got home, and my hair was all flattened out from the rain. Oh, well!

By the way, this sweater is 50% off today!

blue turtleneck // white jeans // grey booties // blue jeans // taupe booties

I also added this Victoria Emerson boho cuff… isn’t it adorable!?  I really hate that word when referring to a grown woman (or her accessories) but it seems appropriate in this case.

For some reason, I can’t find it on their site. Blergh. Hopefully it will turn up.

Okay, so this is me getting ready to go to the mall on Monday. Saddle up, cowgirls. This is one long, bumpy ride.

I really wanted to wear those Vince Chelsea boots. It was a cold day, and I’m determined to figure out how to make them work.

I think I shot myself in the foot, so to speak, by trying to wear a sweater that didn’t really work well with these jeans/boot combos. It’s longer than some, and with the side slits and relaxed fit, I don’t like to front-tuck it. It is a really good sweater, though. The color is so pretty for this time of year, it’s soft and stretchy, and the v-neck is flattering.

But it is not helping matters. You’ll see as we go along.

First, I tried this sweater with my AG Prima jeans and the now infamous Vince Henderson boots.

This is a jeans/boot combo I had been wanting to try, and I thought the sweater would work because the colors look good together.

This is actually not horrible. The jeans are a super dark wash so they sort of blend into the black boots, so the fact that the sweater is on the longer side doesn’t bother me so much. I look more balanced than if I was wearing lighter jeans to chop up the look.

And the jeans hang straight and cover the boots without getting caught on the shaft.

For some reason, I must not have quite liked it, or maybe I just wanted to see what they looked like cuffed above the boots. I don’t remember for sure.

But from the side, it sort of works, but I think it looks really doofus front-on.

I think the issue is how narrow the boot shaft is. it looks funny to me. If I end up wearing these jeans with these boots, I won’t cuff them.

Next, I tried the AGOLDE Toni — a similar style to the AG Prima, but a little shorter.

These have a 26″ inseam with a 12″ leg opening and a 10″ front rise; and the AG Prima has 29″ inseam with a 12″ leg opening and a 9″ front rise.

They are just enough shorter to get caught on the tab at the back of the boot when I walk and move around


Otherwise, they’re okay, I guess. Would it bug you that they get hung on that tab?

Then I remembered that I wanted to try them with the rag & bone Dre boyfriend jeans again, so I threw those on and cuffed them.

For anyone keeping score, these jeans have a 27″ inseam with a 13″ leg opening and 9 1/2″ front rise.

They work, I guess, but the whole outfit would be more balanced with a shorter top.

Also, my legs look cold. I just ordered some Smartwool socks to wear with my boots this winter. I got the black and the natural.

Then, for kicks and giggles, I decided to try them un-cuffed. I was curious to see how they would look worn this way, b/c I always cuff them.

They look okay, but the whole outfit looks sloppy to me.

Again, I really should have tried a shorter sweater. I was so fixated on trying these boots with all the jeans, and I didn’t want to bring another variable into the equation — but the top is a very important variable.

Just to prove the front tuck looks ridonkulous with this sweater…

By this time, I was ready to go to the mall, and I wasn’t in love with any of the above outfits, so I pulled on the off-black Good American jeans that I love so much. I feel like these two colors look soooo good together.

We’ve already determined I don’t like these jeans with the Vince Henderson boots, but I had to see them again.

Yep, still hate it.

By then I was frustrated and just wanted to get going, so I decided to ditch the boots altogether, and I grabbed my P448 sneakers with the python accents.

I swear, I may just end up wearing nothing but sneakers until spring, at this point.

Now, any normal person would have been done here. I could have easily thrown on a coat and taken off for the mall.

But no, I am a glutton for punishment.

I remembered the AllSaints sweater from the #NSale that is a similar color. I haven’t worn it yet, and I decided to give it a try to see if I liked it with these jeans and sneakers. And that set me off in a whole other direction.

I just cannot decide if I like this sweater or not.

I mean, I love the quality, and the color and attention to detail. But I just never care much for the way tunic-length tops and sweaters hang on me. They look much better on smaller-chested women, but I do get tired of all of my sweaters being so similar. This one is fun for a change.

I wasn’t 100% sold on it, so I thought I’d try my grey Frame skinnies — they’re an inch longer than the Good Americans, and every inch helps extend the line of the leg, especially when wearing a longer top.

I dunno… do these look any better? I kinda like both options.

And yet, I decided to try one more thing… the Marc Fisher Yale Chelsea boots.

I’ve worn them with these grey Frame jeans before, and I thought they might balance out the sweater.

This looks okay too. I think it’s the sweater that I’m still doubting.

So I decided to try one more thing. It was a cold day, and I wanted to see how the longer sweater would look with tall boots over the skinny jeans.

I like it better from the side… not really loving it from the front.

Then I started thinking about what coat I was going to wear over that long sweater, and I couldn’t quite get excited about any of these outfits.

So I did what I always do when I’m frustrated and out of time, and I just want to get on my way and feel comfortable. I went with familiar territory.

This is what I ended up wearing to the mall.

Yep, I even ditched the Madewell sweater.

I actually want to style that for an upcoming sponsored post, so pretend you’ve never seen it before, m’kay?

Kidding, it’s fine if I style something you’ve seen before. I guess I just like to keep an element of surprise.

Vince textured sweater (#NSale 2019) // grey Frame skinnies // P448 sneakers

Whew! That was a doozie. You can’t say I didn’t warn ya.

So that brings us to yesterday… I wore my running clothes to vote first thing in the morning, and then I did go for a 3-mile run afterwards.

I didn’t want to do my hair because I have a photo shoot today and I knew I’d be doing it all over again, so I just stuck it up in a pinch clip and showered off and put on some light makeup to spend the rest of the day at home.

Since the AGOLDE Tonis were still out from the day before, I threw them on, along with this rust hoodie and of course my P448s.

I like the rust top paired with the medium wash blue jeans, and I decided to give my skinnies a rest, for the sake of variety.

But my desire for variety clearly ended when I chose my sneakers. Oh, well. At least I can say my cost per wear is pennies at this point.

Treasure & Bond hoodie // AGOLDE Toni // P448 sneakers // necklace // similar earrings

And that’s a wrap. I’ve got to get moving, or I’ll be late for our photo shoot.

I hope you all are hanging in there. Take care, and be safe!

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49 thoughts on “What I Wore Lately Vol. 32

  1. I love the blue sweater & white jeans & especially the handbag! I don’t see the information on them. Maybe I’m overlooking them? 

  2. You make me laugh with all the clothes changes to go to the mall….I can’t imagine what is going to happen today when you try and get ready for your family pictures lol.
    BTW I really like the Vince Henderson boots and think they look best with uncuffed jeans…just my thoughts – I mean you are the expert and I’m certainly not but I think you are overthinking them. Not as crazy about the Marc Fisher boots – there’s something about them that just always doesn’t look quite right.

    1. Well I’m not really much of an expert. I just spend way too much time over analyzing fashion. 🤣

      And would you believe? No outfit changes for family pictures. I decided a few days ago what I wanted to wear. The mall thing was partially for the blog… I would have thrown on that final outfit first thing if I hadn’t wanted to experiment with the jeans/boots. In fact I’d probably wear that 3 days a week if it weren’t for What I Wore Lately. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. Wow! You are amazing in what you do for us. I truly appreciate all your comments and evolution of an outfit. Often when I am not “feeling” an outfit, I just change the whole thing, but you show how sometimes changing one item can “fix” it. And thanks for the break from the news!
    If I ever have a chance to wear “real” clothes again, I got some great ideas from you (love, love the blue sweater, white jeans). These days I just work at the computer all day (trying to get breaks in for yoga and a walk), every day so, my bottoms are yoga pants (maybe joggers), but dressed nicely on top (and makeup and hair done).
    You inspired me to start purging my closet. Have 2 large bags of sweaters to donate (I have a problem getting rid of sweaters I don’t wear), and next free afternoon I will start on my work-out clothes and jeans/leggings. It is a work in progress!
    Cannot wait to see the results of the family photo shoot. I bet you all will look wonderful!

  4. I absolutely love the All Saints moto jacket! I have had my eye on it forever, too. So tempted to purchase it at the Rack.

    And, yes, the tab of the boots, catching on the back of the jeans would drive me crazy! Even though, I think the boots look pretty good with the Agolde jeans.

  5. Love these posts! IMO it seems skinnies aren’t center stage anymore. Higher shaft booties paired with wider/ straighter leg jeans with higher rise seem to the trend. I have also noticed the higher shaft booties look best with less stretchy jeans. I so appreciate you sharing your try on’s, makes me feel less crazy when I can’t get an outfit quite right. Thank you for keeping it real!

    1. Yes, you are right on all points. My problem is, I just don’t love the new wider/straighter pants on me. I keep thinking my eyes will adjust, but they aren’t cooperating. Ha! Is this how people get stuck in a rut with their fashion? Or will this trend pass and something more flattering will come along that I can embrace? 🤔

  6. Another great post! That original church outfit looked AH-MAZ-ING on you! Now, on to the AllSaints rust sweater.😉 You could wear it and look fabulous, but really, I think you should return it. It’s just too much work, and doesn’t look as beautiful as all of the other sweaters you wear, in my humble opinion. If you keep it, I preferred it with the longer, gray jeans. 

  7. Bless you for the frivolity this morning, Jo-Lynne. Please, please, please don’t give up looking for the right pair of jeans to wear with the Vince boots. I have them in black and I LOVE the look and the comfort level. But I still haven’t found the right jeans to wear them with. The boots were spendy enough that I don’t want them sitting in the closet. And thanks for sharing what you go through to get an outfit right. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who does it. I don’t love the All Saints sweater– I think it’s a combo of the length and the high neckline. I love the color, though. I’m so short-waisted that I gravitate to sweaters with a loose band at the bottom. I’ve bought the Banana Republic sweaters for years for that reason. I’m considering returning my one of my 2 Chelsea 28 sweaters from the Nordy sale because even sizing down, they are very relaxed with a lot of hem bagging at the bottom.

    1. Yes, same! Love the look and the comfort and the functionality for our messy winters. But like you, the price is too high to let them sit, so I’m hoping I can figure them out. I go through this every few years when styles start to evolve, so I’m sure I will work it out. Or at least I hope so. I wish I liked the straight silhouette on me more.

  8. I rarely comment…but those longer sweaters really do not flatter you and look somewhat dated. I understand wanting some variation in your closet, but think you should stick with the shorter sweaters. Perhaps try more patterned sweaters?

  9. I don’t love the All Saints sweater, especially for the price. Looking at the assorted looks, I like you better in a shorter sweater. And while I know you love the color, and the color looks fine on you, I also like you better in other colors (which doesn’t mean I wouldn’t wear a sweater in that color, but I wouldn’t pay as much money for it). As for the Vince boots….can I admit that I just don’t love them? They look fine with a variety of looks (side note about the tab of the boot messing with the jeans – that would bug me), but I don’t love them with anything. I’m sure they are great boots, and it could just be a matter of personal taste, but I like the pointy toed boots better. I love the light colored Vince sweater – wish the blue one came in my size!

    1. I guess you know by now the Vince sweater is available, since you tipped me off. (I updated my post.) I think you’d love it. It’s so cozy and easy to wear, and I love that it’s machine washable.

      As for the Vince boots, I do really love them. (But of course, you can totally admit that you don’t.) 🙂 I think they’re gorgeous, plus they’re so comfortable and waterproof and the heel and lug sole are practical for me. I feel the NEED to make them work. but I hear ya, I like the Marc Fisher pair too.

  10. Friend, could it be….. it’s time to give that all saints rust colored sweater back to Nordstrom? It’s certainly a different silhouette for you and you always seem to realize you can do better. I’ve got the same Vince boots sitting in my closet…in the original box… unused. I’m not sure they’re meant to be for me, but of course, it’s only just now time to start wearing them where I live. So I’ll hang on to them for a while and see if I grab them.

  11. Thanks for the Ann Taylor sale alert. I bought the sweater in yellow ❤️❤️❤️  I bought both the small and medium to see what fits better. Jeans and a sweater are my comfort zone too. Great post! 

  12. We live in NC but are in PA with family this week and the weather is absolutely perfect for family pictures! Hope you can share the picture you end up choosing. 

  13. Hope your family photo shoot goes well! Curious what you all end up wearing…. Inquiring minds would love to know!😉
    The oxblood moto jacket is absolutely gorgeous! Good investment. Gotta say: prefer the front dip booties over the Chelsea boots which seem fussy and nothing seems to go quite right with them. Just my thoughts but what do I know? You are the fashion expert. Makes me sad that they are dated? Have a pair I love. The white jeans/ blue sweater outfit is gorgeous.

    1. We shot the look separately, and I’ll be sharing our family shoot soon! I also still love those Rag & Bone booties and will continue wearing them, but the style isn’t quite as current as some others.

  14. Hi, I have a question about the adorable orange Treasure and Bond hoodie. Is the fit true to size and does it tend to pill? Some reviews weren’t favorable but I like the V-neck and wide band for something a little different. Good luck with family pix!

    1. It’s TTS and I haven’t had trouble with pilling yet, but I’ve only worn it a few times. It’s not super high quality, but it’s cute and soft and comfy. 🙂 Hope that helps!

  15. The burgundy sweater was the problem all along. I liked the straight legged jeans with the booties. I think it’s funny that you thought your ankles looked cold in the cuffed jeans (too baggy w/ the baggy top IMO) but you didn’t think they looked cold in the sneakers! 🙂
    BUT, I’m a boot-cut lover, so I don’t mind my jeans going over my boots.
    Meanwhile, do you wear the moto jackets inside? Or do you take them off when you get there? Trying to decide if it’s worth if for the few cold days we have here.

    1. LOL, I think it’s b/c your ankles are supposed to show in sneakers, but they looked weird to me against the black boots with jeans. I usually take my moto off inside, but it depends on the situation. I did for that dinner.

  16. I agree on the All Saints Sweater, the color is gorgeous but the neck is too high combined with the length. What size do you take in the light colored Vince NSale 2019 sweater? I love it and it’s well stocked at Rack right now.

  17. I really enjoy these. I like the details you give in regards to your decisions and how you make them. I did purchase the pink Vince sweater. You have turned me into a Vince fan, for sure. 
    I am in agreement with everyone about the All Saints sweater. The only time I wear a long, baggy sweater like that is at home with leggings. I don’t buy that type of sweater anymore. 
    I loved the blue Ann Taylor sweater, especially with the white jeans. I will probably purchase it. 
    As for the boots, I would probably wear them with a longer straight leg jean, where the pant leg would just slide over the shaft. 
    I liked some of the ways you styled them, but understand how it is when you just don’t like something or you’re just not feeling it. The tab would drive me crazy. 

    1. Hey Patt, glad I made a new Vince fan! 🙂 Yes, the boots do look good that way, I found a pair yesterday that work well with them. And I think a few of mine are okay (the AG Prima, mainly) but I’m still struggling with the overall look.

  18. I’m sitting in a deer stand now, so my laughter had to be silent.  What a fun post!  You see, it does me a lot of good to be reminded that you don’t love everything you put on, either.  And that, like me, you have your old faithfuls that you fall back on at times.  I hope the family photo shoot went well & that the weather is as beautiful as it is down here.  Have a great night!

  19. Have you ever tried the tunic length sweaters with leggings? That seems to be trending (I’m seeing other bloggers styling it and stores are featuring tunic lengths again- which I love on my body type.) You look good in shorter sweaters though; maybe that is the better style on your body type? 
    Those boots seem to be a pain in the arse for you! I actually liked them better with the longer straight leg jean over them. But I like a boot cut over boots though. (That sounds funny!) The rolled up cuff looked wrong and just didn’t flatter you (as you saw too). It might be time to cave and give up the struggle to make them work. 

    1. Yeah, I did try this one with leggings back when I bought it. I really don’t like leggings on me. My legs are long and skinny, and the tunics make me look top heavy and shapeless. It just doesn’t flatter me.

      I’m close to giving up, but I did try them with a few new pairs of jeans yesterday… lol! I think I found a pair that work, but the reality is, I don’t care for the silhouette on me.

  20. I like the leather jacket you are wearing here so I thought that maybe just maybe Nordstrom.ca would offer it to their Canadian customers. Well it is offered but at FULL PRICE “sigh”. I suppose it is progress to see an item on the Canadian Nordstrom site ….now if they could just offer me the Sale price like you got that would be nice. I am still wishing for the Vince green with navy stripe sweater but apparently Vince made that for the NSale and Nordstrom chose not to offer it to Canadians….this means I will never find it offered by any other company…..I am still open to buying a Large from anyone who bought it and has since decided they don’t want it…..

  21. I love the What I Wore posts!! It shows real life issues. I go thru the same thing most days. And you’ve made some interesting points about what works on certain body types. It’s making me think about what I’ve chosen at times. Keep up the good work!!

  22. Love love the pastel blue with white jeans…makes me think of snowflakes & ski lodges.
    You did a white jean/pastel pink a few years back that was a nice break from all the dark clothing of wintery cold.

  23. My two cents…I think the Henderson boots are too big and clunky looking with no shape and the All Saints sweater is big on you and the drop shoulders look funny (not a fan of dropped shoulders on us endowed women). I love when you go through a thought process with clothes…when I do this, my husband is so confused and I think he thinks me bonkers! 🙂

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