What I Wore Lately Vol. 84

Happy hump day, friends! We’re plodding through another week over here.

Meanwhile, I rounded up what I wore lately to share with you today. I still marvel at the fact that anyone cares what I wear, but here we are!

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually wear a small in tops, a 28 or 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

These pictures start right after we got home from our short vacation to Maine. The day after we arrived home, I took Becca to a nearby university to drop her off for a week of marching band camp. As you can see, I hadn’t even unpacked yet. I threw on this lilac slub tank and white jeans.

ATM tee (M) // Mother Insiders (29; option) // Tory Burch sandals (8) // Lagos earrings

The next day was church, and I wore a different pair of white jeans and my new sweater vest. I love this mix of neutrals.

Evereve sweater vest c/o (S) // Good American jeans c/o // Dolce Vita sandals c/o (7.5) // Kate Spade earrings // VE bracelet c/o // similar crossbody

I spent most of that afternoon by the pool.

Robin Piccone coverup (S) // Tommy Bahama tankini (& bikini bottoms) // Tory Burch sandals (8) // Vera Bradley towel

I had some errands to run on Monday, and I threw on this comfy outfit.

Lazy Lake Daze tee (M) // Citizens Isola c/o (29; option) // Born sandals (8) // LV Graceful PM // Lucky Brand earrings // VE bracelet c/o

I met a friend for dinner that night, so I changed into a more elevated top and sandals. I also swapped out my jewelry to silver.

Frame linen tee (S) // Citizens Isola c/o (29; option) // Tory Burch sandals (8) // Nordstrom earrings // Evereve necklace // VE bracelet c/o // similar bag

This is an old Treasure & Bond tank that I keep because it’s so soft and comfortable. I love how it’s slouchy and doesn’t cling to any lumps and bumps but still allows me to get sun on my shoulders and arms. You know how some things you can’t really explain why you love them so much, you just do? That is how I feel about this tank, lol. I also have it in black.

Treasure & Bond tank (old) // AG shorts (29; similar for less) // Born sandals (8) // Lagos earrings

Last Wednesday, I wore this to my dermatologist for a glycolic acid peel (thus the lack of makeup.) I had a mani/pedi appointment after that, so I swallowed my pride and went looking like this.

I thought about bring makeup with me and putting it on between appointments, but it’s really best to let your skin breathe after a peel, so that’s what I did.

Evereve tank c/o (S) // Mother Insiders (28) // Tory Burch sandals (8) // LV Graceful PM // Nordstrom earrings // similar necklace // VE bracelet from my new collection… coming soon!

I wore this outfit to Becca’s marching band demonstration, for the culmination of band camp. It was really hot and humid, and we were in the sun. I was so sweaty and gross by the time I got home, but this outfit ended up being fairly cool and comfortable… all things considered.

LOFT tee (S) // WHBM shorts (6) // Tory Burch sandals (8) // Kendra Scott earrings // similar necklace

I met a friend for lunch last Saturday, and I considered wearing this jumpsuit. You may remember, I styled it last spring in Florida with block heeled sandals. I thought it might be cute cuffed with casual flat sandals, and it is…

Cloth & Stone jumpsuit c/o (size S) // Dolce Vita sandals (8) // similar necklace

But the top does this funky thing in the front. It just doesn’t lay right, no matter what I tried to do or where I placed the waistband. I this is one item that actually fit better before my surgery, when I had more of a chest to fill up the top.

I decided to change into this dress instead, and I felt much better in it. Plus, we ate outside, and this was cooler for the Philly heat and humidity.

Evereve dress c/o (M) // Tory Burch sandals (8) // LV Graceful PM // Kendra Scott necklace // Kendra Scott earrings // VE bracelet (another one from my collection… coming soon!)

I wore my Eileen Fisher tank dress to church on Sunday and out to eat afterwards.

Eileen Fisher tank dress (XS) // Vince Cauto sandals (8) // LV Graceful PM // Evereve earrings c/o // VE bracelet c/o

When we got home, I changed into pajamas for the rest of the night. I took a picture because these are on sale. I have this Drinks On Me print as well as the Tropical Blue, and both are marked down to $29.99.

Soma tank crop set (size S)

Monday was a lazy day, but I took a picture anyway because I love these Vuori joggers in the Dogwood Heather. Also, this tee is the softest thing. I’ve had it for years, and it’s still in great shape.

Splendid tee (M) // Vuori joggers c/o (M) // On Cloud sneakers (8.5)

I wore this outfit again yesterday. I didn’t really go anywhere, except for a workout appointment earlier, but I wanted to feel like I looked somewhat put together after being so schlumpy the day before.

Lazy Lake Daze tank (M) // Citizens Isola c/o (29; option) // Born sandals (8) // diamond studs

And that’s it for the past two weeks! At this point in the season, these posts start to get very repetitive, but I hope it’s still somewhat helpful… not sure I dare say interesting, ha!

I confess, sometimes I get dressed with this post in mind. Otherwise you would see a lot more repeat outfits, as I’m content to wear the same few things over and over. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see me play around with from the items in my closet.

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35 Responses

  1. I feel the same way about the Treasure & Bond tank. I have 3 of them (including that grey one). I bought that Lazy Lake Daze tank and I love it, except for one thing. It is so short! It doesn’t look that way on you. I also bought a different one (same brand – Chaser?) one size up, but the arm holes are much bigger, and the length is MUCH longer. Like ridiculously longer. Almost makes me wonder if it’s a medium, mismarked, but comments did suggest that it ran big, unlike the other one.

    How do you like the CofH Isolde as compared to the Mother Insiders? I like the look of them.

  2. Totally off topic from todays outfits but…I purchased the Spanx skinny black, seam back pants and I’m so undecided whether to keep them. They fit, but they are soooo tight. Do you own them? are they comfortable or does that tightness remain an issue. They are pricey and I purchased hoping to rid myself of about 5 other cheaper pair of ponte black pants.

    1. I still have them but I wear the Vince crop pants more. I sized up in the Spanx, and I don’t find them too tight. I mean, they do have a legging-like fit, but they aren’t uncomfortable.

    2. Sharon. I too was undecided last year on the spanx pants. I sized up but they still are not a loose type fitting pant but I like them with alittle longer blouse or shirt and even blazer. I like them even though not loose. I still would like a looser pair in my closet. Mine were on sale that year too at the Nsale so just kept them. They are not uncomfortable at all, just fitted.

  3. Thanks, Jo-Lynne.

    I always enjoy these posts and find them helpful, especially since I do tend to wear the same thing over and over. (You know it’s bad when Hubby starts to comment!) For the easiest dessert ever, I suggest the Tuxedo cake from Costco. It’s quite a treat!

  4. I love your ‘what I wore lately’ posts the most. It shows what your wardrobe is like in real life. I love your pjs so ordered the pink for myself and the blue for my daughter – we are going on a Caribbean cruise in February. I need to buy my tropical clothes now as I wont be able to find them in January!
    I also have purchased the EF dress in the raspberry and I’m stocking up the basic tees that you wear and looking at some shorts as well.

  5. Like others, I adore these posts! What Jean shorts are you wearing with the Treaure & Bond tank? Love the wash.

  6. I have a few tops in my closet that I’ve had for years that are so dang comfortable to wear, that no matter the age of them, they will remain in my closet until their age is visible. The lavender sleeveless tee is so pretty. Since the Cloth and Stone jumpsuit fits you differently now, are you going to keep it in your closet? Enjoy the time with your cherished friends tonight!

  7. I thought you looked great in the jumpsuit until you pointed out that issue! My go to dessert in summertime is angel food cake (store bought) with lemon curd and fresh berries. Easy, light, and refreshing!

  8. I sometimes buy good quality vanilla bean ice cream or sorbet, top with blue berries, add some Grand Mariner on top and put in a Pirouette chocolate stuffed cookie stick. It couldn’t be easier or quicker. I put it in a cute stemmed sorbet cup. It’s a prefect finish to a filling meal on a hot day.
    My favourite outfit is the second one – a blend of neutral. It’s very classy while still being somewhat casual.

  9. You look great in all of these outfits. Great job. I got this late so you probably already have a dessert figured out. I saw a recipe on TV for strawberry s’mores. I’m going to try them this weekend when my kids come. 🙂 I LOVE the navy borne sandals. Since I’ve received them I wear them all the time. They really go with so many of my things in my closet. Love the look and sooo comfy. Thanks for sharing. I received the N sale Good American straight leg jeans. Loved them for the color, style but the high waist doesn’t work for me. They hang wrong in the crotch and when I sit it sticks out there. They fit great everywhere else. Disappointing. Does this mean I’m short waisted?. I just seem to have this problem if I go higher that 10” or so. Having hard time finding jeans to fit in the new style legs. I’m 5’3” 120lbs so shouldn’t be a problem. Lol. Enjoy your friends from out of town. Hard to see good friends move.

  10. You are so pretty! You still look lovely and polished/put together when you have on no makeup! As far as an easy delicious dessert goes, my favorite go-to in the summer is Angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries. So easy, cool, and GOOD!

  11. Oh Jo-Lynne…….your face in the picture with the jumpsuit! I thought it was so cute and I immediately wanted to buy it, that is, until I scrolled down and saw the waist! What the heck! Why don’t we notice that when we buy an item of clothing!! One time I bought a skirt and I looked in the three way mirror and thought I was happy with it. When I went to wear it the seam all the way down the side was off. Apparently I didn’t do a good job. Ha ha.

  12. You look good, butI’m amazed that you wear jeans so often in the summer. I’m in PA, and rarely wear jeans in the summer because they are too hot for me. You must keep your house much cooler than mine because I couldn’t stand to wear jeans in my house.

    1. Yeah, I dunno. We keep it around 73 I think. As long as the a/c keeps up, I’m good wearing cropped jeans and sandals and tank top or short sleeves. On the hottest days, like this week, when the a/c can’t keep up and it’s closer to 77 in the house, I put on shorts.

  13. I love the what I wore posts! I appreciate your comments, specially on days you changed your outfits because you say why. It helps me learn. I have an idea for a future post. I don’t have as many jeans as you. I try to limit it to 5. I do one pair white jeans, one pair light wash, one pair medium wash, one dark wash, one skinny pair for boots. So with only 5 jeans and styles changing how to decide which style of Jean for each of my categories or maybe it doesn’t matter and I am over thinking it. I would love a post on if you had to pick only 5 jeans which ones would you pick?!

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