What I Wore Lately Vol. 95

Hi friends! I hope your week is going well and that you’re getting back into the swing of things after the holidays. I’ve rounded up my outfits from the last few weeks, including all my holiday looks.

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually wear a small in tops, a 28 or 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

What I Wore Lately: Two Weeks of Everyday Outfits

These pictures start back the Wednesday before Christmas, and I wore this casual yet festive outfit to my daughter’s high school band Christmas concert. She plays the mallets in both the jazz band concert band, and they are both fantastic. It was a really fun night, and got us all in the Christmas spirit!

LOFT sweater (S) // Mother Weekender (29; option) // Dolce Vita Volli boots (8) // hoops

Apparently I didn’t do much the next day… I think that was the day we had some bad weather, and school was canceled, so I stayed home all day.

Vuori Performance Hoodie (S) // Vuori Performance Jogger c/o (M) // Vuori Energy Top c/o (S) // Veja Esplar (39)

And this was another day with no makeup and casual clothes… I put on jeans for some reason. Maybe I ran out to do some errands.

old Rails sweatshirt // Mother Dazzler (29; option) // P448 sneakers (39)

That brings us to Christmas Eve, and the temps were in the single digits here in Philly. I dug out my coziest cashmere turtleneck, fleece-lined leggings, and Sorel boots to run some errands with Becca.

old Vince sweater // fleece leggings // Sorel boots // The North Face parka (M) // Burberry scarf (budget option) // U|R gloves

That was also Caroline’s birthday, and she requested fondue for dinner, so I used these old fondue recipes I used to make on New Year’s Eve many moons ago.

I guess I’m out of practice, because they did not turn out very good. We didn’t do the meat because it’s such a mess, but I figured the cheese and the chocolate should be easy enough… #famouslastwords. Next year, we’ll pony up and pay for The Melting Pot!

We went to church on Christmas Day, and I wore this burgundy sweater dress from Talbots.

sweater dress (S) // boots c/o (8) // similar bag // similar pearl earrings // Stella & dot bracelet

I changed into a short-sleeve sweater and jeans to open presents after church. It was probably overdressed for it just being the 5 of us, but whatever! I wanted to look nice anyway. Everything I’m wearing here is old, so I don’t have any links.

Later that day, we made Christmas cookies, and by then I had changed into pajamas… the girls were in rare form!

Victoria’s Secret pajamas (S) // Barefoot Dreams sweater c/o (S)

Becca and I went to the mall the next day, and it was still really cold, but I didn’t want to deal with a coat, so I threw on this old cashmere turtleneck and my faux leather puffer vest from last year along with my new-ish Frame Le High Flares.

old puffer vest // Equipment turtleneck (S) // Frame Le High Flare (29) // Vince Henderson Boots (8) // belt // earrings

When we got home, I changed into this sweater hoodie and my Athleta Altitude pants to walk the dog and then hang out at home… I can’t remember why I changed from the turtleneck.

similar cashmere hoodie (budget option) // Athleta Altitude Pants (S) // Balega crew socks // earrings

This is from last Wednesday; I worked from home for most of the day and then met some friends for dinner out.

Vince sweater (similar) // Mother Dazzler (option) // similar mules // similar earrings

I kept the same sweater but switched into flares and boots for dinner.

I also jazzed up my jewelry a bit and added a belt with a front tuck.

Vince sweater (S; similar) // Mother Weekender (29; option) // Dolce Vita boots (8) // belt (option/option) // necklace // hoops // bag

The next day, I was back to this outfit again… If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

similar cashmere hoodie (budget option) // Athleta Altitude Pants (S) // On Cloud sneakers (8.5) // Lagos earrings

I threw on this monochromatic outfit to run errands last Friday.

old Vince sweater // Fidelity Cher (option) // P448 sneakers // Lagos earrings // Yurman necklace

And then this is what I wore to host our Shane family Christmas party that afternoon. I had planned to wear the above outfit and just swap out the sneakers for pumps, but I was too hot in that sweater, so I grabbed this silk tee.

Frame silk tee (option) // Fidelity Cher (28; option) // Marc Fisher pumps (8) // Yurman earrings, necklace & bracelet

That brings us to New Year’s Eve! We were having unseasonably mild weather, so I threw on this cute graphic tee from Evereve last year.

Cheers Tee (S) // Frame Le High Straight (28; darker wash/similar option) // old Vince Camuto mules

And then I changed to host our NYE party that night. I was probably way overdressed, but I figured, why not!?!

sequin top (S) // Vince pants (M) // Marc Fisher pumps (8) // Yurman necklace // Kendra Scott earrings // Stella & Dot bracelet

Here are a few more fun shots from the night… I coerced Paul into getting in the NYE photo frame with me.

And then I had to get a picture with my niece because we were almost twinning. She’s wearing the Sanctuary sequin tee that I tried… it looks better on her!

I’m glad I went with the silver Aqua option. I did consider the black one from Anthro, but when I tried it on, I realized I didn’t care for how it fit.

And I love this one of her and Becca. Caroline and David declined the photo opp… haha!

I didn’t bother to take a picture of my outfit on New Year’s Day. I was planning to go to church, but Caroline made her cinnamon rolls, and I ended up visiting with my in-laws over breakfast before they got on the road to head back home. I spent the rest of the day in activewear, cleaning up the house and working on my Year In Review, and I think I took a walk at some point.

Then yesterday, I threw on leggings and a t-shirt and vest to walk the dog and drive my niece to the airport. (The mess behind me is Paul purging his closet… *cue angels singing*)

Athleta Inlet Vest (S) // Athleta Ascent Seamless Top (S) // Vuori Clean Elevation Legging (M) // On Cloud Training Sneakers (8)

And I guess that’s a wrap! I’m posting this late in the day on Tuesday, rather than my usual Wednesday, so I can send my email newsletter out first thing in the morning, and I don’t have anything to show for myself today. I woke up at 3:30 AM and started working, so I was ready for a nap by 10!

Once I woke up and made some lunch, I figured I wouldn’t bother making myself pretty since I had nowhere to go, and it’s such a dreary day. I’ve been dragging ever since NYE. Hopefully I feel more like myself tomorrow.

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30 Responses

  1. Happy New Year! Kind of a strange question…what kind of phone case are you using? I see the finger strap in the back and I’ve been looking for a case with one (got a new iPhone for Christmas). All the cases I’ve tried are not grippy enough for me so I thought a loop would be helpful. Wondering if it’s still compatible with my Qi wireless charger though.

  2. So wondering about your niece (I think) cute black mules???? Also, LOVE your NYE top but I struggle with length personally cause I feel I must raise my hands a lot and would feel my stomach would show is that the case or is the top longer than it really looks? Along with leopard (ha) I think I’m getting into subtle sparkles lately too. 🙂

    1. It isn’t that short on me. The one my niece is wearing was shorter, that’s one reason I returned mine. It worked for her though. No bellies were bared at my house on NYE, lol!

  3. I love your what I wore posts I’m in the UK & you’ve given me so many great ideas- last year I purchased a grey sweater dress & have already worn it loads! I always look to you for inspiration!
    Thanks so much,
    Amanda x

  4. Happy New Year! I look forward to the next year of you keeping me in style!

    I have a question about leggings. I’ve never worn them out because I’ve always thought they were for the gym or hanging around the house. However, you looked very cute in your shopping outfit! I wouldn’t need fleece lined and I wouldn’t want to spend over $100-ish since I don’t know if I’d like wearing them, is there a pair you’d recommend that holds in all the lumps and aren’t too high waisted (I’m short)? I still have some tops I like that are on the longer side, would it be fashionable to wear them with leggings or is that style outdated?

    Thank you!

    1. I’m not a big fan of leggings, unless they’re worn under a coat, lol. I wore my puffer coat that day, and I wore leggings b/c I thought they might be warmer than jeans. But if you like that look, the 90 Degrees brand is very affordable and does a good pair of leggings: https://amzn.to/3idpL26

  5. Happy New Year, Jo-Lynne!
    In a previous post (that I cannot locate) I believe you mentioned a body shape/style class you took and found helpful. Would you please send that info again?

    1. I’ve done two. Adore Your Wardrobe is much more in depth and personal. Kelly has done an amazing job with this program, and it was a big game changer for me, learning how to dress my unique body – https://bit.ly/AYW2020

      I also did the Everyday Style School courses, and I’ve listed to a bunch of Jen’s podcasts. I really like her take on body types, she is less about rules and more about experimenting and trying new things, and she has lots of great tips for finding your style. https://youreverydaystyle.com/podcast/

      Both are excellent, so you may want to take a look at both and see which resonates most with you.

  6. Hi Jo-Lynne!! Happy New Year!! I live in NC. I wear my all white Addidas all the time. They’re beginning to look like P448’s, I wear them so much. I have not seen really anybody wearing white shoes much in the winter. I was not sure if this is a PA thing or an all over the USA thing. I love my white. Although, I have other colors in mesh I just gravitate to them. Also, why do women and men wear their clothes 3 times too BIG! Just wondering!!

    1. LOL, I don’t know, I haven’t really paid attention to if people are wearing white shoes or not around here, but I like the look in the winter, especially if they have the black accent (like my Vejas).

      Oversized fits are trending, but it’s not really mainstream yet, so I don’t know if you’re seeing that, or just bad fit, lol!

  7. It is very obvious that you know your body type because you look great in everything you put on. I really like what you and your niece wore for NYE. Way to go on Paul purging his closet. I hope that you have a great day! Safe travels to Caroline whenever she heads back to college.

    1. Thanks, Ginger. She is driving back alone this time, so that gives me a whole new set of worries… but she is bound and determined to do it and I’m glad she’s gaining independence and confidence.

  8. I enjoyed viewing all your outfits! The sequin top for New Year’s Eve is never too dressy (unless your living in a cattle barn)!

    1. Ha! That made me laugh. Yeah, I was definitely into the sequins. I threw on the pants rather than jeans at the last minute, and they really elevated the look, but I like it! I didn’t mind being a bit over the top on NYE, especially as the hostess. It was fun for a change!

  9. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    I just checked all your responses from yesterdays post. I didn’t see an answer
    to my two questions, and I know you
    always answer. 🙁 Maybe you missed it?
    I was asking about the brand name of the handbag you were carrying while
    showing the high tech gloves.
    I had also asked if you had a chance to
    try the silver jewelry cleaner I had
    recommended to you?
    Thank you.

    1. You’re right! I did forget to come back to that. 🙂 That bag is Rebecca Minkoff, and I did not try the jewelry cleaner. 🙂 I meant to order it and never did. I did get that sonic cleaner tho.

  10. So far my New Year hasn’t been so great. We got home Wed. after Christmas from my daughters out of town and I got sick the night before, so the drive home over a mountain pass took us 7 hrs. instead of the usual 4. I was miserable with the worst sore throat I’ve ever had and its gone down hill from there. Now 8 days later, I’m still sick and can’t do anything. I’ve tested 2 times to check for covid and thankfully both were negative. I guess it just has to run its course. The last 36 hrs. I had a migraine with it and so I’m really exhausted to say the least today. So, no purging, cleaning up etc. going on around here except for what my husband is helping out with. I am so ready to feel better and get on with life. I haven’t been this sick in a long time. I got sick right after Thanksgiving too, so it doesn’t feel like I’ve had much reprieve in weeks. Thankful for the time I had at Christmas with my adult kids and grandkids. Its always good to see what you wear in real life and I like all your outfits you chose. Have a great day and hope you get more sleep tonight. Sounds like menopause to me.

  11. Such pretty outfits! You can never go wrong with sequins for NYE. I also have to ask about your niece’s black mules. Would love to know the brand. I appreciate your “what I wore” posts, they give me great inspiration for styling. Cheers to you and Happy New Year.

  12. Love all your outfits! The Christmas Day shirt sleeve sweater-is that the Vince cashmere? I have it and love it! Such a classic

  13. Happy New Year! I love the start of a new year, and it’s also my birthday week, so even more shopping fun!! (I received a $30 off coupon from Vuori! I will certainly use that!!) Love the NYE photos! Your photos remind me to wear my Talbots sweater dress soon! I hung it up when it arrived, and it sort of got lost. I like to wear brighter Christmas red in December, but now I’ll break out the wine and burgundy colors.

    1. UPDATE! I did go to the Vuori website from your links and ordered the Halo flare pants in Rosewood Heather! I hope I like them, they have pockets and are NOT joggers (I have too many of them!!).

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