What I Wore This Week

It’s been a while since I did one of these posts, and since I actually went somewhere this week (read: didn’t spend every other day in the same sweatshirt, jeans, and slippers), I figured it was a good time to round up some of my recent outfits!

As an FYI, I post most of my outfits to Instagram — either to my feed or to stories, so if you follow along over there, these probably aren’t new to you, but it’s always nice to have them all in one place, and I can give more details on how they came together in a blog post.

If you aren’t on Instagram and you want some instant outfit inspo, you can always take a look at my Shop My Instagram Page in The Shop — linked in my menu bar at the top of the blog, or in the dropdown on mobile, and on the sidebar graphic.

Okay, so here’s a roundup of some of what I’ve worn over the past couple weeks!

What I Wore // Instagram Lately

For size reference, I’m 5’5″ with an hourglass figure, and I generally range from 135-140#. I usually take a small in sweaters and tops, a 6 or 8 (28 or 29) in pants and jeans, and an 8 in dresses.

FYI, every image below is clickable, taking you to my ShopStyle page with links to everything I’m wearing.

First up, an outfit I wore to church a few weeks back. It’s hard to see the details here, but this is a little more than a basic cashmere turtleneck. It’s a Vince that I snagged on Saks Off Fifth last winter at a deep discount, and the hem and cuffs are set apart in an extra wide rib knit. Of course, it’s long gone, so I did link up some more basic styles in case you’re shopping for a good black turtleneck.

I just paired it with my favorite skinnies and grey suede booties. This is a foolproof color combo that I wear over and over. It could use a fun colored bag — my new red one would be perfect — but sometimes I like to keep it all neutral. Get all details HERE.

I love this casual look with a denim jacket over a cashmere sweater and the black jeans with white sneakers — all sorts of juxtaposition going on here!

The tortoiseshell print hoop earrings add a fun touch as well. Mine are the “B-Leopard” color. Get all the details HERE.

I’ve worn this outfit a couple of times recently — it’s just so easy and chic. This particular day, I went to the mall.

I hate wearing a heavy coat in the mall, so I usually layer up and go with a leather jacket or puffer vest as my top layer. A lot of what I’m wearing is old, but it’s all very basic closet staples that most of us have already. Get all the details HERE.

I was really feeling the neutrals there for a while, wasn’t I?!?

Here’s a rare cardigan moment… haha! I’ve realized that one of the reasons I don’t wear cardigans much is that I don’t have any base layers I like underneath them. Just about every tee I own has a boob pocket, which I always find so awkward under a cardigan because it sort of half shows. I also don’t like the way a short-sleeve tee tends to bunch up in the shoulder area.

I FINALLY found a few tees without the boob pocket, and one is a tank style — perfect for layering under cardigans! The other option is a long-sleeve tee, and I do have one of those, but the neckline is higher than I prefer so I only wear it when it’s really cold out. The tank I love is marked way down, but it is final sale. I recommend sizing up if in between. I tried both sizes and kept the medium.

I’m wearing an XS in this pink sweater, and these jeans fit great and are just $46.

Get these outfit details HERE.

This cheery pink confetti sweater is an Old Navy find. I wish it didn’t have the drop shoulders, but otherwise it’s really cute and has a flattering neckline. It’s also light enough to wear into spring. Plus it’s marked down to $28 plus an extra 30% off that with code MORE.

And these jeans are really good for $65. Unfortunately these boots are super old and no longer available anywhere. They’re UGGs, and they’re so good; I wish they’d bring them back! Get all the details HERE.

We had a rare mild day, so I broke out this striped top and my happy orange loafers.

This top is only $28 at Amazon, and it’s a nice fabric — lightweight and super soft against the skin. It’s true to size; I’m wearing the small. Get the details HERE.

I think you’ve seen this before in a try-on post, but it bears mentioning again because this top is super cute and another affordable Amazon find. I recommend sizing up in this one; I’m wearing a medium. Get the details HERE.

I wore this to church one Sunday, and surprisingly, there are some sizes of this sweater still left! It’s final sale, but it comes down to $45 with promo code GOFORIT. I’m wearing a small, for reference.

These jeans are one of my go-to favorites, and the boots and bag are old so I linked similar. Get all the details HERE.

I wore this to meet a friend for brunch on “Galentine’s Day” and it obviously has just snowed. Even so, it wasn’t terribly cold, so I bypassed a coat and wore my leather jacket and a scarf with this pink sweater and grey jeans. Get all the details HERE.

Here you can see the outfit from a different angle without the scarf. As you can see, the scarf adds a lot, but of course I didn’t wear it (or the coat) inside the restaurant.

Every once in a while, we get a mild day, and I trade in my cozy cashmere for a lightweight sweater and my boots for loafers. I’m super excited that they brought back a similar version of these driving loafers! I also really like the slightly shorter length of these jeans for spring looks.

I wore this to have lunch with my husband on Valentine’s Day. I was coming from my photo shoot, actually, which is why I didn’t wear something dressier. I just kept on the last outfit we shot. I’ve since worn it several times, or a variation of it. For reference, the sweater is a small, and the jeans are a 28.

You can see more of this outfit in this blog post, or just get the shopping details are HERE.

I can’t remember where I wore this, but I love this twist front top. It’s a Gibson piece, so very soft and cozy — great for transition season, under $50, and available in a ton of colors. For size reference, I take the small. Get all the details HERE.

I wore this outfit running errands and hosting a meeting at my house. I actually wear this sweater a lot — probably once or twice a week. I love it so much, AND it just finally went on sale!!! It’s still a bit splurgy but totally worth it for such a nice knit, and the color palette lends itself well to carrying over into spring.

For reference, I take a medium in the Nordstrom Signature brand. Get all details HERE.

I met a friend at the mall the Saturday before I left for Arizona, and it was chilly, but again, I don’t like to wear a coat in the mall, so it was a cozy cashmere sweater and hooded puffer vest to the rescue!

You’ve seen it all before, but I’ll say it again, this vest is one of my best purchases this winter. Get all details HERE.

This is what I wore traveling to Arizona last weekend. Believe it or not, it took me an age to figure out what to wear. Seems crazy, but it just wasn’t coming together. I wanted to be comfortable but look stylish and also wear things I could re-wear while on my trip.

I decided to forego a winter coat and use this leather jacket for my travel days as well as a completer piece for my outfits in Arizona, and even though it was quite cold both here and there, it worked out fine. My suitcase was already over the weight limit, so it turned out to be a good decision! Get the details HERE.

I wore this next look to dinner with some other bloggers I met on this trip. They said they were going casual so I opted for flats, but I still wanted to look like I was going out to dinner and not hanging out at home, so I chose this black ruffle trim blouse and jeans. They ended up in heels and cute jackets, so I could have dressed up more, but I felt fine. This is a good middle-of-the-road outfit. It’s cute and chic and flattering but not over the top.

Also, I’m super excited to tell you this blouse is back on sale! It comes down to $26 with code MORE. LOFT did a great job making it cute and flirty but not too voluminous, and the material feels really nice against the skin. I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this because you can easily dress it up or down. For the sale price, you can’t beat it. I’m wearing the small, for reference. Get all the details HERE.

This is what I wore the main day of the conference and for meetings with brands. I wanted to look chic and put together and like a “fashion blogger” while staying true to myself and my “brand.”

The idea of me as a brand is kind of comical, but in the influencer/fashion blogging space, it is something to consider. I need to represent my personal style and that of my target audience, so the brands I meet with instantly know when they meet me what my blog is about and what my typical “reader” is looking for.

To complicate matters, we are definitely in between seasons, so I didn’t know if I should be wearing spring or winter fashion. I tried to walk the line between spring and winter, comfort and style, classic and edgy… and I think I did a pretty good job, to be honest!

For reference, I have a medium in this jacket, and I absolutely love it. Get all the details HERE.

After a day of meetings with brands, I had some down time so I came back to my room and rested. That night I had a dinner with some of the ShopStyle staff and the other fashion bloggers on the trip. I changed into this leopard blouse, black jeans, and black leather jacket.

I wanted to wear my new beige suede pumps, but I kept walking out of them so I decided to be safe and wear black strappy sandals instead.

I’m so glad I did because after dinner, we all went to a bar to hang out for a bit. I would have been so uncomfortable standing around in pumps that don’t quite fit. It was a good reminder that looking chic is important, but comfort and practicality should always take precedence. I’m so glad I erred on the side of comfort.

Unfortunately most of what I’m wearing is sold out, but I linked some similar options. I’m wearing a small in the blouse. Get the details HERE.

I was supposed to fly home on Wednesday, but I rescheduled my flight due to weather concerns. This is what I wore to hang out at the resort for most of the day and then to transfer to my new hotel. In both places, I hung out in the lounge for most of the time and worked on my laptop.

I think this outfit is a great example of transition style. The colors are light, but I have enough coverage and layers to be warm in this chilly pre-spring weather. Get the details HERE.

Here I am again, same outfit, on my way down to the lounge in my 2nd hotel. I’m really bummed that this necklace sold out. I just got it too. I hate it when that happens! I linked a couple similar options.

And this is the next morning on my way to the airport, wearing the same travel outfit minus the scarf.

Finally, I wore this outfit for a little while yesterday, but I ended up changing into comfy old favorites once I got home.

How fun are these snakeskin flats??? They’re giving off some major 80s vibes, but I’m really loving pointy toe flats right now.

And I guess that’s a wrap! I’m off to see my daughter perform in her first jazz band performance this afternoon, and Paul and I are planning to go out to dinner tonight because both girls have plans. I hope y’all have a great weekend!

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32 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week

  1. Lol, I am actually wearing that Amazon purple sweater tunic today with very similar grey boots! Comfy Saturday outfit! Heading to science museum with kids and nephew 😊

    1. I bought the black ruffle top after seeing how cute it looked on JoLynne 😊, and I will share with you that I would definitely have to wear a cami under it. I am tall (5’9”) and longwaisted and the ruffle hit right at my lower abdomen under my belly button which looked funny and if I was moving around or raising  up my arms my stomach would be exposed. Plus the material is pretty thin, so I just feel more “secure” or comfortable with a silk cami underneath. I wanted to make it work for me, but unfortunately it’s in my “return to the mall” pile in my car right now. It looks super cute on JoLynne though!! (Just proof that we all have to know our body types.) 

      1. Interesting, and very helpful feedback! I didn’t even think about how being taller or having a longer torso would affect the length issue. I didn’t find it see-through, but I was in the dark most of the time. 🙂

  2. Oh how I wish our climate here was on the cooler side than hot because I really like so many of the long and 3/4 sleeve tops you shared with us.  On the actual conference day, I think you made a great outfit choice!  You did a great job putting together outfits for the trip.  That is always challenging for me, no matter where we are going.  And it seems that I always end up wishing I had brought something else.  The snakeskin flats are awesome!  Have a fabulous day!

    1. Me too! I’ve learned to just overpack and own it. I’m glad b/c this time, I ended up needing those black sandals, and I’d never have packed them if I hadn’t had that photo shoot that I needed them for.

  3. With this sale at Loft, I am not going to wait to order the top you styled yesterday and order it today. I may have to look at a few other tops and see if there is anything else that jumps out at me 🙂 Glad you are home and enjoying family time.

      1. I ordered the gathered back sweatshirt, knotted hem top, side slit tunic sweater, dotted mixed media split neck shell in addition to the top you styled. (I can return anything to my local store if they don’t fit or I don’t like the way they look.) The sale was too good to pass up 🙂

  4. So many awesome outfit ideas!  

    I’ve been meaning to ask … what type of white “fashion” sneakers were you wearing before the Vejas?  Adidas?  

  5. Hey, Jo-Lynne, thinking of the brands you work with, I wonder what you know about Maui Jim prescription sunglasses?  I have worn Maui Jims for over 10 years exclusively, but have gotten to the point that I need distance sunglasses.  I bought some Ray-Bans and don’t like them at all!  They do not compare.  They don’t sell prescription Maui Jims at Lens Crafters.

    1. I’ve never done prescription Maui Jims but I love their sunglasses and it’s about all I wear anymore. My only prescription sunnies are Tory Burch – from Lens Crafters. My local optometrist does have Maui Jims and would do prescription lenses for them, so maybe check out some smaller optical shops?

  6. So glad you enjoyed the conference and it’s important to network with-in your industry. Sharing and growing is an important part of success in every industry. I would like to know how you describe your “brand” ? 

    1. THAT is a very good question. 🙂 When I introduce myself to a brand or a person in the industry, I tell them I write a blog for women in their 40s and 50s who are trying to maintain or reclaim their style. It’s all about wearable style at a variety of price points. Most of my readers either work outside the home in business-casual environments, work from home, or stay at home with children or grandchildren; so they’re looking for practical outfits and how to look stylish and on trend yet still age appropriate. How did I do?

      I would also love to hear how YOU would describe my brand. 😉 (And by YOU, I mean you, Gloria, and you, the rest of you regulars.)

        1. Yes, I know, I always feel bad leaving out the 30s and 60s (and 20s and 70s?) when describing my target audience, but the majority is in their 50s, I believe, 40s being the next most popular decade. There are a lot fewer in the others, but I know you all are there, and I appreciate you too! xoxo

  7. Question & you can save for FB live. Are pumps still in? I don’t see any n my circle of friends. We are pretty casual though. I hate to give away though.

    1. I will definitely add this to my list of topics for the FB live, but for those following along, I would say that pumps are a classic wardrobe staple, and they are never “out”. They may not be super trendy at the moment, but I do see them a lot on a few of my favorite fashion bloggers, and I wear mine regularly — more in summer than winter b/c of the cold. I love a good pump and will never stop wearing them. I know what you mean about the people in your area being casual — my friends don’t wear them. But I don’t care. I do. 🙂 🙂

  8. I always enjoy reading your posts. You give so much more (useful) information than most other fashion bloggers I follow. Anyway…just wanted to drop a quick a line to say you look great in the Old Navy sweater and Vigoss jeans. I don’t know what it is about that outfit in particular but you have that carefree “it-girl” blogger look and best of all, you look really thin! Thanks for all your time.

  9. Oh my…. I can only imagine the fun getting ready knowing bloggers are meeting with fellow bloggers… lol . I wonder if anyone is critiquing in their heads ? Sounds like an awesome trip. I really like the outfits you’ve posted especially the one you wore flying both ways… 

  10. So many Great outfits.  I see the shopping info for your clothes but – pardon if I missed it- that checkered tote is gorgeous.  Where oh where can that be purchased?

  11. You may have addressed this before, but I can’t find it, so I’m sorry if I’ve asked you to repeat yourself 🙂
    What do you wear on your feet with your flats? I cannot find any sockies that don’t show, and I wonder if other ladies just go sockless when wearing flats??

    1. I was just reading through the comments and thought I would add my two cents on your brand: I think your brand is casual chic. I just turned 50, and follow you because you are true to yourself and your style. You don’t just wear clothes, you tell us how to wear them to flatter your own figure. I like your style because even though I work outside the home, I can take a lot of your looks and replace the jeans with dress pants for work. I need help on my weekend style, so your blog helps me look put together when I am out and about and it has definitely helped me get out of my sweatpants on the weekend rut! I get a lot of compliments on my outfits now that I am not just buying clothes but really looking at what is in my closet and how to put it together. Thanks for all you do for all your readers! 🙂

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