Mom Style: What I Wore This Week 08.31.11

It’s b-a-a-a-a-ck! Sorta.

Lindsay’s goal in hosting the What I Wore Wednesday blog carnival is to keep each other accountable to get out of our yoga pants and put a little bit of effort into ourselves. If that is the goal, then I succeeded more often than not. If the goal is to inject a bit of style into the everyday, well then, I am in a rut. Big Time Rut.

This is the only photo I took this week. This is the kids’ First Day of School.

Ruffle sleeveless top :: Banana Republic

Skinnies :: Paige (bought at Bloomies, I think)

Pewter Sandals :: Target

Dangle Earrings :: Lucky Brand, I *think* (Macy’s)

Sunnies :: Tori Burch (Sunglass Hut – gift card was birthday gift from Hub)

I admit I wore yoga pants most of the weekend, what with all the hurricane drama and tornado warnings and sleeping all night on the floor of the basement with my cell phone and flashlight at arm’s reach. It took me a few days to recover, because I didn’t sleep a wink. Did I also mention that I was alone? Yeah, Paul was out of town. Fun times. But now that the summer’s coming to a swift and abrupt end and the kids are back in school, I’m determined to put more effort into getting dressed every day. I really do think I’m more productive that way, and the neighbors will thank me. To say nothing of my husband — who has always had a strong aversion to “stretch pants”. It is probably the only fashion opinion he holds, so it might be nice if I tried to avoid them as much as possible.

My only problem is, suddenly everything in my closet looks the same. I actually got rid of a ton of stuff a few weeks ago. My drawers and closet were overflowing and I felt like I was always wearing the same 3 outfits so I did a major overhaul and took a ginormous trash bag to the thrift store. That sure felt good, but now when I look in my drawers, I just see stacks of tank tops and the same two pairs of shorts that I’ve been alternating all summer. I am so not good at layering cute looks during the summer. It’s too hot and it feels too fussy. And even my accessories are starting to seem ho-hum.

I think I’m actually ready for fall!!

Did I really just say that? Surely not.

Maybe I just need to go shopping. Ha!

So this week I’m making a commitment. I will figure out some way to get some variety into my wardrobe. And yoga pants are only for workout days. We’ll see how I do.