What I Wore Wednesday

Okay, yall convinced me to keep going with these WIWW posts, and I have to admit, I found myself intentionally adding more variety to my outfit choices this week, knowing I’d be posting them. Otherwise I might have worn that red hoodie and jeans and gray boots six days in a row. Not that anybody cares if I do, but during a week where it was all I could do to haul myself out of bed in the morning, much less be a productive member of society, I think making the effort to add some variety to my outfits helped my overall frame of mind.

So what did I wear, as winter droned on despite the calendar’s declaration of springtime?

Well, on Wednesday I wore my comfiest sweatpants and oldest sweatshirt because some days are just made for sweats, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

But on Thursday I decided that the only way I could face the muck and yuck outside was to feel like I looked halfway decent. It did lift my spirits just a tad to get dressed in something without Aeropostale stamped on the leg.


I wore my favorite jeans — these things feel like pajamas, I’m totally serious — with a cream tank and gray wrappy sweater. For some color, I added this scarf that I picked up at Rehoboth Beach a few weeks ago when spring was in the air and not just a distant memory. I actually chose the outfit around the scarf — I’ve been wanting to wear it ever since I got it.

That said, I’m still not sure that I like scarves on me. I’m trying to embrace the trend, but they are cumbersome, they get in my way, and I feel like they make me look like I’m choking. I tried tying it two different ways and ended up going with the second.

I wore ballet flats even though it was cold and “the rain was spittin'” — as my 5-year old describes it. I was just too sick of boots to wear them another day. And since I was going to the mall and wouldn’t be doing a lot of typing, I threw on this silver link bracelet, and the ring is one I wear often – my 10th wedding anniversary gift.


Friday was the day of the snow. Yeah, THAT day. It is also the day that I went on a field trip with my daughter’s preschool class.

I wanted to be comfortable and warm, so I put on my gray cords with the Dansko boots that I always wear when it rains. This black hooded sweater is a staple; it had been at the dry cleaners, and I missed it dreadfully. I usually wear it at least twice a week (okay, probably more often than that!) because it’s so easy to throw on with jeans or cords and a tank top.

I wore the purple tank because it’s what happened to be clean, and then I added the long necklace that you’ve seen many times before and my favorite earrings and bracelet.

Those are both self portraits. Dontcha love the look of intense concentration? I was trying to hold my camera up high and to the right of my head to capture the earrings without the flash interfering, and I’m tellin’ you what. That baby is HEAVY.


Saturday was the Getting Gorgeous event. It was slightly warmer, but not much. Fortunately the monsoon had passed and left us with sunny skies. I wanted to be comfy but cute, and I definitely wanted to dress for spring, not winter, even though the weather can’t seem to make up its mind from one day to the next which it is!

I wore my coral V-neck sweater and straight leg jeans with my teal trench. I love the combination of the coral and the teal, and the coat provided just the right amount of warmth for this brisk spring day. I also opted for ballet flats rather than heels.

I really wanted to wear heels, and when I was at the event, I was wishing I had because I felt short and dowdy next to many of my friends (I’m only 5’5″) but afterwards, when we were walking the streets of NYC, I was glad I opted for practicality over style. I suppose I could have brought the heels along and changed for the event, but even I have my limits of what I will endure for the sake of fashion.

Here are Melissa and I at the event:

I had a really cute outfit on for church on Sunday, but I didn’t get a picture. Monday I spent in sweats because I just couldn’t motivate myself to do otherwise. I’m not feeling too good as of late, and I couldn’t bear the idea of wearing pants with a button.

TUESDAY (today – see how dedicated I am, writing this post a day early??):

I decided that the gloomy weather and my temperamental tummy would not get the best of me so I dutifully showered and fixed myself up, even though I’m not planning to go anywhere today.

I’m not even sure why I’m holding my purse — as I said, I don’t plan to go anywhere. But doesn’t it go great with the navy and orange? Okay, I officially have no life.

Anyway, I love my new Banana Republic Open placket slub cardigan because it is really lightweight – perfect for cool summer nights when we hang out in the hood and, well, nasty spring days like today. I just picked it up last week with a 30% off coupon I had for BR.

The white top I’m wearing is the Banana Republic Tall Trapunto weekend tee, and I bought it specifically to wear under cardigans this spring. I like how it isn’t too figure hugging. So many of my tanks are, and I feel like I have to walk around with my tummy sucked into my backbone. This one is more forgiving to the post child-bearing tummy area — you ladies know what I’m talking about, yes?

The jeans are old favorites, and the orange flats are super comfy and super cute and add a pop of color to an otherwise bland outfit.

Now that I’m all fixed up, maybe I should change my mind about going nowhere today. Or perhaps I should stop yammering about what I’m wearing and get to work. Now there’s an idea…