Daily Mom Style 04.03.11

Okay, these posts are starting to take up WAY too much time. But they are kind of fun, even though they tend to make you over think every outfit you put on. Or is that just me? (I admit, I’m actually rather enjoying the challenge. I feel like I have a responsibility to look somewhat put together nowadays.)


I wore this to a Stella and Dot party/brunch at a friend’s house. I wanted to be springy and comfortable.

This green wrappy sweater is an old favorite (LOFT a few seasons ago). I like the crisp contrast of green against the white tank, and then the shoes (Sam Edelmans from Nordstrom last spring) are just fun. Of course green and coral are great together, and the Orla Kiely bag pulls it all together – it even has the denim blue – and I wore my green and coral JanMary bracelet of course.


A trip to the famers’ market and my son’s baseball Opening Day.


Today I wasn’t going anywhere besides a quick run to the market for dinner essentials, and I was recovering from an altercation with some killer guacamole last night.


With that said, I give you . . .

This is the tee-shirt I slept in, my favorite Aeropostale sweatpants, old and stained (but clean!) Target hoodie, and cozy Ugg sweater slippers.

Yes, I even wore the slippers to the market. So sue me. Defrock me. Take my fashion blogger’s license if you must. This is the real me. I did, at least, put some makeup on. I do have SOME pride.