Daily Mom Style 04.03.11

Okay, these posts are starting to take up WAY too much time. But they are kind of fun, even though they tend to make you over think every outfit you put on. Or is that just me? (I admit, I’m actually rather enjoying the challenge. I feel like I have a responsibility to look somewhat put together nowadays.)


I wore this to a Stella and Dot party/brunch at a friend’s house. I wanted to be springy and comfortable.

This green wrappy sweater is an old favorite (LOFT a few seasons ago). I like the crisp contrast of green against the white tank, and then the shoes (Sam Edelmans from Nordstrom last spring) are just fun. Of course green and coral are great together, and the Orla Kiely bag pulls it all together – it even has the denim blue – and I wore my green and coral JanMary bracelet of course.


A trip to the famers’ market and my son’s baseball Opening Day.


Today I wasn’t going anywhere besides a quick run to the market for dinner essentials, and I was recovering from an altercation with some killer guacamole last night.


With that said, I give you . . .

This is the tee-shirt I slept in, my favorite Aeropostale sweatpants, old and stained (but clean!) Target hoodie, and cozy Ugg sweater slippers.

Yes, I even wore the slippers to the market. So sue me. Defrock me. Take my fashion blogger’s license if you must. This is the real me. I did, at least, put some makeup on. I do have SOME pride.

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  1. OMG—love that first/top outfit, as well as the purple sleeveless top near the end. And I have to know–is that first bag Orla Kiehly (sp?)? I want it. Badly. Le sigh.

    love this post!

  2. Your post cracked me up. With the gut sucking & hair washing … but hey, it is what it is 😉 haha
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your first outfit and everything about it. That green just POPS on you! You should get a cardigan or wrap in every color in that purse – especially the mustard & coral. Might as well as bright cobalt blue and teal. I think those are your colors! I also love the Stella & Dot necklace you’re wearing, I didn’t realize that line had necklaces like that. Cute post, cute outfits 🙂

  3. You will never guess – Tescos (our biggest supermarket chain here) from time to time has special designer reusable shopping bags. I have some Cath Kitson ones I love.

    What has this got to do with you? Orla Kiely!!! When I was grocery shopping yesterday I spied them – a shopping bag for £4 in the same Orla Scribble Pear fabric. It is being sold in aid of a children’s cancer charity.

    Anyhow – it was one of those – “Saw this and thought of Jo-Lynne” moments!

    Will probably blog about the bag later with photos of course.

    Thanks for mentioning my bracelet again – things really taking off for my jewelery business – being stocked in a craft shop in a tourist town near our holiday cottage!

    1. That is awesome! I’m so happy for you. And how funny that they sell reusable shopping bags in Orla Kiely prints. What a hoot!

    1. Caroline was standing around when I was taking that shot, and she was rolling her eyes. She thinks I’m nuts.

  4. I’ve also taken a shower just to take a photo for my blog…I’m sure the rest of the world appreciated it too! You look cute and purple is your color!

  5. That is definiately the way I have been dressing in the last pic. I refuse to buy anything new until the baby comes any day now!

  6. Purple is a great color for you! I saw someone with a bag in the same pattern as yours and thought of you this week. Nice Outfits!

  7. Girl, you are way too hard on yourself. You are gorgeous and you need to OWN it!

    I almost wish I was taking pictures this week cause I’ve actually looked decent the last two days!

    I love that gathered hoodie from Target–may have to go take a peek there one day soon!


  8. I love the time you take to put these outfits together and share the thought process behind why you are wearing them. Thank you for that.

    My favorite is Saturday’s laid-back, yet polished look.

  9. LOVED what you wore last Wednesday. Great color for you. You brightened the room.

    YAY on your necklace! Looks great!

  10. You crack me up.. I love your explanations because it makes me realize my thought process is normal…or at least I’m not the only one. 🙂 I’m loving Stella and Dot. Starting to see them all over the place on people and in magazines. They have great statement pieces, delicate ones, and everything in between. I have that same sweater from BR. (great minds think alike) I always wear white under it but the purple looks cute! I like it better than the jacket. Cute capri jeans, too. I know what you mean, though, about having acid-wash flashbacks. I’m still a little nervous about wearing that color and, still a little nervous about the rolling the jean trend as well. I’ve done that before…and I vaguely remember tucking them into some huge white socks. The thought of that makes me a little ill. The 80’s has it’s own little, horrible fashion bubble and if anything even remotely resembles “80’s” then I tend to run far, far away.

    1. This is bugging me. I was NOT insulting your denim capris, so I hope you didn’t take it that way. I think they’re adorable and they do not at all remind me of 80’s acid wash. I was just trying to agree with your apprehension about anything the smacks of the 80’s. 🙂

      1. Well see now, I thought they were gray. But clearly I only look at the pictures and read very little commentary (I know this because of a comment someone made about long shirts with long pants, etc. and I went, hunh? and had to hunt down the part where Jo-Lynne talked about it and just now I had to hunt down JL’s commentary again. Sigh).

  11. Now you’ve gone to making me snort coffee out of my nose while I read your blog (which is a huge compliment since I normally save that refined behavior for June’s blog).

    I love that green shrug. LOVE.

    I have a shirt similar to the purple one you have one with the denim jacket, then the black jacket- except it has long sleeves. I find I can’t wear anything with it over the top (those are times I curse the fact I do not have a swimmer’s back) cuz there’s so much going on with the length, the stuff happening around the chest area…it’s quite a trick.

    It was 70 here yesterday and I wore my Teva flip flops. {oh happy sigh}. But today? spitting sleet. {curse}.

    You have THE cutest jewelry ever.

  12. For the record, I LOVE that grape racer-back top from Target!! I can see it with black skinny jeans , chunky silver jewelry and metallic ballet flats for a night out (without the grey tank). It looks great on you!

    1. Yeah see, that would require a new bra. And that suddenly seems like a lot of effort for a $14.99 shirt, lol. But it would be cute on the right person! 🙂

      1. I am with ya on that one – I accidentally bought a shirt that requires some funky bra and I was like …. uhhhhhh

  13. my inquiring mind wants to know who takes these photos? and if you have already answered this i apologize, i missed it! love the sweatpant shot….love that your keeping it real! 😉

    1. LOL, I’m too lazy to screw and unscrew the camera from a tripod, so I just set it on a stack of boxes on my kitchen counter or table and set the timer. 🙂

    2. I have wondered that SAME thing. Cuz my son NOR my husband would be overjoyed about a picture every day.

  14. I look forward to these What I Wore Wednesday posts. I am really trying to make an effort to buy nicer things and look more put together. Unfortunately I have ZERO sense of style and need all the help I can get! Thanks!

  15. I think it was great that you included that last photo, not just for a reality check but it shows how all your tips really work in terms of dressing for one’s body type. Now we can appreciate how fantastic you look in the other outfits (taller, slimmer, longer legs, etc.).

  16. It was funny to see my Name in your blog! Even though it was just the color name for your pants.I always get a shock to see it used as when I was younger it was such an unpopular name.
    I always enjoy your blog. I am also a pretty close neighbor, as I only live about an hour out of Philly in Lancaster County.I always enjoy coming into the city though!

  17. I am a day late to commenting on this post, but I just had to say I’m so happy to finally see evidence of the oft-referred to sweatpants outfit. I was starting to doubt its existence! I appreciate this other side of the real Jo-Lynne. 😉 Also I’m so glad you said (in so many words): long tops with skirts = bad, short tops with pants = bad. Vice versa = good. Why had I never heard someone say that before? And I knew it every time I tried a long top on with a skirt – oh this just looks bad! Take it off! Off! I don’t know why I feel better hearing someone say, yeah you’re not crazy, here’s a general rule to follow. I do good with rules. Well, sometimes. 🙂

  18. LOVE Monday’s outfit – the denims together look GREAT! And I too feel the pressure to look fun and fresh and not wear the same things again and again!!

  19. That green wrap sweater is so cute on you (and such a great color)! Where do you buy your tank tops? I have a hard time finding ones that I love.

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