Mom Style: What I Wore This Week 04.20.11

It’s that time again! I am trying to get out of my comfort zone and experiment with some new styles, although I have to say, now I know why I stick with what I know works. I’m tempted to leave out the outfits that I don’t like, but then again, perhaps it’s better to show the bad with the good.


Black open hooded cardigan from Nordstrom (last fall) and Gap Shirred Back T with Joe’s Chelsea Crop in Chloe from Black flats are from Nine West (last spring) and the Stella & Dot earrings and necklace that I got at Julie’s party a few weeks back. I wore this outfit to Target and to preschool drop off/pick up. In the rain. Yeah, I know. I just couldn’t bear to wear boots in April.

I don’t think the top is particularly flattering, this is definitely a case of “it looks better on the model.” (I ordered it online.) On the other hand, it’s nice for those days when you’re not feeling like wearing body conscious clothing. You have those days too, right? I do like the color.

I’m still not sold on the gray cropped jeans, but I do think gray is a nice contrast with the teal and the black. I think I’d prefer a darker gray, though. Or even white.

While I love the Stella & Dot jewelry, I felt a little blingy for Target.


I wore this to my lunch with Robyn O’Brien. I purchased this top and sweater at Madewell for BlogHer last summer and I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of it. I put it with my very favorite jeans (Joe’s bootcut with flap pockets) — speaking of getting a lot of mileage out of an article of clothing! I think these were my first pair of designer jeans. I got them to review for my first Holiday Gift Guide back in 2008, and I absolutely love them. I wear them every chance I get.

In celebration of our spring-like weather, I dug out these tobacco colored wedge sandals (Stuart Weitzmans that I bought for a song at at the end of last summer). I found this coral leather handbag in the back of my closet and dusted it off. It gives the otherwise bland outfit a pop of color.


Despite the unseasonable chill in the air on Friday, there was brilliant sunshine, and it put me in the mood to wear flip flops and shorts even if it meant freezing my tuckus off as I ran the kids hither and yon. The shorts are another score from, the flips are Reefs I picked up in Rehoboth last month, the sweater is Banana Republic from last year, and the top is woven shoulder tank from the Gap — I liked it so much I got it in silver and peacock.

The sweater probably isn’t the most flattering, although I wear it a lot. I showed a picture of the back because it is that popular longer length and hits right at the, ahem, widest part of me. I realize I look better in shorter sweaters, but I love the color of this and it offers some warmth while still looking springy so I’ve been wearing it a lot lately.

Saturday it was rainy and cold and I was quite uninspired. I threw on the same pink sweater with a clean white tee and jeans. No need to take a picture of that.


That’s my CAbi dress that I picked up at Scoop back in the winter. It’s a lot of pattern, so I always wear it with this denim jacket I got from the LOFT many moons ago. I just like how denim gives an edge to any outfit, and this jacket goes well with skirts and dresses because the dark wash and the 3/4-length sleeves make it dressier than most.

The bag pulls the coral from the dress. Instead of boots and tights, this time I wore these gray patent leather slingback heels since it’s supposedly springtime.

And that’s all she wrote. Literally. Ha!