Mom Style: What I Wore This Week 05.18.11

Despite our attempts to hold each other accountable to getting dressed and looking presentable while we work at home, I still maintain that there is a time and a place for sweats — as long as they’re not the ones you wore to paint the kitchen. Well, there is a time and a place for those to, like um, when you’re painting the kitchen. But for daily wear, please do the rest of us a favor and leave those tucked away.

But sweats can be cute, just ask my daughter. In her 5-year-old eyes, I’m prettiest when I’m wearing a tank top and sweats. Actually, I prefer to call this category of clothes “activewear.” It makes sweats sound so much more legit. I mean, think about it. You can pretend that you might actually work out before the days is through, and if you do end up wearing them to preschool drop-off or even *gasp* the grocery store, people might think you are on your way to the gym, not just schlumping around the house all day.

And I do attempt to put together colors that are pleasing and shapes that are somewhat flattering. If I’m going to spend the day in sweats, I mean, activewear, at the very least, I don’t want to scare the postman.

Okay, nevermind, that’s pretty scary. But I’m going to leave it up because you know what? No one is put together all the time. Those who know me in real life know that I spend more days than not dressed like this (or worse — they’re out there nodding their heads right now!!) But those who only know me through this blog seem to have this distorted impression of me, that I’m always stylish and put together, and while it’s flattering, it is so NOT the way it is. So, there ya go… PROOF!

I didn’t take a lot of pictures of my outfits this week because I was busy, but after posting the, ahem, activewear picture, I’ll try to reclaim some of my authority as a fashion blogger with what I wore to our Night of Style event at Bloomies on Friday night. Unfortunately I didn’t get a very good full length shot of the outfit, but here is one I cropped from a larger group shot.

Jo-Lynne, Melissa and Zareen at Bloomingdales

I found the silk top at the Elie Tahari outlet. I was looking for a dress, but when I came across this top I knew it was The One. I’m always more comfortable in jeans and tops anyway, and this was exactly what I wanted — it’s a bit of a departure from my typical solid black top but still “me.” And since our event was being held at Bloomingdales, I really wanted to wear one of their brands. I would have never paid full price, but at the outlet I was able to get this classy top down into my price range.

The jeans are a dressy dark wash in a straight leg cut, and the shoes are oldies but goodies that I actually got right here at Bloomingdales several years ago. I wore my Stella & Dot earrings and necklace and two of my favorite silver bracelets.

I would just like to know why no one told me to take my sunglasses off my head. And to think I call you all friends.

The other picture-worthy outfit I wore this week was the dress I picked up at the J. Crew Moms Night Out last week. I wore this to church on Sunday with my new You By Crocs Lolasitas.

The dress is a navy blue sheath style (pardon the wrinkles; it looked better before I wore it all day) that I’ll be able to dress up or down (I actually wore a kelly green sweater with it earlier in the day when it was cooler.) The jewelry, again, is Stella & Dot. And the shoes? You By Crocs.

Did you know Crocs makes shoes that aren’t rubber? These are my second pair of You By Crocs — Crocs’ line of Italian designed shoes in a combination of leather, suede and lambs wool. They’re high fashion with the comfort of Crocs — what more can a girl ask for? I could seriously wear these all day with nary a complaint (in fact, I did exactly that on Sunday) and I love the fashion-forward styling of the Lolasita.

So yeah, that’s pretty much all I’ve got.

For more fashion inspiration and no-pajama accountability, visit The Pleated Poppy!

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  1. I can’t believe those fabulous shoes are Crocs! Love that navy dress, too. Those shoes look beautiful AND comfortable, which is a win/win in my book!

  2. My husband is constantly baffled by all the picture taking so I totally get that.:) I had no idea Crocs did something other than leather!!

  3. I love how you always make an ice outfit even nicer with your jewelry. I have got to start buying some jewelry!

    And I am definitely going to have to check out those Crocs. Cute and comfortable – that’s all you need in a shoe!

  4. LLLLOOVE the blue dress! That’s gorgeous! “Activewear,” indeed! Who would sell anything with a link or a sign in the store labeled, “sweats?” Thanks for keeping it real. I try to get dressed in non-activewear most days but on in-house days, it just doesn’t happen and that’s O.K. When we started homeschooling, I made a friend promise to stage an intervention if I ever wore matching jumpsuits, denim jumpers or braids in my hair…so far so good. 🙂 Thanks for the fun posts!

  5. Oh that’s SO FUNNY about your husband – mine would not understand the whole “it’s not just for Wednesday WIWW” deal either. AHHAH

    I love the blue dress. Very flattering. And those are crocs…they look a LOT different than the ones I have in my gardening supplies, that’s for sure! Your are gorgeous. Mine? well, they are circa 2005. Heh. But in their defense they are indestructible.

    I love you in your sweats. Do you do the same thing I do – when I wear a cute outfit and I have nothing else I am doing that day, I come home and throw on my sweats. Please tell me you do the same thing.

  6. I hopped over here from your what I’m wearing link 🙂

    My husband has that same Wednesday confusion. Silly men! Love the JCrew dress. You look great!

    I’ve got two great giveaways on my blog right now…you’re welcome to come check them out!

  7. Cuz you look so cute with sunglasses on your head!
    And you *would* wear that adorable new outfit to church when I wasn’t there! Were you a little disappointed not to have me there? Cuz that’s how I always feel when you’re not there to see *my* new outfits. Our faith really *is* deep. Honest.

    1. I DID miss having you there, but not so much because of the outfit. D was accepted into church membership, and both sets of grandparents were there, and it was a really special worship service. 🙂

  8. That J. Crew dress looks great on you.
    I am looking for a dress to go to a wedding now. I have a black dress, but wonder if it is approppriate for a wedding…

  9. Hi! Maybe you could write it down for your husband like this:
    “What I wore (during this week)”- Wednesday .
    I can totally relate because I misinterpreted the whole WIWW – blogger thingy in the beginning, too (I am a native german, duh… LOL).
    And thank you for the great pics – I love your outfits, you are an inspiration to me! Greetings from Germany – Lola

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