What I’m Loving at CVS This Month

Last month, I told you about the CVS CarePass membership program, and let’s just say, I’m hooked. As a refresher, you get 20% off all CVS Health & Live Better products, free 1-to-2 day shipping on eligible CVS items, free same-day prescription delivery, a monthly $10 promo reward to use in-store or online (some restrictions apply), and more for just $5/month or $48 a year!

I’ve already taken advantage of the free same-day prescription delivery a couple of times, which is a huge time saver! And just last weekend, I used my $10 monthly promo reward to pick up some fresh pool toys for our backyard BBQ.

While I was there, I also grabbed some of my favorite snacks. I love to snack on popcorn or chips while I’m making dinner, and their Gold Emblem Abound Heavenly Light Popcorn is so good.

We’re always in need of sunscreen, so I picked up this CVS Health Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 so I could take advantage of the 20% off CVS Health products.

I brought it home, and my daughter immediately pounced on it. We were both amazed at how well it blended into the skin for a mineral sunscreen, even better than its name brand counterpart.

And how pretty is this outdoor candle by Yankee Candle? I love that the color matches the decor on my deck, so I had to get that too.

I can’t find it online, but it was in the same aisle with the outdoor toys and supplies and other seasonal merchandise.

My CVS store has pretty much everything you could need for an outdoor gathering or a day at the beach, and I love how quick and easy it is to get in and out — so much easier than the big box stores.

Let me know if you have any favorite CVS products we should know about. I’ve been debating trying this root coverup spray, and I’m getting ready to order my favorite GOLI Apple Cider Gummies because mine are almost out. Both of these products ship free with a CarePass membership.

If you don’t already have a CVS CarePass membership, you can sign up today and get the first month for free!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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8 thoughts on “What I’m Loving at CVS This Month

  1. I do love my CVS! When I tell people, they laugh. It’s close and convenient. I get awesome discounts. While I do the section with seasonal items, that area in my CVS has been reduced because they added the health hub. I get cards there, makeup, and more! And, I am a cCare Pass member. BTW I’m going to buy some of that sunscreen – I never know which one to choose – now I do! Thanks!

  2. Great point that a place like CVS is easier to dash into. I was never a big box store person, but since the pandemic, I find myself overwhelmed in large stores. Too many products, too many people! I’m always looking for good sunscreens so I may give the one you mention to try.

    1. Yeah, I’ve always thought CVS is the best kept secret. I always tell people to go there for school supplies at back to school time. Easy in, easy out, no crowds. We have them like every couple of miles, so much more convenient than the bigger stores.

  3. I don’t think we have CVS in our area. I’ll have to look. I know what you all mean about the big box stores. I’m like Colleen, since the pandemic, I find myself going for the smaller stores. However, I do like Target. 🙂 However, its one of the stores you go in for certain items and always come out with way more. I like the Hearth and Hand by Magnolia section.

  4. CVS just left our town, and I m so upset. I went there all the time and always could use my passes and coupons to save money. I buy my Cera Ve skin moisturizer there and body lotions, and prescriptions too. There is a CVS in Target now but I hate that one. So I have to travel a ways to get to a closer store Bummer. Thanks for the info on the grey root cover and the pop corn. I’m going to try them. And I agree that CVS has really cute home goods things sometimes. Maybe ordering on line is a better option for me now. Have a great day !!!

  5. I finally decided to pay the $5/month so that our prescriptions can be delivered since we are 45 minutes from our closest CVS. One dog toy that is fabulous is a ball that blinks different colors upon impact. I’ve given it to two friends with dogs and Joy and Bear love the ball.

  6. I am a big fan of CVS CarePass too. My CVS is never crowded and I can usually get in, find what I want, and get out again.

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