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I think my Bloggeritis has been cured, or at least treated for the time being. Two days of no blogging and a hefty dose of retail therapy (in the form of a gloriously child-free trip to Sephora) not only took me away from the computer but provided me with a bag full of goodies to review on Chic Critique over the next several weeks.

Then there was the comic relief at the expense of my daughter’s dignity and comfort when we were shopping at TJ Maxx.  I had treated my daughters to Micky D’s after picking them up from school, and they each had some chocolate milk left when we arrived at the shopping center, so I allowed them to bring their drinks along.  That was my first mistake.

We were wandering the aisles of TJ’s, and I admittedly wasn’t paying very close attention to my girls.  They were right beside me and being fairly quiet, so my mommy radar wasn’t going off.  Clearly my mommy radar needs an upgrade.

I am still not entirely sure what C was doing.  Unfortunately she has inherited my lack of balance and coordination, and suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw her as she lost her balance, spun around, and then plopped unceremoniously on a low display shelf.  I swung my head to look at her and saw in her face a look of shock and surprise and pain and embarrassment right as what was left of her chocolate milk shot up from the carton like a geyser and spewed all over the floor and the top of her head.  This all happened in the matter of about a millisecond.

C immediately started to wail.  A store worker looked over at us like she wished she had never gotten out of bed that morning.  I surveyed the situation — brown liquid splattered across the floor and covering my daughter’s hair and running down her cheeks — and a bubble of laughter welled up inside of me.  I managed to squelch the giggles, but I couldn’t control the smirk on my face.  The salesgirl’s eyes met mine and she started to smirk too.C was not amused in the least. I tried to convince her that sometimes it’s best just to laugh at one’s mishaps, but she wasn’t buying it.

The salesgirl went for paper towels as I tried to console my distraught daughter.  We managed to complete our shopping trip, and as soon as we got home we had a thorough hair-washing session.

I guess there’s a good reason stores have those No Food Or Drink rules.

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  1. I was also rooting for Korto but Leanne was good as well. I agree about her hair! You’d think that after all that time in the Loreal Paris Makeup Room and the Tresseme Hair Salon she’d feel slightly convicted to – I don’t know – brush her hair occassionally? 🙂 It was a fun season to watch!

  2. Whew! Thanks for that! I needed a good laugh. The story about your daughter and the milk and the way you told it, had me laughing out loud at work. Now people think I am crazy…thanks. 🙂

  3. I heart Project Runway too! We DVR any program we want to watch and then we can skip the commercials. I wanted either Leanne or Korto to win. I can’t believe Kenley even made it to the finals. What were they thinking? I was thinking the same thing about Leanne’s hair. Wouldn’t you go the extra mile for an event as HUGE as this?!

    Maybe she will be able to afford a whole new “do” after her win!


  4. Yes, you and the other commenters said exactly what I thought about Leanne. She’s very talented, but needs a makeover! $100,000 should help her get a very nice “do.” What will we watch on Wednesday nights now?

  5. I second Carolyn’s *wink*

    Does Sephora give you free stuff to review? Just curious – they should!

  6. Moriah – Nope! They won’t even agree to be an affiliate link on my site. They are signed up with the company I use for my affiliate programs, but they have declined Chic Critique multiple times. HMPH.

  7. You would think that at some point when visiting the TreSemme salon to discuss her model’s hairstyle, she would have plopped herself in a chair and had someone, anyone, wash her hair and make it look nice for the finale! Love, love that show…Top Chef is next!

  8. Oh my word…your story had me laughing. Poor little C. Thanks for letting us know there are ‘real’ mommy’s just like us in the world! *wink*
    I HATE I missed Runway this year. I count on Krissy to tell me when it’s on, and she’s fallen down on her job!
    So I had to watch the debate cause that’s what TWIN wanted to see! Blah Blah Blah!

  9. I really wanted Korto to win, also. I about died laughing at the washing the hair comment. I mean, really, do something about your hair!!!

  10. A little chocolate milk in the hair is good for split ends…that’s what you should’ve told her!

    If I laugh/smirk at my oldest son’s mishaps he hollers louder…my youngest son laughs with me. Why so different?

    Does God get tickled at us? I would if I were Him. I would also roll my eyes alot.

  11. Believe it or not, in my first week as a wife I made my new husband watch the finale of Project Runway! Steve was not to happy about it, but to my amazement last night he pulled out a Tim Gunn quote while watching the RedSox — “You need to go back to fashion history school!” Hilarious, your brother.

  12. I just couldn’t get into Project Runway this season. I don’t know what it was, but it was not happening for me.

    We had a moment like that with Boo, only her’s was plain milk. So fun.

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