What’s A Girl To Do?


I really WANT to like this skirt.  I went and bought it after I saw Big Mama’s post on Friday.  I thought it would be great with a white T-shirt, my silver flip-flops, and my mustard yellow purse.  All I need is some yellow and blue jewelry to pull it altogether, and I have a great going-to-lunch outfit. 

See?  Picture this.  (Yes, that’s the back of the skirt and the front of the t-shirt.  Work with me here.)

Cute, right?

So why, when I came home and tried on the outfit, did I feel like I couldn’t pull it off?  It’s not so much that it’s not flattering.  Is the voluminous skirt just too much of a departure from my "personal idiom" (where pencil skirts reign supreme)?  Or would I get used to it if I went ahead and wore it?  I can’t decide. 

Should I listen to my instincts?  They are saying: You can do better (a la Tim Gunn); take it back.  Or should I throw caution to the wind and just wear it and figure I’ll get used to the look?  Livin’ on the edge, that’s me!  Although I don’t think venturing out of one’s fashion comfort zone is exactly what Steven Tyler had in mind when he penned those lyrics.

What say you?

UPDATE: Weavermom and Blackbelt nailed it.  I think the question should have been not should I keep it or not, but why don’t I like it?  And y’all figured it out for me.  National crisis averted.  Carry on.