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I really WANT to like this skirt.  I went and bought it after I saw Big Mama’s post on Friday.  I thought it would be great with a white T-shirt, my silver flip-flops, and my mustard yellow purse.  All I need is some yellow and blue jewelry to pull it altogether, and I have a great going-to-lunch outfit. 

See?  Picture this.  (Yes, that’s the back of the skirt and the front of the t-shirt.  Work with me here.)

Cute, right?

So why, when I came home and tried on the outfit, did I feel like I couldn’t pull it off?  It’s not so much that it’s not flattering.  Is the voluminous skirt just too much of a departure from my "personal idiom" (where pencil skirts reign supreme)?  Or would I get used to it if I went ahead and wore it?  I can’t decide. 

Should I listen to my instincts?  They are saying: You can do better (a la Tim Gunn); take it back.  Or should I throw caution to the wind and just wear it and figure I’ll get used to the look?  Livin’ on the edge, that’s me!  Although I don’t think venturing out of one’s fashion comfort zone is exactly what Steven Tyler had in mind when he penned those lyrics.

What say you?

UPDATE: Weavermom and Blackbelt nailed it.  I think the question should have been not should I keep it or not, but why don’t I like it?  And y’all figured it out for me.  National crisis averted.  Carry on.

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  1. I think that the outfit is really cute. If it were me if the skirt cost less than $10 I’d keep it and see if I could get use to it. If not I’d donate it to charity or give it to a friend. If it’s more than $10 I’d probably return it.

  2. I say take it back. If you feel that way now how will you feel when its hanging in the closet… (I’m also never sure about pockets on skirts – who needs more bulk on their hips?)

  3. Well, if you decide you don’t want it, I’m open for donations! LOL!

    I think it’s cute, but if it’s not your style then you probably won’t wear it. Even if it looks splendid on you, I doubt you’ll wear it if you don’t feel comfortable in it. In such cases, I usually end up returning the item.

  4. I love this look but would you feel better with a shorter length tee (that falls right on the hip)? Is that in or out?

    I adore the mix in color, too. Love the bracelet!

  5. eh. i guess it depends on the price? if there’s some slight change you might figure out how to love it, and it was cheap enough, it might be worth keeping. i have a bubble skirt (olive green cotton jersey) that i got for like $9, and i have yet to wear it. i think i might one day though (next time they come back around?). who knows. good luck. let us know how it turns out (of course you will).

  6. I like it, but I wear stuff like that all the time. If you are not comfortable in it, you won’t wear it much. I would do what makes you happy.

  7. Y’know, I’m all about the skirts now. For summer, it’s a nice change from shorts, so maybe it takes some “getting used to?” Try to post a pic and we’ll give you the honest truth!

  8. That skirt looks really cute (and comfortable) in the picture but if you’re not feelin’ it then I wouldn’t waste any more time thinkin’ about it and would probably return it.

    My mother’s motto with clothes has ALWAYS been “When it doubt, don’t buy it.” It’s saved me many a time…

  9. I think it’s the shirt I’m not lovin. It seems like whenever I wear a plain shirt with a skirt it seems so HUGE. Maybe a necklace would cut it up a little.

    I think the “bigness” of the skirt is summery. But, if it seems like your turnin’ hippy and it makes you uncomfortable, it doesn’t matter how stylish it is. You’ll hate it.

    And…I have that bracelet, too. 🙂

  10. I’m not a fashion expert, and I’ve never met you, but… I’ve been reading for a year now so I feel like I know you.

    I don’t think it’s you. I like the skirt, and I can see why you would want to like it but you are summery and carefree in different way. I think if you want a skirt that is flowing, that you need one without the ruffle thing at the bottom. That is too “frilly” for you.

    Plus, you’ve mentioned that you are built similarly to me – well-endowed on the top with slender hips. So, based on my own experience, you will never like it, because you want to have something that shows off the slenderness of your hips & legs.

  11. I DO know you and I totally agree with weavermom.

    I’m not a peasant skirt kind of person either – no matter how many times I try – every time it comes back in style!! Another example is I love Anthropologie but I am just not that “type” and don’t feel comfortable or confident in that style.

  12. I think it is cute. Send it to me! Just kidding. I’m too short for that length. I bought a couple of skirts at Target early in the summer and loved them, but lately I feel like they are too voluminous. I love skirts in general though.

  13. I agree with the ask your husband advice. He is my greatest advisor although he tends to be way nice…but he can sense how I feel in an outfit. It is weird…maybe we know each other way well. 😉

  14. I have nothing important to add, since the crisis was averted, but for one I would never ask my husband. He’d just say it looks fine, whether he liked it or not. And for two, I would probably take it back because if you like pencil skirts then you really don’t like ruffles (and I really don’t like ruffles) and every time you looked at the skirt you’d cringe.

  15. We have the same sense of style for sure – jeans, v-neck tees, pencil skirts, etc. I, too, have avoided “ruffles” so far. They look cute on other people, but I’m just not sure they’re “me.”

  16. I kind of understand what you’re saying. I had reservations about the skirt which is why I would have never paid full price for it, but I decided for $8.00 it was worth it even if I just threw it on to wear to the grocery store. Which I’ve done about 10 times since I bought it!

    I do think a tank looks better with it than a t-shirt. I discovered that the eighth time I wore it.

  17. Hey, I know I’m late, but I was on vacation and, well, I still want to throw my opinion out there.

    one, the horizontal line created by the ruffle messes up your silhouette. so does the fullness of the skirt.

    two, it’s not quite your idiom. it’s more romantic/hippy.

    I agree it would look better with a tank than with a tee.

    Good call taking it back.

    I’m also a pencil skirt and recently got a longer, fuller skirt, more trumpet shaped, though, without an attached ruffle. I have worn it a couple of times and not yet felt like myself. If I try it with a tank and still don’t feel comfortable – biff! – off it goes to the next thrifter. 😉

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