Who dresses like this?  WHO?  I wanna know.  High heels and shorts?  Com’on.

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  1. The women on that new Bravo Show “The Real Housewives of NYC?” Those are some seriously messed up women.

  2. Oh, if i had legs like that I might consider it! :o)

    I saw a girl at Target the other day in shorts and cowboy boots. Granted, I live in Texas, but that is not something I usually see in these parts.

  3. No one in my car pick up line at preschool. Thank goodness.

    Of course, her legs are GREAT, but still. I have never understood the heels and shorts thing at all.

  4. Thankfully, not many! However, I was at a 4th of July parade a couple years ago and there was a lady IN THE PARADE in white – way-to-disgustingly-tight shorts and high heels. It looked horrible! It was like a bad train wreck – I couldn’t stop looking even though it disgusted me! LOL! I don’t get the look. At.All.

  5. I must admit, I have some chicken legs and I feel stumpy without heels. So there I am pretty much right up there in that picture. Minus the gorgeous hair and great shoes.

  6. I’ve been seeing this look a lot on celebrities. The most recent I can think of is Sophia Bush on a recent episode of One Tree Hill. I think it’s cute and might pull it out on a date this summer with hubby.

  7. they dont match and too high for me, weird!

    Hey I was looking at KC’s blog and she is saying you did her design! I would love to have one on mine! let me know what and if you can do one for me!!!
    thank you

  8. O-o-o! I do! I do! Well, not the heels. Or the nice shirt. And I could never go to work in white shorts (I never know WHAT I’ll sit on!). But otherwise, that looks just like me 😉

  9. I like the look.. but not a look for a mommy chaseing after her 2 year old out in the yard that is for sure.. OH and to answer the question of who does this.. check this out..

    ture the heals aren’t as high as your model.. but this was taken before you started seeing it around that often.

  10. If women in France wore shorts, they would. AND they would add fishnet stockings to complete the look. You ain’t seen nothing until you have seen a gal in camo capris, fishnets and heels!

    But for some reason, they don’t usually wear shorts- for coolness in summer it’s usually flowy skirts. I walk the line in a skort from time to time, lol, but won’t wear shorts unless I can pull off looking like I was cleaning house or something…

    In a side note- did you get your magazine yet?

  11. I’m a soccer mom, so I certainly don’t run into anyone dressed like this. If we wear shorts, we accessorise with flip flops. 🙂

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