Where Do You Live?

Lori of Just Pure Lovely, who I got the privilege of meeting in Disney World a couple weeks ago (hey, girls, when are we having that reunion!?) is hosting a monthly carnival called Where Do You Live?  She wants to know, well, WHERE YOU LIVE. 

But not just where.  She wants to know ABOUT where you live, specifically, what makes it unique, or at least special to you.  And I do love where I live, so I jumped right on this bandwagon! 

When I was driving home from the park yesterday, I kept stopping the car and getting out to take pictures, much to my children’s concern.  But, see, around here, you can actually stand in the road long enough to take a picture without risking life and limb.  That is how LITTLE traffic there is.

I live in what I call a rural suburb of Philadelphia — an area beyond the suburbs that is slowly becoming built up with newer developments and shopping centers, but is still largely rural.  My development is located on farmland, and there are farms surrounding us on three sides.  We moved here a few years ago from a densely populated borough on the outskirts of Philly, so passing cows and sheep when I drive my kids to school was quite a novelty at first, and I have to admit, it hasn’t entirely worn off yet.

Here are a few pictures I took today.  This is the farm behind our development.  I know.  It was a horrible time of day for picture taking, so bear with me.

I wanted to get a shot of the cows and the sheep on the farm I pass on my morning walk, but they weren’t outside yesterday.  Usually they are more sociable than that, but it was kind of a gloomy day here.  I felt like staying inside, myself.  Perhaps I will get a chance to snap a couple shots today.  I had great intentions of going out at dusk last night, but you can imagine how motivated I felt to get in my car and go take pictures after cooking and cleaning up dinner for my family.  Yeah, that wasn’t happening.

Next month I’ll have to get a little more creative and find something besides farms to photograph.  Please consider playing along!  I’d love to know about where you live.  And be sure to link up at Lori’s place, so I can find you.