Where Oh Where Have My Comments Gone?

Where oh where can they BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE??

Okay, what gives?  I miss my comments.  My stats are consistent, but my comments have dropped significantly over the past few weeks.  And as any blogger knows, comments are the fuel that light the bloggy fire.  I mean honestly, without comments, WHAT’S the point?

Which leads me to my next thought.  What IS the point?  At first, the blog was just a fun space to decorate and to record our family life for friends and family abroad.  And, admittedly, it was for my own entertainment and humor.  I have always had the questionable blessing of being able to crack myself up.  But as soon as the comments started coming in, I was hooked.  And over the years the blogging community has become a source of humor, comfort, friendship, encouragement, and insights.

As my blog has evolved, I’ve been able to provide fun giveaways for my readers, I have taken opportunities to write elsewhere, and I’ve had some amazing experiences that would have never come my way otherwise.  There IS a business aspect to the blog, I won’t lie, but at the end of the day, it’s the comments that matter.  It’s the friends we make and the relationships we build and the encouragement we gain and the wisdom we find.  And the laughs, where would blogging be without the comic relief?

I have had people say to me in the past that I get so many comments on some posts that they feel like another comment won’t even be noticed (or missed) or that we seem to have such a community here that they feel intimidated about jumping in.  I assure you NOTHING can be further from the truth.  There isn’t a blogger in the world who doesn’t want more comments.  Not even Dooce!

I also realize that comments are a reciprocal thing.  When people ask me how to boost traffic to their blog, I tell them to get out there and leave comments all over the place!  I guess I should take my own advice sometimes.  You might want to get the coffee brewing.  I’ll be coming around.

So spill.  Are you commenting less?  Are you noticing fewer comments on your own blog?  I know I’ve seen other bloggers mention recently that they feel the same way, so I’m wondering if maybe this a trend.  Or maybe I smell. 😉

Honestly, I’m not complaining.  I’m just wondering if anyone else has noticed a similar drop in commenting.  Tell me what you think and then go and leave someone a comment!  Go ahead!  Shoo!

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73 thoughts on “Where Oh Where Have My Comments Gone?

  1. I found your blog a little while ago and while I haven’t commented very much – I do enjoy reading. You give me chuckles quite often! I’ll try to let you know more often. I have a little blog of my own, and do receive some comments (and that’s great!) but the blog is for my own purpose (and maybe just a little boring) so I don’t mind if I don’t get any.

    Thanks for blogging!!

  2. yeah i have that same problem, they hit hard then a slump and then back. I guess everyone gets busy here and there

  3. I’m new to this blogging world and definitely got into to ensure friends and family were updated about my little man. I use to email them updates every month his first year and then I thought with a blog they can check in whenever they want. Then I started reading blogs and got hooked on them, but felt funny commenting (not sure why probably b/c I did not have one). after I set up my blog and started the updates, I started commenting and sometimes I get a comment, but most of the time I don’t. But honestly, I get so excited when I do. Maybe I need to be more interesting and a better design 🙂


  4. I don’t always leave a comment unless I feel I can add something to the “conversation”. I don’t always have time to comment either (I haven’t blogged since late Tuesday night so there you go).

    Keep goin’ girl!

  5. I think it’s just fall and the adjustment of a new schedule. I know for me, it’s been HARD trying to find time to comment on blogs that I read. Heck, it’s HARD to find time to even write my own posts.

    I bet it the number of comments will pick up as winter sets in and severely limits our outside activities. Winter: The Blogging Season.

  6. It is a bummer to not get many comments! I love the comment you just received about getting comments about something as silly as mallow cups, but when you pour your heart out and get nothing it’s a downer. I’ll try to be better about commenting on others’ blogs since that’s how the bloggy world goes ’round… 🙂

  7. Well after reading all these comments, it´s clear to me, that you still get them. I agree with most of the reason´s that were written and I´m sure you´re happy with the response as well.
    For me, it´s like someone up top said, I get intimidated when there are so many comments and think that all has been said already. But I do enjoy your blog and wish you the best!

  8. This one is tricky. You never know what might trigger a response or why people don’t. I’ve been reading in Google reader lately, so I’ve been a bit lazy about clicking over to leave a comment, yet I read. I think time and mood play a big part too.

    I’m struck often by people in real life telling me they’ve been reading my blog and liking it, etc., but they’ve never left a comment. I don’t know why. Why not comment?

  9. Generally I am a lurker. Reading blogs is my “down time” after the kids go to bed and I am too wired to sleep! It is very easy to get too many blogs on my “must read” list. Thus I am trying to check-in on too many and don’t allow enough time to make comments. Been trying to do better lately though! But on the blogs with tons of comments, I feel like I don’t really have anything to add that 50 other people haven’t already said!
    I do have a blog but it is really only interesting to Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles 🙂
    Do enjoy your blog though, keep up the great work!!!

  10. Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog. It’s one of a handful I read every day. I don’t comment much because, honestly, I still feel a little bit creepy and intrusive reading people’s blogs. (Yeah, I’ll join the rest of the world in the 21st century one of these days!)

    Anyway, your post made me want to comment just to tell you that I appreciate what you do. Thanks!

  11. Yes, I have totally noticed a drop in comments. As usual, I attribute this to my not being a very commenter lately. My comments are directly proportional to the comments I leave. Plus, I figure if I feel so overwhelmed and busy that I can’t read blogs and comment regularly, chances are it’s in the air and others are in the same boat. Trying not to freak:)

  12. Wow you sure got a lot of comments on a post with no comments.

    For me personally my blog reading and commenting has been way down. The last month and half have just been overwhelming in real life. Then I come to bloglines and notice all the posts I haven’t read and I can’t deal with it so I go do something else. LOL. I just need to hit “all read” and just start from today but it’s like I think the world will come to the end or something if I did that. LOL.

  13. As you know, the last 3.5 months have been “yucky” for me due to morning sickness…hence my lack of commenting here. I’ll eventually get back in the groove again.

  14. I’ll take the bait…

    You brought up a very valid point and I’m glad you did.

    I know I’ve not commented as much since the kids started school again this year. Every day just seems to be filled with time consuming tasks. I miss taking the time to read and comment. Lately, I’ve just been reading.

    Here’s to commenting more!

  15. Boy, I guess this post did the trick. You got lots of comments. I would die to have as few as you have had some time. I recetly started a blog and it seems hard to break into the blogging world. I guess its my own fault since I don’t comment at often as I should on others. Love your blog!

  16. I’ll admit my comments have been scare for the past few weeks. I think with school starting, soccer pratice, PTC, working full time and everything else that makes us Moms my time has been limited. I read every day and I always think of something to say but usually my mind tells me… she’s not going to care it’s no big deal.

  17. I have never been by your blog before, but have enjoyed my tour. I will be back and WILL comment. 🙂

    I love comments when people stop by, but am soooo guilty of lurking a while before I join in all the fun.

    Thanks for the post, it got me to thinkin’

  18. For me, it’s the busyness of life in the fall with school, soccer, PTA, etc. I still stop by daily to see what you have to say. I enjoy your blog!

  19. I have noticed it. I also went through a time where I was not commenting/reading blogs at all because of life circumstances. It is so hard for me to keep it all up some days with blogging and commenting.

    I have noticed a dip in both hits and comments on my blog, but I would say for me it is in direct relation to the fact that I am not blogging or commenting as much.

    You rock, though!

  20. I love getting comments, but find myself commenting less on the blogs I read…only because of the time nature in my day. I love to have discussions on my blog… and see my readers converse with each other. However, lately, I’m lucky if I get five comments per entry. It is a little of a buzz kill when no one comments.

    I get a lot of emails regarding my entries on my site, but for some reason they don’t comment on the blog.

    To make myself feel better, I just reason that everyone is as busy as me and doesn’t have time to comment. lol


  21. I think that Fall is a busy time for moms.

    I know that my blog reading has cut back a lot with starting 5 Minutes for Books AND back to school.

    I don’t comment as much as I used to (which was pretty much 75% of the time or more!) because it does take time, but for me — why just read a blog? I do want to be part of the community, and that means commenting. So–I read fewer blogs (or the same blogs, but less often), and still comment.

  22. I know I haven’t commented lately, because something’s been up with my bloglines feeds. Over 30 blogs I subscribe to have not been updating. And I’ve been too pressed for time to go check for new posts. But magically, today, they all seem to be fixed and I have new posts to read coming out my ears!
    I’m like many others though, even though I try to comment regularly, I often feel like I don’t have much to add. But I realize how important the comments are! (Of course, you have to blog to get them, and I’ve been doing very little of that lately!)
    Anyway, hope they pick back up for you!

  23. I’m not getting many comments either, not that I have a huge amount of readership or anything. One of the reasons I may not comment is that I read most things in Google Reader and it just takes more time to click on over to the site and post a comment. I will do this if I really have something to say but most times, I just don’t.

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