Where Oh Where Have My Comments Gone?

Where oh where can they BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE??

Okay, what gives?  I miss my comments.  My stats are consistent, but my comments have dropped significantly over the past few weeks.  And as any blogger knows, comments are the fuel that light the bloggy fire.  I mean honestly, without comments, WHAT’S the point?

Which leads me to my next thought.  What IS the point?  At first, the blog was just a fun space to decorate and to record our family life for friends and family abroad.  And, admittedly, it was for my own entertainment and humor.  I have always had the questionable blessing of being able to crack myself up.  But as soon as the comments started coming in, I was hooked.  And over the years the blogging community has become a source of humor, comfort, friendship, encouragement, and insights.

As my blog has evolved, I’ve been able to provide fun giveaways for my readers, I have taken opportunities to write elsewhere, and I’ve had some amazing experiences that would have never come my way otherwise.  There IS a business aspect to the blog, I won’t lie, but at the end of the day, it’s the comments that matter.  It’s the friends we make and the relationships we build and the encouragement we gain and the wisdom we find.  And the laughs, where would blogging be without the comic relief?

I have had people say to me in the past that I get so many comments on some posts that they feel like another comment won’t even be noticed (or missed) or that we seem to have such a community here that they feel intimidated about jumping in.  I assure you NOTHING can be further from the truth.  There isn’t a blogger in the world who doesn’t want more comments.  Not even Dooce!

I also realize that comments are a reciprocal thing.  When people ask me how to boost traffic to their blog, I tell them to get out there and leave comments all over the place!  I guess I should take my own advice sometimes.  You might want to get the coffee brewing.  I’ll be coming around.

So spill.  Are you commenting less?  Are you noticing fewer comments on your own blog?  I know I’ve seen other bloggers mention recently that they feel the same way, so I’m wondering if maybe this a trend.  Or maybe I smell. 😉

Honestly, I’m not complaining.  I’m just wondering if anyone else has noticed a similar drop in commenting.  Tell me what you think and then go and leave someone a comment!  Go ahead!  Shoo!