Where The Heck Are You Guys??

This must be an all-time low for comments on my blog.  One comment today.  ONE!???

And did you NOTICE the BlogHer Business Conference Ad on my sidebar?  They’re MOCKING me, I tell you.  I don’t take kindly to that.

Did you all have a nice Sunday?  With the exception of the neverending headcold and a sore thumb (more on that tomorrow) I’m doing quite dandy.  Even got a nap.  Woot!


The season finale to The Amazing Race is tonight.  Who’s watching it with me?  Who do you want to win?  I was so stinking excited last week when Jen and Bozo were the last team to arrive.  They were so mean to eachother throughout the race, it drove me bananas.  But then at the end, they were so sad and they were all hugging up on eachother.  I really hope they work it out.  I know, I’m such a sap.

So who are you rooting for?

Ron and Christina

TK and Rachel

Nicholas and Don

I love TK and Rachel.  They’re just so nice.  I wouldn’t mind if Nicholas and Don win.  I find Ron and Christina rather nauseating, so they’re my last pick.  But I think they’re going to be hard to beat.

Alrighty then, someone start talking to me before I get a complex or something.

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  1. I’ll be watching too. I was so glad Nate? and Jen got ousted last week as well. I would like TK and Rachel to win, as they are really nice and have seemed to have the most fun with the whole race. Don deserves a million bucks for putting up with Nicholas the whole race, even though he has sorta been nice these past few episodes by carrying his bag and all. Ron and Christina, I have no real feelings about. They have seemed to click as a team lately, so we’ll see.

  2. I’m here. trying to keep warm. and watching football.

    I worked out today. My fingers are the only appendages I can move without pain.

  3. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been trying to read your Best Musings throughout this weekend. However, I keep getting interrupted by the munchkins. I’ve probably gone to your site a dozen times and have yet to finish reading a post except for this one. So, there you go.

  4. I wouldn’t miss the finale tonight if my hair were on fire. You know, I’d love to see Christina win but I can’t stand her overbearing, moody, grouchy, and just not nice father so I don’t want him to win. I’m rooting for TK and Rachel.

  5. I’m watching it right now. I’m with you- I want TK and Rachel to win- they’re so mellow. The father/daughter team is the one I least want to win.

  6. I haven’t been on the computer much today because my husband was trying to fix our itunes. I made the mistake of upgrading itunes last week and it messed up everyones itunes account but mine. Oops! Let’s just say my kids have not been happy campers. He finally got it fixed, so normal life can now resume.

    We won’t be watching anything but the Packers game tonight, even though we’re Bear fans. Did you know that it is -3 degrees here in WI? They’re going to be Packersicles.

  7. I’m going to try to watch. I don’t have a strong opinion about who should win, but I like close finishes where everyone has a good attitude.

    I agree about being happy that the dysfunctional team lost last week.

  8. I will be happy with either of the three remaining teams winning. Amazing Race is my favorite.
    Maybe you don’t have as many comments because everyone is sooo busy reading your hubby’s new blog.It just may be the price you have to pay when you share the wealth of your popularity in the bloggy world. Although I really think everyone is too cold to comment, have you seen the temps here in PA? I think its a stinking 2 degrees outside right now.

  9. Maybe everyone is frozen? I am! I am also sick with the Winter Crud (yes, it needs capitals). Hope your thumb is okay. I just keep thinking of that time you were late to Chorale b/c you injured your hand at home…

  10. I read, religiously, your blog… I’ve never missed a post… seriously! I attend Bible Study, come home for quiet time and then head right over to the book of blogs… to read yours… i’ve just been so preoccupied with birthday parties and, well, myself…lol, that i’ve not been able to comment much!

    But birthday season is over so I should be back… a little more faithful… 😀

  11. i’ve been busy with preparation for Bug’s bday party (you can check out his cake on my blog if you feel so inclined), and we went on an impromptu day trip today as a family. gotta love having the extra day as a holiday!

    i do like the amazing race but never manage to remember to watch it!! so alas, i have no idea who anybody is!

  12. Well. Ask and ye shall receive! I don’t think this is exactly what Jesus had in mind, but yall sure come out of the woodwork when a girl shamelessly begs for comments.

    So The Amazing Race. TK and Rachel won it!!! I was SO excited for them. They’re just too cute.

    Stay warm, yall.

  13. Enjoy your program tonight. Hopefully it will be a great ending.

    Tonight I want to read since I have not had a chance thanks to an 8 month old that is teething and up so much lately.

  14. Amazing Race is awesome! I haven’t had a chance to watch much of it this time around… Enjoy! I found your blog tonight, I love the design! Will be back more!

  15. I was glad to see TK and Rachel win it. I was with you on Ron and Christina. I liked her ok…but not the 2 of them together. I was also kind of rooting for Nick and Don. Oh well..

  16. I’m here, I’m here! Just posted a little announcement over at my blog, actually. ; )

    Oh, and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy (like, I had tears) that TK & Rachel won!!! My favorites never win, and they did this time! Woo hoo!


  17. Steph – I felt the same way, I was grinning from ear to ear.

    Heather – Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry about your friend. And I had to chuckle about your apology. No need to apologize when you can’t read every day. 😉

  18. I was glad to see TK and Rachel win, they were the most even keeled couple. I was glad to see the father changed and became nicer to his daughter, hope that lasts. I wouldn’t have minded if the grandfather and grandson won because I admired the grandad for doing so well on the race.

    Honestly, I was a bit disappointed about the whole season. It didn’t seem as exciting and their challnges were kinda dull, there was too much airport stuff. I never committed to any of the characters. Still, I am an Amazing Race fan and will definitely catch it next time too!

  19. Okay so many things to say–

    1. LOVED the finale! This is the only show I actually watch faithfully. Or at all. Did you see the Anchorage shots? Loved seeing it, Andrew adn I were right there. When they got in with that Asian cabbie to go to Ship Creek I thought they were doomed. “He’ll never know where that is!”

    Anyway, I may not be commenting but I’m reading–I’ve been swamped and reading through RSS feeds. I’m quiet but I’m lurking 😉

  20. I am a reality show junkie, but I have never ever seen Amazing Race. I know. *shaking head* Must get with the program. I hear it’s SOOOOOO good!

  21. Hi,

    I was popping over from an old link on Rocks in My Dryer and this post caught my attention.

    Amazing how many people visit and never comment. I started a new homemaking blog (my main blog is on homeschooling) and its like I’m floating in space all alone–almost no comments. But I didn’t start the blog for comments–I did it as a homemaking journal to keep all my ideas and photos in one area for my daughters. So I will blog away.

    But the stats show lots of visitors….Maybe I’ll borrow your “Where are you guys” title and see if I get any response.


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