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Where to Connect with Me in 2015


You may have heard the bru-ha-ha over Facebook making it harder and harder for brand pages to be seen in their followers’ newsfeeds. They have come right out and said that in 2015, they are going to make even less of the content from business pages available without paid advertising.

This is an admirable goal for the user, and I’m not writing this post to whine and complain. The way I see it, Facebook is just trying to keep up with the people gaming the system so they can make the platform benefit the people who use it organically.

In fact, I’m actually HOPEFUL that this is going to be a GOOD change for those of us using Facebook as it was intended. In fact, I daresay that now that 2015 is here, my Facebook page is getting as much engagement as it ever has.

You see, for me, Facebook is more than just another platform where I push out my content, although I do use it for that purpose. But now that so many people are reading blogs on their mobile devices, which makes commenting a bit more cumbersome, my Facebook page is where so much of the conversation is.

Many bloggers and businesses who use Facebook primarily as a means to promote their products are talking about moving away from Facebook and put more time and energy into Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Also, there’s a real push to build our email lists, which ultimately belong to us, not a 3rd party site.

I already use those platforms a lot, but to me, NOTHING offers the community that Facebook does… except possibly my blog comments.

I’d love to hear from you, the reader. How do YOU prefer to interact with your favorite blogs?

There are plenty of ways I push out my content . . .

Pinterest: I pin almost every post I write to my BEST OF Jo-Lynne Shane Pinterest Board. Although not every post has a pin-worthy image (particularly the #CoffeeTalk posts, which everyone seems to like.) So if you’re on Pinterest, make you’re following me there.

Twitter: I always tweet my posts, although I feel like Twitter is nothing more than a black hole anymore. However, I do check in a couple times a day and respond, so if you’re on Twitter, you can follow me @JoLynneShane.

Instagram: And I absolutely love Instagram, and it does allow for some community although it’s all visual. I can’t just ask for advice or share a cool article over there.

RSS & Email: Then there’s my RSS Feed and email lists, which I have tried to make as user-friendly as possible. You can sign up to receive all of my posts daily or weekly, or you can choose to receive certain regular features or categories of posts if you have a favorite you don’t want to miss. I’ve already shared how I’m moving some of these over to a new platform that should allow me to make them more personal.

Newsletter: I do try to shoot out a newsletter every month or so, although I know I don’t use that to its fullest potential. That’s a goal for 2015. I really want to make those more useful and more valuable to you.

Facebook: And yes, my Facebook Page is still there, and I will continue to use it as long as there is engagement.

If you DO want to see my Facebook Page updates, make sure you have not only “liked” my page, but also checked off to “Follow” and also “Get Notifications.”

Get Notifications

Beyond that, the more you “like,” share and comment on my FB Page posts, the more often my updates will show in your newsfeed. 

I’m feeling much more optimistic about the Facebook changes now that 2015 is here and I don’t see much difference in my own pages. I really do think Facebook wants what the user wants. I don’t think they’re trying to penalize Facebook pages as much as they are wanting to cut down on the promotional posts that people are getting tired of.

So tell me what you think. How many of you interact with me on my Facebook page? Where else do you like to interact? Or if you prefer to read and remain anonymous, that is just fine too.

Also… I know that some blogs have their comments enabled through Facebook so you don’t have to fill in your name and email address every time you comment on the blog. Do you think that’s helpful? Do you find that you’re more likely to leave a blog comment if they blogger uses the Facebook comments? I’ve debated giving that a try.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. If you’re primarily a blog-reader, where do you go to keep up with your favorite blogs? And if you are a blogger, how are you facilitating interaction and feedback with your community?

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12 thoughts on “Where to Connect with Me in 2015

  1. I never use facebook anymore. It became too much of a time waster for me. I use a mobile device and it does an auto fill on name and email, so leaving a comment is not a big deal.

  2. I read your blog faithfully and comment on occasion. I follow on Facebook and probably comment there the most. I also follow you on Pinterest but not all of your boards and I just added you to Twitter…I don’t think I’ll miss anything ;-). Happy New Year!!

  3. I like the variety that comes from engaging on multiple platforms! Thanks for all your efforts in each spot.

  4. I think I probably comment here the most. I’m trying to cut out extraneous social media personally, so I am hit or miss on FB & I rarely use Twitter or Instagram any more. I’m all about quality over quantity as well, and don’t like being overwhelmed with info at every turn, so I just pick & choose the ones I like the best. Yours is one of the few I would find no matter where you are. 😀

  5. I am not a big facebook user either. Most of what I see and read from you is from your blog though emails. Now that I know what the Real Food Recipe Roundup is, I will be checking in to that more. I should have looked at it earlier to find out. 🙂 I am a big believer in cooking/ baking from scratch often. Recipes using whole grains would be good to see posted once in awhile too. I also like the “Things to do with your kids” idea. That would be very helpful! Your blog is great and I have enjoyed reading it and learning from it.

  6. You’re in my RSS reader, and I end up clicking over to at least read the comments on pretty much every post. Honestly, I”m not sure how much of your stuff shows up on my facebook, but that’s because I have you as a friend on facebook too and I don’t always pay attention to whether I’m seeing your page or the blog’s now that the name is essentially the same, LOL. I know you show up in my newsfeed sometimes, but I don’t generally click over to the page to see if there are other things they didn’t show in my feed. I feel like I stop seeing friends I don’t interact with often more quickly on facebook than I do pages, so who knows.

  7. I read on RSS. I am not a big FB fan. Both for their practices, policies and the way many people who I am “friends” with use it. I used to read on my phone through google reader but I have not looked for a new app, so I just read on my computer. No big deal, I work from home and spend several hours on the computer.

  8. I enjoy your blog daily, but I fly under the radar and rarely comment! I do not follow any other social
    media sites. Best to you and your family in 2015!!!

  9. I read and comment here the most. I am not a big FB user anymore. Something like FB shouldn’t be so much work, and calculation, or trying to fill out algorithms.

    I definitely like having newsletters that I can read, so I can’t wait to see what you are going to do with yours.

  10. I think it depends on the day. Most of the time my favorite way to communicate with my favorite bloggers is still via blog comments but sometimes that’s difficult if I’m on my phone. But facebook is my next favorite. And yes I do like the ease of commenting on blogs via facebook. I’ve been trying to find a good plugin to do that with Green Eyed Country Girl, to at least give peeps options. 🙂 Twitter, I agree with you, it’s a big black hole.

  11. I get tired of facebook pretty quickly. I`m all about instagram these days & love following food bloggers on instagram for the beautiful food pics. I get most of my news via twitter. Reporters, magazine editors etc seem to share their news immediately on twitter, which slowly trickles down to fb. I only like fb to see the latest updates from people I know personally & news in my own community. Fb seems bloated these days & any pages that I`ve liked, I sure do`t see them often in my timeline.

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