Who Knew A Mailing Box Could Provide Hours of Entertainment?


I love this kid. She can always find a way to create something out of nothing.

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  1. So much money wasted on toys when all along here was an easy cheap option. Note taken. Thanks : )

  2. Boxes are fun and cheap entertainment.You are a brave mother for letting her do it in the kitchen. I send the boys to the garage to work on their box decorating.

  3. Yeah, she has spent DAYS on that thing. I should take another picture. It’s quite embellished now.

  4. Our daughter was born and some of the simplest toys were a piece of paper or a box !! She would play in the box or admire the paper , just a small piece and observe how she could turn the piece various ways and watch the motions of her hand and the paper. She is very artistic now and loves to make cards for fathers day and mothers day !!! Those to me are some of the most cherished gifts one could receive.

    Mr Mom

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