Who’s As Excited As I Am?

starts TONIGHT on Fox!

I had so much fun last year writing recaps of each show.  Stay tuned…

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  1. The cruelty doesn’t bother me so much, although it probably should, but the tryouts get really old. I am not entertained by the ridiculously horrible contestants. I’m more interested in the ones that are close but don’t get through, and how they determine the great from the good.

    Basically I tolerate the tryouts, but when they go to Hollywood I really get into it. FUN!!

  2. I like watching the show, but Husband does not. So, I’m stuck watching it in snippets during commercial breaks of other shows. As it happens, he loves The Biggest Loser and it shows at the same time. So, I will be reading your recaps but most of the time won’t know what exactly happened.

  3. Depending on what else is on and how the whole toddler-to-bed routine plays out, we may not start watching until they get to Hollywood (the try-outs aren’t all that exciting to me – some of it just seems so silly and phony) but I am excited to watch once the real contest begins – your recaps actually make it more fun to watch, for me, because I like to think about what you’re going to say the next day. I just wish it were on a little later – Central time makes it tough for us.


  4. Thanks for the reminder! I forgot all about it and I love the tryouts! My husband says I could be one of the ones that make it on the tv auditions…do you think he’s saying something about my singing abilities??? 🙂

  5. My whole family is excited!! And I think they are doing it a little different this year, less of the making fun of the not so great singers and more life stories of the contestants and their families, etc.
    This makes me very happy, there were actually a couple of times I turned OFF AI because I thought they were being just too cruel!

  6. Oh my gosh! I’ve been thinking about it for two weeks and almost forgot tonight that it’s on. Thanks for the reminder. My boys and I love watching it together.

  7. I had to check out your site because I see you commenting on Stie’s site all the time. I am so glad I did because I had no idea it was starting tonight! With the writers strike I haven’t had my TV on for a couple months so I’m kind of out of it.

  8. Me, me, me! I am excited. I actually really love to watch the crazy auditions – Oh wait! I am watching them as I type! Can’t wait to read your thoughts!

  9. I thought “Let my people gooooo!,” was very funny. Of course, this must be sung in a deep voice with the mouth completely open. 🙂

    Looking forward to your thoughts about David Bowie’s sparkly sister!

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