Why Stop With American Idol?

Because I’m a reality TV junkie, I feel the need to discuss DWTS.  I am so glad Marissa made it through this week!!  I know she’s not the best, but she’s just so fun to watch.  I really don’t know who I’m rooting for.  At this point, I don’t want to see any of them go.  I wish I felt like that about AI.

Am I the only one who thinks that Kristi has an unfair advantage?  I dunno, I have a hard time getting behind her, but maybe that’s not fair.  She IS good. 

Cristian totally won me over Monday night, and have a hard time not hoping he makes it to the end, even though I think Kristi and Jason are probably consistently better.

If it comes down to the two of them, I’m definitely rooting for Jason.


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10 thoughts on “Why Stop With American Idol?

  1. Squeal! How happy was I that Marissa is still dancing? Um, very! She is a DOLL! Plus I think she brings out joy in those around her–look at the difference in Tony this season.

    Buh-bye Mario.

    I am rooting for Jason over Christian, he is DIVINE .Cheryl bugs me and I’m sorry he is injured, but I hope they still judge him fairly. He did well with one arm, but is he really finals worthy–like for the free-style?

    Kristy is amazing, her skating background does give her technical advantage, but no one beats Marissa’s personality advantage.

    I didn’t realize how seriously I’ve been taking DWTS until I started typing! Blush.

  2. Don’t hate on me, but Marissa makes me cringe. I have to look away when she dances. Maybe it’s the big goofy smile or the awful way they dress her. I can’t handle it.

    I’m in Team Kristy.

    I’m really glad that pouty chick and Mario got voted off last night. I’m not her biggest fan.

  3. I’m glad it was Mario who went. Next week, it HAS to be Marissa to go. Her big hair scares me! I keep expecting it to have its own dance partner and compete by itself. Maybe Louis Van Amstel?

  4. I totally want Jason…not only because he is eye candy, but I think he is the best dancer. I really like Kristi, but let’s be honest it isn’t that different than what she did for a living (probably easier because she isn’t on skates). Jason is a football player and he moves for being a big guy. He has a great smile and he is a gentleman. I hope he wins! Or at least makes it to the finals so I can keep watching him! 🙂

    I was sad to see Mario go, I think he was the third best dancer . I don’t like the Marissa chick, her personality is too overbearing for me.

  5. I have to chime in even though this is my first trip here because it is DWTS!!!!

    I use to study ballroom dance and I think I can say with a tiny bit of authority that Kristy’s skating doesn’t give her any unusual advantage. Maybe some, but in the same way that Mario’s music background gives him an advantage when it comes to feeling the beat. Certainly their are things in their backgrounds that are going to help them in one way or another (I heard someone say that Apollo must have had an advantage because of the rhythm speed skaters naturally fall into. Huh?) but they also are fighting against their training. Athletes seem to do better in this competition because you have to have stamina to keep the energy going the whole dance and performers (like Marisa) seem to do better at putting on a show but it looks like the athletes have an edge when it comes to winning.

    As far as this year goes, I am rooting for Jason because I think he has come such a long way. Kristy’s size is an advantage to her while Jason’s size is not yet look at what he has done! I would be tempted to root for Kristy just because I think Mark got robbed last year when he and Sabrina were booted for no good reason.

    I love Marisa and would love to see her win but I don’t know that she is at the same level as the other two. Maybe she can rise to their level… I would love to see that! I can’t watch Cristian dance because I am afraid his arm is going to fall off now. I want him to go home and get the surgery done. I did enjoy his dancing this week and his courage!

    OK… more than 2 cents, but…well… you asked!

  6. I love Marissa’s enthusiasm and what she brings out in her partner but I don’t think she should win.

    I love Kristy and I don’t think she has an advantage. Saying she can ballroom dance just because she’s a figure skater is saying one can figure skate because they can ballroom dance. I doubt if any of the pro dancers could take that on. She might be tuned into the music more but that wouldn’t make her any more able to put the steps together properly. I think the advantage if there was one is that she would be used to a competitive performance atmosphere and know how to focus herself better. Anyhoo, IMHO.

    I’m glad Karina is gone, her pout at not getting favorable comments is annoying. I like Jason but don’t like his pro partner. Yup, I think I’m in Kristy’s camp. Sorry. ;v)

  7. I’m a huge DWTS fan! I even checked ebay for tickets! ROFL

    I am Soooooooo happy Mario was voted off. Actually not really Mario but the pro dancer really. I haven’t really cared for her in any of her seasons on the show. She has an attitude and it is transparent on the show. She even rolls her eyes when the camera is on her and they play that ‘music’ cue. UGH

    I don’t think Kristy has an unfair advantage at all. She ice skated and yes some things are like that but not the whole ballroom dancing thing. I think she just takes it more serious maybe? She is more trained then the others in doing what it takes. As an Olympian she had to practice hours and hours. Kinda like my guy Apollo from two years ago.

    Jason is good too, but he’s not as elegant on the floor. Yes he is eye candy, but it is dancing we are looking at though. ROFL

    Marissa is cute and bubbly but not that good at the dancing.

    Christian is not that good. I think he’s had sympathy votes these past two weeks. I wish that Cheryl was with Mario and then you’d see a better performance. LOL

    Sorry for rambling…….it’s my fave show. LOL

  8. Yay, someone finally posted about DWTS! I’m such a huge fan and I am a HUGE fan of Kristy’s! Go Kristy (I also love figure skating). I miss Julianne as she is by far my favorite pro. Oh and I have to say Christian totally won me over this week as well. I can’t wait for next week!

  9. DWTS – didn’t know what that meant! But now I think it is Dancing with the Stars? Would that be right? We get it on one of our satellite channels, but as yet I have not got into it.

    Here we have Strictly Dancing – I think we share some of the judges.

    We also are on our third series of a show with Andrew Lloyd Webber, where they are looking for a new star to appear in West End shows. So far we have found Connie for Maria in The Sound of Music, Lee to star in Joseph, and this series we (now the “we” – I play a vital role, despite never actually phoning up to vote) are looking for Nancy and a child to play Oliver – obviously for Oliver. Great programme.

  10. Kristi VS Adam…a fair competition from the getgo? Who are they kidding? This isn’t competition, it’s entertainment. There is absolutely an unfair advantage and then you let the audience vote, so let’s bring back Jerry Springer! I watch (obsessively) purely for entertainment value and don’t pay a bit of attention to the voting.

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