Parker Station Pinot Noir & Fess Parker Riesling

This month from the California Wine Club, I received a Pinot Noir and a Riesling. Both are from the Fess Parker Winery & Vineyard.

I have to admit, this was not my favorite shipment. Not that it stopped me from drinking it, mind you, but neither is one I would order again. That doesn’t mean that YOU wouldn’t like it, so let me break it down.

Let’s start with the Pinot Noir.

I drank this first because I tend to LOVE Pinot Noir and I was looking forward to diving in. Unfortunately it was a bit too sweet for my palate. I had my husband taste it, to see if I was imagining things, and he agreed that it was sweeter than a typical Pinot.

I wish I could remember what I ate it with — and I realize that could be part of the issue — but I don’t recall. I do remember that I was snacking, and then I drank it with my meal. So I think it is just an unusually sweet Pinot. That said, if you’re one who prefers a sweeter wine, this might be a good match for you. It went down smoothly; and I can see how it would be a nice sip-alone wine.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by the Riesling.

I’m generally not a fan of Riesling, as it’s sweeter than I prefer, but I gamely tasted it, hoping to like it. (Who wants a perfectly good bottle of wine to go to waste?)

I am happy to report, I didn’t mind it at all. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it, but for a Riesling, this was a nice wine.

I drank it with barbecue-marinated pork chops, and it was a good compliment. If I was going to buy a wine to go with an Asian-inspired dish, I would consider this Riesling.

Fun Trivia: Fess Parker was cast in the roll of Davy Crockett in the mid-1950’s, and it changed his life forever. Fess and his son, Eli, originally set out in 1989 to plant a small vineyard and sell fruit to local producers. Throughout the late 1950’s and 1960’s, Fess was at the pinnacle of a television career that had an unprecedented impact upon American popular culture. But it was Fess’ entrepreneurial spirit that prompted his leaving Hollywood to go into business for himself. The traits that Crockett and Boone embodied – integrity, resourcefulness and good humor — carried over to Fess’ personal life and formed the foundation upon which the family business was built. [source]

I love fun family stories. Just had to share.

I have thoroughly enjoyed sampling the California Wine Club. Having 2 bottles of wine arrive on my doorstep once a month, chosen by experienced wine connaisseurs, is a luxury I never considered. I’m surprised how affordable it actually is, and I think I’m hooked.

Once again, Musings of a Housewife readers are eligible to receive 4 bottles of wine for the price of 2 if you purchase a membership to any of the California Wine Clubs. It can be a gift, or for yourself, and there is no obligation to continue. The promo code is PHILLY12. Every bottle is 100% guaranteed so there’s really no risk involved.

Make sure you are following @cawineclub on Twitter and “like” California Wine Club on Facebook to stay up to date on all their latest wine finds and special offers.

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