Winvian Resort and Spa in Connecticut

I am writing from my plush bed in one of the cottages at the Winvian Resort and Spa in Litchfield Hills, Connecticut. Oh yes I am!!!

When my friend Cecily invited me to come as her “plus one” on a spa trip (’cause I am definitely not cool enough to get this invitation on my own merit, haha!) I immediately canceled two other blogging events this week and started emailing babysitters. I didn’t even look at the destination, but I knew I’d be in good company and I could really use a getaway.

Chevrolet provided us with a shiny red Malibu to drive in, and they sponsored this trip so we could learn all about the newly redesigned Malibu and how women were such an integral force in the design and production of this car. It was all very fascinating.

The night before we left, I googled Winvian to see where I was headed. OH. MY. STARS. I have stayed in nice places, but this is a whole new level of luxury. Rather than a hotel, the Winvian is made up of 18 uniquely designed architectural cottages in a serene wooded New England setting. Each one is charming in its own way.

We are staying in the Secret Society — a cozy cottage with a cool loft bedroom and a glass canopy. You can seriously lay in bed and look up at the trees outside.

secret society mezzanine

I know, RIGHT!!???

Inside it is just so warm and cozy. It is the perfect nature lover’s hideaway. Not that I would consider myself a nature lover exactly, but I do appreciate the natural surroundings while I retire for the weekend a luxurious woodland cottage. HAHA! (And there are TONS of things to do here if you ARE a nature lover — hiking and biking trails, horseback riding, kayaking and canoeing and even hot air balloon rides!)

But I was perfectly happy to spend my stay in our cottage. Look at that cute little corner desk!

winvian secret society cottage living room

winvian secret society wood burning fireplace

wet bar and espresso machine

view from the mezzanine

According to their website, the Greco-Egyptian style building is reminiscent of Yale’s most famous secret society.

winvian secret society cottage

Not only does the Winvian provide the most fascinating accommodations, it also boasts an amazing spa. Cecily generously gave me her spa appointment, and I enjoyed a luxurious facial before dinner yesterday afternoon. And LOOK at the spa.

Afterwards, I wandered the grounds and took some photos.

After dinner, we sat around a fire on this patio and roasted s’mores and chatted until the wee hours of the morning. Okay, it may have been only midnight when I finally retired to my room, but in my world, that’s the wee hours. I’m usually in bed by 10PM.

Dinner was out of this world amazing, and the level of service was profound. They even brought me gluten free bread – freshly warmed, dense and moist. It was such a treat. I think the thing I miss most being gluten free is the bread course when dining out.

I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed the company. I got to hang out with Cecily and Vera and get to know Dina and Keri a little bit better. I met women who are editors for publications such as Self, Parenting, and more. And best of all, I got to meet the “Malibu Moms” — the smart, savvy women who work for Chevrolet and were largely responsible for creating the Malibu, which is being described as the perfect marriage of style and safety. I can attest. Not only is outside pretty sweet, inside they have taken the interior fit and finish up a notch, and I was impressed with the design of the cabin. I’m a bit of a car geek, and I actually really enjoyed this ride. I can’t speak to the drive and handling as Cecily did the driving, but as a passenger, it was pretty nice. And you can’t beat the convenience and reassurance of having OnStar to guide you to your destination.

The Malibus are all lined up, ready to take us back home after lunch. I can’t say that I’m ready to return to reality just yet, but at least I have a 3-hour drive in a really sweet little car with great company to look forward to!

chevy malibu 2012 red

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  1. Jo-Lynne,
    Thank you for the love and I am so glad that you were able to experience Winvian. My mother, Maggie Smith, built Winvian out of our old family farm so this Malibu event was an ideal fit; female inspired design where form and function meet…..perfect!
    Anyway, I am going to share you blog with my guests and help spread the good word.

    Win Smith III

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