Wish List!

I’ve been tagged.  Or carded.  Or whatever the latest term is.  It means I get to do a meme.  Two wish lists, one for stuff and one for prayers.

Okay, here we go.

1) Invisalign.  When I was a kid I had The Ugliest Teeth EV-AH.  I know you think you did, but really, I did.  I swear.  I wouldn’t even smile when I got old enough to realize how ridiculous my teeth looked.

So my mom made the sacrifices that only a mother will make to pay to have my teeth straightened.  For three years I was a.k.a. Metal Mouth.  And then they came off, and I had gorgeous straight teeth.  For a few years, anyway.

And then they started moving crooked again, stubborn teeth that I have.  And naturally I was too irresponsible to wear my retainer.  Now, as an adult, they are getting worse and worse.  And they bug me.  And I get food stuck in them.  And I can’t clean them well, especially the bottom ones.

So a few months ago I took my son to an orthodontist for his initial consultation.  The orthodontist determined that my son won’t need braces for a few years.  I, however, am a prime candidate for Invisalign.  Cha-Ching!

Invisalign means no metal — just these clear plastic aligners that should put my teeth back in their original straight position in just one short year.  IF I wear them, of course.  I’d like to think that I’m more responsible now than I was when I was 15, but don’t hold me to it.

So that’s number one on my wish list.  And the good news is, I already know I’m getting them!  I had the molds made this week, signed my life away as well as that of my first born, and the aligners should be here in a month or so!  Woot!

Okay, I promise the rest of the items on my wish list will NOT require that much explanation.  Sheesh!

2) Stairs off of our deck.  A nice big deck with stairs down to the yard.  This one ain’t happening, but it will be on my wish list until it does.  Our house has a small deck off our kitchen, but there are no stairs down to the ground.  It’s great for containing my 2-year-old when she she wants to be outside and I don’t want to have to supervise the yard.  But it’s not so great for, you know, accessing our backyard! 

3) A Chevy Tahoe.  Again.  Ain’t happenin’.  But this is a WISH list, right?

4) I still want a pair of fur lined boots or clogs or shoes or something warmer than ballet flats.  But I doubt I’ll get them.  The only ones I can find that I want cost more than I want to spend right now.  But I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a good deal on something cute when I’m out and about.

5) New family room carpet.  I have three kids.  Need I say more?

Okay.  Onto the important stuff.

1) Patience and self-control.  I have three kids, need I say more?

2) The discipline to read my bible and pray daily.  This one is easy, right?  JUST DO IT.  Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done.

3) Repentance and salvation for unsaved friends and family.

4) A solution for my raging PMS symptoms.  Either diet or medicine or I don’t know what, but something’s gotta give.

5) Dedication to keeping up my exercise regimen.

There!  That about covers it.  If you haven’t already been tagged or carded or whatever, feel free to play along!