You Are What You Eat

I’ve recently joined the ranks of the Therapon Skin Health bloggers, and my first post is live today! Come on over and say hi.

For years I’ve been told by dermatologists that diet doesn’t affect my skin, but I am convinced that nothing is further from the truth. (Unless it’s the ridiculous notion that HFCS is the same thing as sugar, but I digress.) I’ve seen my diet directly impact the condition of my skin, and the more I read about the benefits of eating real food over the industrially processed foodstuffs that are such a large part of the Standard American Diet, the more I am convinced that our diets effect every aspect of our health. When your mother told you, you are what you eat . . . she was correct.

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  1. so true! i’ve been fighting acne my whole life, including being on all kinds of meds to help clear up my skin including accutane in college. i recently saw ‘food inc’ and have changed how i make dinner for my family. we have significantly cut back on eating meat (and now i try to buy as much organic as i can). i have had only a couple minor breakouts compared to constantly fighting to keep my skin clear.

  2. Great post and so true! The older I get, the fewer products I use on my face, and I credit this to having a much healthier diet. Lots of fresh fruits, veggies, and water; less meat and poultry (but from healthier, pastured animals); far fewer sweets; wine with my dinner instead of at all hours of the night. Regular exercise helps, too. My skin looks and feels better at 41 than it did at 35. The laugh lines and crows feet are here to stay, but I earned them so I’m keeping them.

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