Your Opinion Needed

I’m taking a break in my laundry room painting extravaganza to consult you, oh wise internets, about my paint color dilemma.  I’m sure you knew it was too easy for me to pick out a paint in 15 minutes and be done with it.  After seeing Darcy’s bright turqoise and lime and orange laundry room I began to wonder if I was going to regret playing it safe and going beige.

But you see, my issue is the floor.  We have this unfortunate forest green linoleum floor in the laundry room — one of the only remnants of the previous owner.  And while it’s not pretty to look at, it’s hard to argue with the practicality of industrial strength linoleum in one’s laundry room.  Although I’d love to lay down some classy ceramic tile and start with a blank slate, our time table and budget are holding us back.  So green flooring it is.  Which is why I went ahead and just ordered the plain old white appliances.  And we hope to hang some white cabinetry.  So we’re working with white and forest green.  And I could not think of a fun color that would compliment white and forest green.

Until Megan commented that she is dreaming of an orange laundry room, and that got me to thinking.  Which is ALWAYS dangerous.  Orange might not be so bad with green.  I wouldn’t paint the whole room orange; I’m thinking of borrowing Darcy’s method of just making one wall stand out.  Perhaps the beige I bought would still be nice on the other 3.

So my question to you is this.  Actually, it’s two-fold.

1) What color?  Orange?  I’m thinking about the orange in my new shoes or in my flip camera.  (I do like orange!)  Or is there another color I should consider?

2) Which wall?  I posted pictures of my laundry room yesterday.  The washer and dryer and cabinets will go on the right wall.  The left wall will be pretty bare, with some hooks to hang things.  And the wall at the end is the one you see when you walk in the room — small but maybe the right wall to make a statement???