“You’re the right kind of sinnahhhhh!”

So I hopped in the frumpy mom-mobile (aka the minivan) this morning with the Princess, and when I turned on the car, Pat Benetar happened to come blaring through the speakers.

Dang.  That girl can SING.

Your love is like a tidal wa-have, spinning over my heeeead!
Drowning me in your promises, better left unsa-haid!

I never stopped to think, I just started singing along…

You’re the right kind of sinner, to release my inner fan-ta-syyyy!
The invincible winner, and you know that you were born to beeee!

You’re a heartbreaker
Dream maker, love takeeeeeeer!

At that, C said, rather impressed, “Mom!  You know this song.”

A little embarrassed, I paused my performance to the steering wheel.

“Yeah, I guess I do.”

Then she said, “I don’t know this song.  Can you teach me this song, mom?”

Ummmm.  NO.

Time to change the radio channel.