Mixing Fall 2015 Fashion Trends: Fringe & Flares

Welcome back to 26 Days of Fall Outfits! I’m debuting my new flared jeans and fringed poncho today — two HUGE trends this fall. Yes, the 70s are alive and well in 2015.

Fashion Over 40: Fringe & Flares - two hot fashion trends for fall 2015

Flares are awesome because they are so flattering. Generally best worn with heels, they give you legs for days! But unfortunately, they’re not as easy to wear as straight-leg and skinny styles. Make friends with your tailor because the length of your flares is super important. You want them to almost cover your shoe and fall just above the ground — not quite touching the ground, but no more than ½-inch off the ground with shoes on. It’s a delicate balancing act because if they’re too long, you look sloppy, but if they’re too short, you look goofy.

I had to keep hiking these up so they looked right for the photos. I’m going to wash them and hope they take up about a 1⁄4-inch. If not, I might need to have them hemmed because these are the highest heels I own.

For today’s outfit, I was inspired by this look I saw on Pinterest (source):

fringe and flares pinterest

The key to making the poncho-and-flares thing work without looking dumpy is to wear a poncho that isn’t too long, and make sure your flares hug your thighs. If the thighs of the jeans are too baggy, it wouldn’t be flattering. Mine are borderline. I actually wish they were a bit more snug through the thigh area. I will probably like these better with a fitted jacket, but I really wanted to show this combination for fall because it’s such a great trend that every woman can wear. I love how flares make you look sooo tall and skinny.

These are the Free People Gummy Denim Clean Mid Rise Flare, and I ordered them from Zappo’s. They arrived the very next day. Gotta love that!!

Fashion Over 40: Fringe & Flares - two hot fashion trends for fall 2015

Before you ask (LOL!) there is no real difference between bootcut jeans and flared jeans. Flares are typically wider than a bootcut, but it’s all relative. If you are tall, you can get away with wider flares. If you’re petite, you’ll want to go with a more narrow flare. Also, petite women should buy flared jeans in petite sizes because they need to start widening at the right place (generally at or just above the knee.) LOTS of brands make jeans in petite nowadays.

Here’s an up-close of the poncho. I ordered this from QVC, and I love how soft and cozy it is. I just wore it with a tank top underneath for this fall outfit, but come wintertime, I’ll wear a long-sleeved tee under it.

Fashion Over 40: Fringe & Flares - two hot fashion trends for fall 2015
For accessories, I wore these bold silver Silpada Half Moon Earrings, but in looking back at these pictures, I’m wishing I’d worn a long necklace to break up the front. Oh, well. Next time!! 

Because I felt like the outfit needed some color, I added my Mini Crosby Crossbody in Port. I also went with a bolder lip color than usual. This is my Pür Minerals Lip Lure in Fiery.

Fashion Over 40: Fringe & Flares - two hot fashion trends for fall 2015

The boots I’m wearing are super duper old, but they have a 3½-inch stacked heel. I will link to some options in the outfit details below.

Fashion Over 40: Fringe & Flares - two hot fashion trends for fall 2015

Outfit Details: Cable Knit Fringed PonchoGummy Denim Clean Mid Rise Flare | Half Moon Earrings | Mini Crosby Crossbody in Port | FitBit Leather Wrap Bracelet | Oval Link Bracelet (budget option) | boots (options here, here, here and here)

For more fall outfit ideas, see the Fall Fashion section of my blog. You can also visit my shop for some of my top fall fashion finds.

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25 thoughts on “Mixing Fall 2015 Fashion Trends: Fringe & Flares

  1. Super cute, adore the poncho!! I have one similar in a light brown. Totally agree on the flares.. It’s because I rarely wear heels these days. I got mine hemmed for flags and love them. Have a gorgeous day my beautiful friend!

  2. I’m all about the return of the flare jean. However, I just can’t seem to jump on the fringe bandwagon. Never been a fan of anything fringe, so I think I’ll be sitting that trend out.

  3. Thank you SO much for this series! We are emigrating to the US in three weeks (sadly, that means no summer for us this year) but I LOVE the flared look (70s girl at heart) so now really excited to get moving!!

  4. LURVE!

    Thank you for your detailed explanations of fit & proportion, Jo-Lynne. I’m a reforming “dress to cover it all up but really can make you look older and frumpy” self-stylist. I think body image woes had the most to do with that. Also, career wear of the early ’90s could have fit a small army. LOL. But I’m finding that wearing clothes that fit and skim over the curves and just being grateful for what I have had gone a long way in increasing my confidence.

    Thankful for the tips & encouragement on your blog.

    1. I hear ya. Even though I’m a thin person, it’s hard to see how things look on stick-thin models with no boobs and then translate it to work for a post-child-bearing mom with curves and lumps and bumps. 🙂 I’ve learned a lot from reading other blogs in the past few years, and I’m much more confident about dressing myself now than I was when I was thinner and everything was still in its proper place. 😉 I’m glad I can help others find that same confidence!

  5. Thank you SO much for posting about the proper length of your boot cut jeans.
    I just purchased two identical pairs from LOFT while traveling this summer. I haven’t worn them yet because I need to have them hemmed. Now I know. Love the fringy poncho too. I have my eye on one for this fall.

  6. I really like the outfit Jo-Lynne! When you wear a long sleeve top under the poncho will you let the sleeves show? Fortunately, I am 5’7″ with rather long legs, so I can wear the flared leg jeans easily. I do need to check mine to ensure they fit tight enough in the thigh area. Target carries the Denizan (not sure about the spelling) that are geared toward 40+ aged women that are very stylish and affordable.

    Have a blessed day!

  7. Love, love, love the poncho! I just bought two pair of flared jeans, but will need to return them. I have a nasty habit of not trying on clothes when I shop. If they don’t fit, that just means I get to go shopping again????

  8. I bought a pair of flared jeans recently. I fell like I should tuck in the top because I need the leg length. I’m 5’2″. I’m also 57 years old. Any problem with tucking in?

  9. Hi Jo-Lynn!

    I found you through one of the linkups! I love these adorable looks and I especially love that flared jeans are coming back! I’ve followed you on most of your social media accounts so hopefully I can see more of your cute posts 🙂

    I’d love for you to check out my blog and follow along too 🙂

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