January 15, 2022

Early Spring Outfit & Evereve Sale

Okay, so I know it's ridiculous to style an "early spring outfit" in January, but I couldn't call this anything else, and I wanted to be sure to get these pictures up before this jacket sells out. And mark my words, this jacket will sell out.
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Spring/Summer Fashion
August 14, 2021

Black & White Summer Outfit

I know I said I was going to be focusing on fall fashion this month, but we took these pictures last month, and this top sold out before I could post them. Now that the Anni Sale is over, guess what is back and fully stocked? You guessed it!
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August 11, 2021

What I Wore Lately Vol. 60

Happy hump day, friends! What I Wore Lately is back on Wednesdays, and I've been saving up outfit pictures for a couple of weeks so this one's a doozie. Let's dive right in.
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August 9, 2021

End of Summer Date Night Outfit

Last week I shared a roundup of 25 tops to ease the transition from summer to fall, and one of them was this split neck snake print blouse from Evereve. It's the perfect top for now and later, so I styled it for a late summer date night look with off-black jeans and platform sandals.
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July 28, 2021

Evereve Summer Clearance

You guys! Evereve just started their Summer Clearance, and you can save up to 70% off on some great summer items! A lot of these are favorites I’ve been wearing a lot, so I thought I’d round them up for you below. The Z Supply scoop dress is marked down to $39.99! It’s TTS; I...
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July 27, 2021

What I Wore Lately Vol. 59

Greetings, friends! It's time for another edition of What I Wore Lately. This is when I round up my daily outfits from the past couple weeks and tell you a little about where I wore them and how they came together.
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July 23, 2021

What I Wore: Summer Birthday Lunch

Happy Friday, friends! In an attempt to share some more summer content with you before diving into fall fashion next month, Alison and I shot this look on Monday. Unfortunately, I didn't check the inventory on this dress, and a few of the sizes have sold out already, but this post is more about the concept than the actual dress.
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July 15, 2021

The Athleta Summer Semi-Annual Sale Starts Now!

There are so many sales going on right now, and Athleta just started their semi-annual sale, where you can save up to 60% off popular summer styles. I styled up a new running outfit, and a casual athleisure look to give you some shopping inspiration.
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July 13, 2021

What I Wore Lately Vol. 58

It feels like forever since I've shared What I Wore Lately! I guess it's only been two weeks, but it's been a looooong two weeks. Today I'm rounding up my daily outfits from the past few weeks, including what I wore on vacation in Maine.
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Spring/Summer Fashion
July 12, 2021

Tie Dye Summer Sweater

I styled this casual summer-ish outfit last week, before we left for Maine. I say summer-ish because I realize we aren’t all experiencing the kind of weather that is conducive to a long-sleeve sweater, but we get some chilly evenings here in Pennsylvania, and I love the juxtaposition of a sweater with shorts.
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July 10, 2021

Talbots Red Hanger Sale

Talbots is doing their Summer Red Hanger Sale, and there are some amazing deals on quality wardrobe pieces, so I put together a roundup of some of my favorites. 
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