Winter Weekend Getaway in Cape May

Good morning! I hope you’re having a good weekend. Paul and I have been in Cape May for a quick couple’s getaway.

We took advantage of a Black Friday deal back in November and scheduled a few days at Congress Hall for this Valentine’s Day weekend.

I actually stayed here many years ago on a press trip, so it was fun to come back and experience it with Paul. They offer daily tours of the hotel, which we took advantage of, and that was really cool. We also took advantage of their excellent Sea Spa yesterday morning.

Here are some pictures from the tour. This is the Hall of Presidents, where there is an account of the history of the hotel.

We thought it might be kind of lonely here during the off season, but we could not have been more wrong about that. The hotel is hopping!

In fact, we couldn’t even get a seat in The Brown Room – their elegant bar and lounge that I was looking forward to re-visiting. It was full by 2PM yesterday afternoon! I really wish they would limit that to hotel guests only.

I took a few pictures this morning, when it was empty, so you can see how beautiful it is.

Because it’s the off-season, and we had that Black Friday 30% off deal, we splurged on the Presidential Suite. Like the rest of this historic seaside hotel, the suite is decorated in that American heritage style that Congress Hall is known for.

I really appreciate having the sitting room, since Paul likes to sleep in, and I’m always up early. I’ve enjoyed hanging out in here reading and working both mornings and during some down time yesterday afternoon.

Isn’t the decor lovely!?! I love the use of color. This is a little desk area in the bedroom. I believe all of the deluxe rooms have this little area.

The beds are rather plain, but very comfortable.

And the bathroom is amazing. If I had stayed here before we remodeled our master bath, I would have tried to copy this exactly. I love the combination of tile and marble and shiny silver fixtures.

While we’ve enjoyed the luxe accommodations, the Presidential Suite is a rather busy location, right above the pool area and the front of the hotel, where people are coming and going at all hours. I can’t say I’d recommend reserving this room during high season, especially considering the much higher price point at that time of year, but it was perfect for this winter weekend getaway.

We wandered down to the Washington Street Mall yesterday afternoon, and like the hotel, we were amazed by how busy it was, considering it’s February. It was nice to see everyone out and about. After we grabbed lunch at The Ugly Mug, we walked it off on the Promenade, taking in the ocean views.

outfit details

We’re getting ready to head downstairs to The Blue Pig for breakfast, and then it will be time to pack up and head home. I took a few pictures of the restaurant during our tour yesterday. Every area of the hotel is so thoughtfully decorated.

So that’s what we’ve been up to this weekend!

We aren’t really invested in this year’s Super Bowl, but I’m sure we’ll tune in this evening. I’ll probably make Buffalo Chicken Dip for the kids, if they stick around. I’m sure David will have plans with friends, and Becca might, as well. Caroline has no interest in the game, nor do I, but we’ll still enjoy some game day snacks.

What are you up to? Any fun plans for the Super Bowl? Either way, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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64 Responses

    1. I love the variety! SOME of us have to play the office game, and it’s always nice to have new ideas! When I worked in an office daily I used to get really tired of all of your cute jeans and shorts ideas what I didn’t have time on the weekend to try!
      Keep the variety! And enjoy how much we love you!

  1. I appreciate your Talbot posts in addition to all the others. Would you consider reviewing Quince, Free People, and Chicos? You are very very balanced in your posts. Thank you!

    1. I would love a Quince review! I have a couple of their cardigans and so far so good! Very nice material.

      I appreciate all that you do. Love the frequency and the variety of your posts. It’s clear you put a lot of work into them and listen to what your readers want.

  2. I appreciated the Talbot’s post. It’s nice to see some work outfits, because that’s what I’m lacking! Thanks for thinking of us if if it’s not your everyday style. I think it’s great to include these occasionally!

  3. I appreciate the variety in your posts! I work for a company with a “no denim” dress code policy, so it is nice to see something other than denim occasionally.

  4. I love your style. My lifestyle in California is pretty casual too and jeans are the outfit of the day….this is one main reason I follow you. But that said, I like it when you show different vendors and styles, it does not mean I have to purchase them!

  5. I like to see a variety. The only thing I didn’t like about yesterday’s outfit was the camel pants. I would have liked navy ones better. I like camel pants but I like to go monochromatic or with black. Dressy camel or kakai slacks have always been difficult for me to find a flattering style. It’s easier for me to find a flattering style in cotton or chino. I do like to see other pants than just jeans. I don’t like a lot of clothes some bloggers show. It’s just fun to read and get ideas to style what I have. I’m on a low buy this year. You do what you need to do to make a living.

  6. Not everyone that follows your blog are only interest in your personal style. For me, presenting different styles, stores, makeup, a little personal info, including your Winter Getaway Weekend, keeps your blog from getting boring and redundant. Thank you for all that you do!

  7. Yes to a variety of clothing styles from a variety of stores! Otherwise, the only people on your blog will be just like you are trying to be just like you! We all need exposure to different outfits and ways of putting clothes together that might catch our eye!

  8. I prefer variety. When I first started following you I was working, now I am retired so my style is a lot more casual but I still like to see other options that are more traditional rather than trendy.

  9. I enjoyed the Talbot’s post and appreciate when you post workwear options that are not denim, I’m a lawyer in a firm where nicer denim is OK on days when you don’t see clients or appear in court. Most lawyers don’t wear it often in my office. Even if the clothing is not to someone’s liking, the snarky comments are rude and unnecessary.

  10. Variety! Thank you for yesterday’s post. Variety is the spice of life. Especially during these dull winter months. Thank you

  11. I think all your regulars knew that the Talbot’s post was you regular style, but not all of your subscribers follow your exact style.. So, why not change it up once in a while! I do not mind seeing something a little different from time to time. Thank for asking for our input!

  12. I did not read the comments yesterday, but my first thought was that wasn’t your typical style, however I appreciated the post and even ordered the pants. So thank youLoved the post about your weekend away.

  13. I vote for variety! Not only is it a way to learn what works and what doesn’t, it has also helped me hone my own style and stay current. Love your blog, and I look forward to reading it ever day!

  14. Such a beautiful spot for a weekend getaway! I enjoyed the pictures. While the Talbot’s post didn’t look like you, I would still rather see a variety of styles. Isn’t that one of the reasons you blog in the first place – to give people an idea of what’s out there and see how it looks on different body types.

  15. We stay there every year at Christmas – my husband’s family is in cape May county. Congress Hall is always hopping! You just have to watch the slanted floors after a few in the Brown Room 😆

  16. I love seeing the variety outfits you try on and show…I especially like when you say ” well, it looked better on the model ” keep it up, I really enjoy this blog every day…thanks.

  17. You are being very gracious about the comments on the Talbot’s post, so I will be angry on your behalf lol. You offer your advice and suggestions for free every day. I always feel frustrated for content creators that get negative comment about, or less engagement around sponsored posts. We are not entitled to your free labor and you should be allowed to do sponsored posts whenever you want. Plus, your sponsored posts are just as informative as the rest of your posts, so I don’t personally think the quality of your content changes whether or not the post is sponsored. You deserve to be paid for your work, and supporting your ability to get paid is a simple thing your readers can do that costs us nothing.

  18. I haven’t read through yesterday’s comments but I understand why you did a Talbot’s post. I’ve seen comments asking you about workwear so I thought that was the intent of the Talbot’s post. I don’t enjoy sponsored posts and usually either don’t look at them or scroll through quickly. The bloggers who have Wal-Mart and Amazon sponsored posts are the bloggers that I now avoid. It seems like it’s more about how much can I sell versus their personal style. I would rather see an emphasis on quality clothing even if it’s more costly. And then add the budget options like you do. I like when you express your personal style!

  19. I appreciate the fact that you stepped outside your own personal style to provide content that some readers requested. I enjoy seeing a variety of styles from a variety of stores. I loved the jacket and top you featured. I hope you had a wonderful winter getaway!

  20. I didn’t read the posts , but sometimes I need to go to something that requires a dress or outfit , that I will only wear that one time. So to know what is in style ,these posts are helpful . An example would be your cocktail dress posts before Christmas . Now I’m looking for outfits for a cruise in Europe . I normally live in my athletic wear at home . Help!

  21. I would like to see more variety, even if it’s not always something I would wear? Luvng in a rural town it would be nice to see something alone that design

  22. I appreciate all of your style content, even when it’s not something you would normally wear. I work in an office setting 2-3 days a week so I appreciate some work wear thrown in.
    Thanks Jolynne

  23. While I definitely knew it was not your style, I appreciated yesterday’s sponsored post. I am willing to bet that there is a wide variety of people’s shapes, styles, life/work, price points, etc. I appreciate seeing it all, even if it is not for me.

  24. Wow, Jo-Lynne, I loved your photos of Congress Hall! So many times we’ve walked by but have never gone inside. It’s absolutely stunning, so much history! I hope you had a wonderful time. And we have eaten at The Ugly Mug! So fun!!! Glad the weather cooperated for you!
    As for your sponsored posts, I definitely enjoy a variety of styles from you and I hope you continue to do those. For those who only want to see your personal style, they can easily focus on your “What I Wore Lately” posts (which I adore!!). The Talbots post certainly generated a ton of responses, and that can be a great thing! It keeps us all engaged and processing our own wardrobes which is very personal and shouldn’t be criticized by others.
    Enjoy the Super Swiftie Bowl!

  25. Great pictures! I had rather you share outfits that are more true to you. With all of the various fashion bloggers, those that want business attire, or other categories, can find inspiration for a particular style elsewhere, while still following you.

  26. Variety is great!

    Please post outfits from Quince as well!
    Perhaps more lower heel options for shoes – like 1 1/2-2” with arch support! LOL.

  27. I love your comment: “scrolling on past is a valuable life skill” …..something important for us all to remember!

  28. I think variety is good. If a post doesn’t appeal to someone, then they can just not read. It’s their choice. You do a great job and we appreciate your hard work.

  29. LAWDY! Can opened, worms! 😂 I bet this post ranks waaay up there on most comments! So I’ll add mine as well: I much prefer when you feature your own style– that, along with your conversational writing an in-depth analysis, is why I follow. When I want to see a different style, I look to a different influencer. I barely skimmed through yesterday’s post because it seemed light years from your usual aesthetic and even further from my own. That said, I’m hardly ruffled over it– it’s just a fashion post, after all! And it’s your show, so you should most definitely do what you want. I’ll keep coming back unless I consistently stop seeing what I’m here for 😘

  30. Well…since everybody else is commenting I will, too. Variety is great, and I enjoy your blog very much and for a great many reasons. Not every outfit is for me. Keep doing what you’re doing! That said, I think work wear is the hardest category because so much of what goes on in offices doesn’t lend itself to really sharp looking or expensive clothes. So the outfit you selected has a split personality. The top half is very biz casual managerial/professional level looking, and I can see someone at that level pairing it with navy trousers, heels, and maybe a strand of pearls and being ready for anything–it would look “in charge”. The bottom half is very super practical “office lady” who needs comfort while she’s stuck at her desk or moving files around the office. But, adding to the split is that the office lady who wears practical pants and loafers probably can ill afford Talbot’s prices. I believe that when people ask for work wear ideas, they are really asking how to not look frumpy as a regular office worker, because the struggle is real! It’s easy to dress sharply when you are making top money and running with management. Good looking everyday workwear for everyday wages….it’s complicated.

    1. Agreed! I don’t mind affiliate links or even sponsored posts, provided they’re for brands/styles the blogger would actually wear. Some have gotten to the point they’ll promote anything, no matter how unflattering the style or poor quality the product. It’s especially annoying when they’re selling things they won’t use themselves (only wear designer clothes but sell cheap Amazon clothes). So thankful Jo-Lynne doesn’t do that, it’s a refreshing change!

  31. Who would’ve thought one store could provoke such a reaction? Haha! There are plenty of times you share outfits or pieces that I wouldn’t choose for myself, but they look nice on you and – more importantly – you share styling tips/advice that anyone can use. This is no different. The outfit did not look like your style at all, but I don’t see why that matters. You can still offer ideas/tips to help someone put together a look for the office – it doesn’t have to be the exact same pieces. I like seeing a variety of outfits and retailers, even though I don’t shop at many of the places you share…again, it’s the tips and advice that help me most, rather than the specific pieces. So: variety is a good thing!!

  32. Oh so agree….when I see people flogging walmart and amazon when you know they would Never wear those clothes, its a big NO for me and I question everything they say…i know it’s just about the $. While I also realize this is a business it also is meant to come across as honest “what I wear” ideas.

  33. long time follower- i love your content as is- your evaluations of what works and doesn’t- AND- why it works or doesn’t are enjoyable and helpful!

  34. Ha, I didn’t read any of the comments yesterday, but def. could tell it wasn’t your style. With that being said, I don’t mind you sharing it and I’m sure some of the readers enjoyed it. I follow you because your style is more what I gravitate toward, but a little variety doesn’t offend me one bit! Thank you for being thoughtful enough to ask us readers.

  35. I enjoy all the variety in your posts. I like to see various ways of dressing even though I do not work outside the home. Nice to see you in different attire every once in a while, keeps it interesting and for some inspiration. Great work, thanks.

  36. I’d prefer you stay true to your own style and fashion sense. When you go so outside your normal fashion box, I question your sincerity in recommending clothing you clearly wouldn’t wear. It seems like it’s more whatever commission you’re being paid than for the benefit of your readers.

  37. I read your post today and had to go back and look at yesterdays (Talbot’s). I guess I skipped it because it wasn’t my thing, but I do that if you do a post on a product I have no interest in as well. So here’s my two cents :). People read your post for what you offer a majority of the time. If you did a lot change to your blog you may loose a few readers and gain others. People read other fashion blogs because they do something a little different (if they’re all the same…boring) so do what you do best if it’s working and not like all the others. I have no idea how it works (if your told what to wear or you can pick and choose….you probably could have done Talbot’s but more how you like to dress and style.
    Wink Wink hope my two cents is worth 25 cents now. Have a great rest of the week end.

  38. I’m glad that you were able to get away for a fun weekend! I appreciate when you show work wear even if it isn’t you personal style. I work outside the home and enjoy knowing about quality workwear, especially that comes in petite. Thank you for showing a variety of styles. I hope you’ll keep doing it.

  39. Agreed! I think maybe the outfit yesterday was out of your comfort zone, since it was a departure from your usual style as well as a category you don’t wear often. I’d personally enjoy seeing more workwear but in more of a business casual trendy way that aligns with your style. Less of a “workwear separates” outfit and more regular clothes that are work appropriate. And in more of the current cuts/styles you love than old school styles. I’d truly enjoy seeing that. But I do appreciate your efforts!

  40. Is there any way you can determine what is the best length of pants or jeans by way of measuring; ex. from ankle-bone up. Up to the calf or half way up. I know this is a dumb question. I just want to look current. I’m only a 28″inseam. I see women that look so good with their cropped pants but when I try to wear mine cropped it just doesn’t look right. I know things are not going to look the same on different sized women. But what can I do to make it look right on me, also. I know you could probably write a book on some if the questions I have asked.

  41. Is there any way you can determine what is the best length of pants or jeans by way of measuring; ex. from ankle-bone up. Up to the calf or half way up. I know this is a dumb question. I just want to look current. I’m only a 28″inseam. I see women that look so good with their cropped pants but when I try to wear mine cropped it just doesn’t look right. I know things are not going to look the same on different sized women. But what can I do to make it look right on me, also. I know you could probably write a book on some o the questions I have asked.

  42. I agree with Jessica. I feel like workwear is more about formality than style. I personally don’t find workwear to be very difficult to put together. It’s somewhat of a formula – nice pants, blouse/sweater and maybe a blazer if your office is formal. I also feel that workwear can be worn for many years if it’s classic style. I don’t go into the office much anymore but when I used to go in 5 days a week, I curated my work wardrobe from Ann Taylor and Banana Republic for the most part. I have work pants in my closet that are more than 10 years old. And they still fit me. Some are out of date and I need to get rid of them (skinny pants or looking worn) but I have suits that I still wear because they’re classic and I like how they look on me. I don’t care if they’re not the utmost trendy. No one where I live in Northern VA is very trendy anyway. 😉 I think a post on business casual would be nice, since that’s how I dress when I do go in the office. But I mostly need help with the latest trends for casual, everyday wear and going out to restaurants and wineries. Dressing for that is more fun than work. 🙂

  43. I’m playing catch up on your emails after a rough week. As a former Talbot’s employee, I enjoyed your post with them! While not your “norm”, I thought you still put together a fantastic work wear outfit! It can’t be easy to style “out of your comfort zone” but I find that you usually do a good job. I think I’ll go ahead and skip the comments because I just don’t understand people sometimes. Thank you, Jo-Lynne, for ALL your hard work! We love you and appreciate you!

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