2024 Spring Jacket Trends

It’s day four of Spring Trends Week, and today I want to talk about the coats and jackets that are trending this spring.

Your choice of coat can make or break an outfit, or take a plain one to the next level, and I especially enjoy wearing a jacket as part of my outfit in the springtime. It’s called a completer piece for good reason!

The Best Spring Coats and Jackets for 2024

Here are some of the trending jacket styles for spring 2024!

#1. Lady Jackets

photo credit: Anthropologie

This is a collarless, shorter boxy style jacket, usually with buttons, in tweed or bouclé, or they can be a sweater material. I’m even seeing some takes on this in denim and quilted materials and other more casual fabrics.

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#2. Bomber Style Jackets

photo credit: Evereve

The traditional leather flight jacket is now taking on all sorts of iterations for spring in a variety of colors and fabrics from satin to canvas and everything in between. Wear these with your favorite t-shirt and wide leg jeans, or any style of denim works.

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#3. Shorter Trench Coats & Utility Jackets

photo credit: Talbots

A trench coat is probably the most traditional spring jacket, and the extra long, relaxed styles are still trending this season, but I’m also starting to see shorter, boxy styles emerge. The same is true for utility jackets.

Sometimes they are belted, or somethings they’re more of a cropped, swing style. These are a little more wearable since they don’t have so much fabric, and I think it’s a fun way to dress up a casual look.

Usually they’re in a typical twill fabric, but I’m starting to see some satin options popping up. In fact, satin fabrics are trending right now across all wardrobe categories, but mostly with jackets, dresses, and blouses.

Shop short trench coats & utility jackets:

#4. Oversized Denim Jackets

photo credit: Evereve

Denim jackets have always been a staple in my spring wardrobe, but this year, the oversized styles are taking over the fashion scene. I’m seeing the traditional trucker styles and also variations on other jacket styles in denim, such as denim shirt jackets and blazers.

Wear oversized denim jackets with your khakis and utility pants, over dresses, and denim on denim looks are still going strong this spring.

Shop oversized denim jackets:

#5. Blazers & Suit Jackets

photo credit: Anthro

Blazers and suit jackets are a carry-over from the past few seasons, and they still seem to be going strong. Pair a blazer with your jeans, for a pleasing juxtaposition, or with matching suit pants for a borrowed-from-the-office vibe.

The layered-up look is a big thing this spring, and some are being sold with a “dickie” to make creating this look super easy.

Shop blazers and suit jackets for spring:

Jacket styles that I’m putting on the back burner this fall are the traditional fitted denim jackets. As much as I love them, they’ve had their time in the sun, and I’m adding the oversized styles to my closet this year. I haven’t worn the typical utility jackets for the last couple seasons, as they also look tired to me; I prefer the shorter military jackets that are variations on the theme.

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  1. I do really think adding that “3rd piece” elevates an outfit. For me- being comfortable in it is the key. Can it move with me? I think that’s one of the main reasons I stayed away from denim jackets- they always felt restrictive. Not one to layer much- I’ve found a few of the bomber styles to work well for ease and looking great without too much bulk.
    I’m going to take a closer look at the Anthro dickie blazer. I tried the Evereve one and the quality (or lack of) was subpar at best. I was surprised. So I’ll order the Anthro one and compare. I do love this look, a little sporty, and can be tailored too. The well known VB one is too stiff for me so this one being more knit has appeal..

  2. Jackets are my weakness. In order to get the fit right especially if oversized I have to buy petite size. The fitted jackets from Kut from the Kloth extra small size fit perfectly but that’s rare for non petite. I’ve been eyeing the crop trench jacket from Loft. Enjoying these types of posts.

  3. Good list. I really have always liked the lady jackets, in particular I will say that I have been seeing the classic utility jacket in multiple fashion articles. I think it’s been out for years, but seems to be back with little reinvention. I think I still have one or two somewhere!

  4. Great post! I like some of the shorter trench coats. I donated my longer trenches a few years ago as they didn’t suit my retired, casual lifestyle.

    Question – I have a blazer that has the ruched sleeves so it looks like they are pushed up. One influencer said to get rid of them. Dated! But everyone pushes their sleeves up to get the right balance. Will it look dated? Should I donate?

  5. I’m loving blazers right now with jeans. I only have two in my closet I like with one to donate but don’t even know why. It’s cute but I just never grab for it. It’s shorter and more fitted is maybe why. I’m trying to add more coats/jackets to my wardrobe each season now. Really makes a difference. Thanks for this post.

  6. Our Springs aren’t usually cool enough for jackets after late morning, so I don’t wear them often. I will pack up my fitted denim jackets with hope that they will be back on trend in the future.

  7. I have the Free People Jolene denim jacket that I got couple of years ago, I am petite and got a small and it is not too oversized, just love it and the denim is soft enough to drape nicely. It looks similar to the one Jolene is showing today.

  8. I have an upscale leopard bomber style jacket. Neck and sleeves are green knit trim.Jacket is slick and is lined. I’m short. Under 5ft.
    Still fashion fwd? How to wear

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