2024 Spring Shoe Trends

Welcome back to Spring Trends Week! In case you missed it on Monday, I published my Spring Fashion Trends Report. Then yesterday, I posted about the biggest Denim Trends for Spring 2024, and today it’s all about the shoes!

I feel like the 2024 spring shoe trends are a bit all over the place this year. From ladylike kitten heels and sleek pointy flats, to chunky fisherman sandals and sporty retro sneakers, it’s quite an interesting mix of vibes… but maybe that’s the point.

It makes me think of the TikTok “Wrong Shoe Theory” – which is basically picking a shoe for an outfit that is traditionally “wrong”, thus making the outfit more interesting. I feel like the shoe trends of the season are sort of like that – they don’t seem to go together, but maybe that’s the fun of it?

I think you’ll see what I mean… Let’s dive in! These are the most popular and wearable shoe trends for spring 2024.

7 Key Shoe Trends To Know For Spring 2024

I won’t repeat my gazillion disclaimers in this post since I made them all in the last two, but this is what I’m seeing in the mainstream retailers where I normally shop. You don’t have to wear them all to look current, but you might want to incorporate a few of these into your closet to refresh your spring/summer wardrobe and keep it relevant.

#1. Metallics

photo credit: Nordstrom

Let’s start with the biggest “color” trend this season: metallics! Yes, they’re back! Every shoe style from loafers to sandals, sneakers to ballet flats, and clogs to booties are available in metallic tones right now.

Silver is the most prominent, but there are plenty of gold options out there, as well as some gunmetal and others.

I’ve always loved a metallic shoe because they’re so versatile, and they go with every color of the rainbow and all of the neutrals too. This is one I will definitely be incorporating into my spring/summer wardrobe!

Shop metallic shoes for spring:

#2. Raffia & Woven Details

photo credit: Free People

Sandals and shoes with raffia and woven details are a traditional spring/summer look that’s having a moment this season. This is a great way to add some natural elements and texture to your spring/summer looks.

I’m seeing everything from raffia sandals to woven leather loafers, and fisherman sandals are starting to make a comeback, as well.

See more here:

#3. Platforms & Chunky Sandals

photo credit: Free People

Speaking of fisherman sandals, chunky sandals and platform soles are being shown with everything from dresses to relaxed trousers this season. I’m also happy to see some more traditional styles, such as these platform slides and these block heel ankle strap sandals.

Shop platform and flatform sandals:

#4. Net & Mesh

photo credit: Anthropologie

Whereas the raffia and woven details are a traditional spring/summer look that tends to cycle in and out of popularity, this net and mesh is more of a fad, and it may stay more or less on the fringe, but I’m seeing it everywhere so I thought I’d mention it.

I’m seeing this mostly in flats and slingback pumps, and it’s kind of fun, in that it adds interest and texture to an outfit. I would just choose a pair that covers the toes, such as the ones pictured above.

I don’t know why, I have no problem seeing my toes in sandals, but seeing toes through the netting just looks strange to me. I do rather like this pair, though, that has a solid layer under the mesh, and these woven flats give a subtle nod to the trend.

#5. Low Profile Sneakers

photo credit: Cole Haan

The Adidas Samba made low profile sneakers a thing again, and there are lots of other brands doing a similar soccer-inspired silhouette with the gum sole. I especially like my Vince Oasis and the Puma Palermo.

I see these worn a lot with the relaxed trousers, as well as all styles of denim. I think they’ll also look good with shorts this summer.

Shop low profile sneakers here:

#6. Chunky Retro Sneakers

photo credit: Free People

In contrast to the low profile sneakers, the chunky retro sneaker trend is still going strong, and I feel like it deserves a mention. Note the socks in the picture; that is the most current way to wear them. The no-sock look, many of you will be happy to know, is starting to look dated.

The New Balance 327 and 574 are everywhere these days, and they come in so many fun colors! Also, high tops are having a moment again right now, which is another chunky style that might appeal to some of you, and I like the Sorel Kinetic Impact Sneakers too.

Shop chunky retro sneakers and high tops:

#7. Kitten Heels + Slingbacks

photo credit: Free People

If you feel like you have whiplash, you aren’t alone. I find this ladylike trend to be in such sharp contrast to the chunky platform sandals and bulky retro sneakers. And to really get your head spinning, it’s more on-trend to pair them with slouchy jeans (as pictured above) than with a dress or ankle pants, which would be more expected.

Almond shaped and pointy toes are the most popular at the moment, and even ballet flats are moving away from the rounded toe to more of a pointy toe flat. I actually combined all of these styles into the shopping widget below because they all have a similar look and feel.

Shop kitten heels, slingbacks, and pointy toe shoes for spring:

And there you have it! This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list of all the trending shoe styles for spring 2024, but I feel like it hits the highlights. Which ones are calling your name???

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33 Responses

  1. Excited to see metallics and raffia on this list! I’ve always loved both and will definitely buy them up while they are trending!

    1. I guess I forgot to do that section on this post. So many shoes look dated but it’s hard to think of them. I just know it when I see it, lol. I haven’t really put away any specific styles that I was wearing last year or the year before that I don’t like right now. Even the ones that aren’t “trending” don’t look bad to me. I need to go thru my spring shoes from last year and see if I can come up with anything to add.

  2. I love metallics! I just scored Steve Madden silver sneakers on extreme clearance from Dillards. They haven’t arrived yet. I also recently managed to grab a pair of Sambas in white/black/dark gray and I’m definitely a fan.

    I like all of the categories you featured, Jo-Lynne, but I’m a shoe nerd! My favorite is the pointy-toes. I love that look–it’s so elegant to me. I often buy 1/2 size larger to get a little more wiggle room in the toes.

  3. Noooooo!! Say it ain’t so!!! I can’t have no-show socks being “out” or “dated”. It’s basically the only reason I can wear sneakers! I despise normal socks with sneakers and never wore them before the no-show came on the scene!

    1. Well, I’m sticking with the no-sock look for now. I think the chunky socks look juvenile and give you cankles, but we’ll see how long it takes for my eye to adjust… It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, after all! 🙂

    2. Agree! Why would you want to chop the line of the leg up with a chunky sock? This is taking 90’s retro one step too far. Next thing you know, the guys will be wearing their khaki pleated shorts down to their knees again! No show rules!

    3. Once again, the chunky, slouched crew sock screams 1990, which doesn’t feel all that long ago, but fashion-wise is not happening again for me. It’s super weird having these styles all come back around. They looked dated, which is why we quit wearing them the first time, and then you look back at old pictures and think, “GAH! Why did we wear that?!” I just can’t bring myself to view most of this as new and fresh, or to look at it as flattering. So much of it seems best saved for the very young or the way-too-old-to-care-anymore.

      1. I am STRUGGLING with so many of the newer styles. I’ve worn these before as a kid. They weren’t cute on me then (scrunch socks, really?!) so they definitely aren’t cute on me now! I know it can take awhile for the eye to shift, but I’ve tried on so many pairs of new pants styles and do NOT feel fabulous.

  4. I’m loving this Spring trend series. I’m on bored with all these except the mesh. I bought the raffia pair from Target. Comfortable, budget friendly and cute! I also purchased some NB retro sneakers, they have burgundy, green, pink! So fun.

  5. Great list, Love some and others meh, but that is what’s great about fashion. Question, what are your thoughts on 3d florals (these are everywhere in LA) and I didn’t see them on your list? Maybe just to trendy? or maybe just a west coast trend?

    1. Yeah, I see them pop up in the trend reports, but they are so not my thing, I just kind of discarded them without thinking about it that much. I think it’s also rather regional. It doesn’t seem like an northeast urban vibe, lol. I’ll be curious to see if it takes off here or not.

  6. Jo-Lynne, would you consider doing a show post on comfort brand shoes that still stay on trend? I have foot issues AND I am a shoe girl! So many comfort brands look like granny shoes so it is a hunt to find the right style with that comfort. I love these posts but leave them to scour the comfort brand lines to find shoes that will work for me. Shoes make or break an outfit to me so I am always on the hunt for the right shoe investments each season to complete my outfits. Thank you

    1. Jennifer, I have the same issues and I really like Dansco, particularly for chunky style# and platforms if you like those.

  7. So informative! Thank you! What are your thoughts regarding wedge sandals. Do you think they will be more on the back burner this year?

    1. They seem to be, but I still see some platform wedges. I love my Vince wedges from last year and plan to keep wearing them. It’s weird that they were kind of a thing for one season and now I’m not seeing them much… but it’s early. Just b/c it isn’t on the “trend reports” doesn’t mean they won’t be in the mainstream stores.

  8. I already have most of the styles except fisherman sandals (never have liked them), mesh and metallic. The mesh Mary Jane’s remind me of black cloth ones I wore the entire time I was pregnant with my daughter in 1982. Even when it was real cold I wore them. They were so comfortable. My granddaughter has been wearing socks just like above. I wear regular socks in winter but only under pants. I like most of these shoe trends.

  9. Hooray! Yesterday’s post almost made me cry (maybe being a bit melodramatic here, and I realize that you don’t create the trends; you convey them to us), but today’s post made me very happy! I already own and love many of the shoes you featured, and I have many other shoes that have elements or features you mentioned. I feel like everything you listed (with the possible exception of the styles with mesh or netting) is very wearable and functional in addition to being on trend.

    I have chronic plantar fasciitis, so I tend to stick to brands like Vionic, Olukai, Taos, and Aetrex, but I’ve noticed that many of these brands currently offer shoes that reflect the trends listed in this post. Another thing I’ve done is to purchase Vionic insoles. This allows me to buy some brands I couldn’t wear otherwise because I just swap out the insoles. I mention this only because I know that women of, ahem, “a certain age” are more likely to develop problems with our feet as time goes on, but many of us are not willing to sacrifice style. However, I’ve found that it’s impossible to look or feel cute when my feet are screaming at me.

    Thanks for all you do, Jolynne! I look forward to reading the rest of your posts in this series. They are helping me to put together the most functional wardrobe I’ve ever had.

    1. Rhonda thank you for naming the brands. I’m having plantar fasciitis too. Vionic shoes help me too. I was thinking of getting the inserts too. Good to know you like them

      1. You’re welcome, Terri! So sorry you are experiencing PF. Vionic shoes and the insoles have been lifesavers for me. I use the Vionic insoles in any shoes I have that don’t have good arch support already built in. I hope you have good luck with them!

        1. I too have had plantar fasciitis. It was summer at the time and I love flip flops but gosh most don’t have arch support. I bought the cutest Vionic pair and they were a God send. I’d put them on directly after getting out of bed each morning and wore them throughout the day. They make some very cute styles.

  10. You are not kidding these trends are all over the place! Hanks for this fun week of spring trends. So appreciate reading and having links to so many options.

  11. I have a pair of silver metallic Ryka sneakers in my closet, so I know they’ll get a lot of wear this spring and summer. My challenge is finding slides and sandals with arch support.

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