What I’m Packing for Spring Break

I’m so happy to report that our Spring Break trip to Florida is ON! I wasn’t sure if I’d feel up to it with my recent ankle injury, but I got the all clear from the doctor, so we’re moving ahead with our plans, and now it’s time to think about what to pack!

I thought I’d share my Spring Getaway Packing List, in case any of you are heading somewhere warm as well. Maybe it will give you some packing and/or outfit inspiration.

black Miraclesuit (8) // stripe coverup (M) // Fendi sunglasses // Naghedi tote

While we don’t often travel as a family, I do travel a lot for my business, and I’ve been to Florida quite a few times over the years, so I don’t anticipate packing being much of a challenge. The biggest issue I’ll have is working around this medical boot I’m required to wear.

I’m thinking dresses will be the easiest thing to wear when I want to level up for dinners out or anything like that. I love this sleeveless linen sheath, and I might even bring it in both the black and the white.

Tommy Bahama Palm-A-Dora Sleeveless Sheath Dress (M)

I also have this Tommy Bahama wrap dress if I want something dressier, but I probably won’t need that. I can’t really see rocking that dress with The Boot.

floral dress // silver sandals // similar bag

I also need to think about my travel outfit. Thank goodness wide leg jeans are trending! I can probably just re-use the outfit I wore to fly to and from Sarasota last month. I may wear my pink jacket, though, or this lavender one. And then I’ll have the white tee and jeans to wear with sandals if I need a casual dinner outfit. I think my Birkenstocks will offset the height of the boot, but I need to try it out.

Gap utility jacket (S) // FRAME tee (XS) // PAIGE denim (29) (similar for less) // P448 sneakers (39) // exact belt (90) (similar for less)

Beyond that, I’ll probably spend most of my days by the pool, so I need a bunch of swimsuits and cover-ups.

white coverup (S) // teal swimsuit (10) // black Miraclesuit (8) // black crossover swimsuit (8) // stripe coverup (M)

I’ll pack some shorts and t-shirts, as well. This fun palm tank just arrived from Evereve, so that is definitely coming with me, as well as the two outfits below from my recent trip to Sarasota.

black tank (S) // olive shorts (6) // raffia slides (8) // Grateful Dead tee (M) // similar jean shorts // puffy slides (7.5)

Also, this stripe pullover will be cute with shorts if it gets chilly at night.. I think shorts with a long sleeve top is such a great way to deal with The Boot, but I’ll also bring these wide leg cuffed pants because they’re soft and lightweight, and I think they have such a great summery vibe.

stripe top (S) // cuffed jeans (6) // Birks (39)

For accessories, I plan to pack the biggest, most summery-fun earrings I have to bring as much attention away from The Boot as possible. I love these raffia drop earrings, but I also just ordered these and these.

And of course, I’ll bring a beach hat and sunglasses… and a beach tote, of course! This one packs down flat in my suitcase and always looks super chic.

Hat Attack Luxe Stripe Tote // Robin Piccone cover-up (S) // DIFF sunnies // old packable straw hat, option

As always when I travel, I plan to pack two pairs of pajamas — one to wear and one to wash — and a cozy wrap and joggers to throw on for lazy mornings or when I want to work in the lobby of our hotel while the family sleeps in.

Athleta Pranayama Wrap (S) // ATM tee (M) // Vuori joggers (M)

My footwear choices are limited, of course. And I guess I only need to pack one of each shoe, so that should make more space in my suitcase, haha! I will wear one of my On Cloud sneakers on the plane, and then I plan to bring the other color in my suitcase, as well as the Birkenstock Madrid. That’s probably all I need.

I may throw in one of my P448 sneakers, but with the silly shoe balancer, there is no hope for looking remotely chic from the knees down, so it’s probably better to just stick with the On Clouds and use the extra room in my luggage for an additional handbag. At least I can have fun with those while my foot is out of commission!

I put everything together in a few handy widgets that you can shop below, and it also makes a convenient packing list for me to work from too! Of course, there’s no way I will end up wearing everything I’ve listed here, but I like to have choices, and summer clothes are so lightweight, it’s easy to throw in a few extras just in case.





Sleep & Lounge

What did I forget?

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29 Responses

  1. Hope y’all have a great trip and your ankle doesn’t slow you down too much! Might be a good excuse to just sit on the beach or by the pool with a good book and a good drink! What part of Florida are yall going to?

  2. Love this post Jo -Lynne – I always find packing very stressful (even if it’s just me I’m packing for as opposed to our whole family!)
    Wishing you a safe trip.
    Amanda x

  3. Enjoy your trip! I feel your pain.
    I was in a walking boot for 2 straight summers. I found a platform sneaker worked perfectly. P448 has nice platform ones. It was the perfect height. I bought a pair of Van’s as well. I’m sure your trip will be great.

  4. Hi Jo-Lynne,

    I am in a similar situation as you! I broke my ankle 3 weeks ago and my good foot is giving me issues now. We leave in about 2 weeks for a 19 day cruise to Europe.

    Regarding shoes… can you recommend some good supportive shoes (shoe) that are cute for shorts and dresses? I have over-pronation and I am struggling to find a shoe that will get me through this trip.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery!!!!

  5. I think it’s hilarious that you capitalized The Boot!

    Great choices for your trip. I ordered the olive Sanctuary shorts from Evereve and I LOVE them. I will get tons of use from them this summer. I ordered a size smaller than usual per the reviews and they fit perfectly. Highly recommend!

  6. My friend said wearing a boot was hard because it threw her body out of alignment. She didn’t have the other shoe to help. She said her back started hurting. Good luck and enjoy a family trip.

    1. Yeah, back and hips (even knees) can really suffer from misalignment. The shoe leveler is nice but it doesn’t flex and I think that’s what is bothering my left foot. So now I’m trying some platform and wedge options. 🤪 I think my best bet is to stay off my feet as much as possible until I can wear sneakers on both feet.

  7. I hope you enjoy your spring break travel and the healing warmth of the sun on your resting feet! Thank you for the travel hair dryer recommendation. I’ve been looking for a good travel dryer!

  8. So happy you are able to go on your FL trip! And I’m sure you’ll be grateful to have others to help you get around (maybe not quickly, but that’s OK!!) I love your idea of wearing your funnest, biggest, sassiest summer earrings! No one will notice your boot! HAHA! I’m curious, when you travel with your 3 adult kids, so you need to reserve 3 rooms, or do your kids “camp out” together in one room/suite? Have an absolutely fantastic time together! And Happy Easter, wherever you are celebrating!

    1. We haven’t really traveled with all 3 as adults except for Italy – there we did 2 rooms in each hotel, with one being more of a suite that could sleep 3. This time David is staying home to work, but we got one suite with a pullout in case he could join.

  9. I hope that David is going to be able to join y’all for the beach trip. I think that you’ve got all of the bases covered. Like you mentioned, I’d amp up my accessories because they can help give you a mental boost. For our July trip to FL, I will be using two of my signature colors so that I can mix and match to create numerous outfits with a minimal number of items. I only have one swimsuit because I spend very little time wearing one. Sleevelss tops and shorts suit me better.

  10. I hope you have a fun trip. Just curious does the boot fit under the wide leg jeans? Wearing shorts and the casual dresses are good choices. I hope you find shoes to balance the boot. I wore a boot only for a week so I didn’t have any issues. Before that I had a cast for 6 weeks.

  11. Hanging by the pool sounds wonderful. I feel for you and the boot. I had to wear one a few years ago when I partially tore my Achilles tendon. I could only take it off to shower and had to sleep in the thing. I also was on crutches with no weight on my foot. That was a long 8 weeks but my arms had some major muscles 🙂

  12. Did you forget slippers??? I always like to take a light weight sock type slipper, as I don’t like to walk on the motel floors. I’m so glad you get to go.
    I love the La Blanca swimsuit in Ocean color and tried it in size 6 and then 8 and the front looks great and fits great, but the back is too cheeky. I wish it was cut lower in the back end. I know someone else had asked you if it was and you said no, you don’t do cheeky, so must be just the wrong fit for me. I’ll try looking for something else. Enjoy your trip. Will look forward to seeing pictures.

  13. I couldn’t help but laugh when you said you only needed to pack one shoe because that’s all you’d need and a great way to save space! So true!
    Glad you’re getting away! Sounds like it might be just what the Dr. Ordered and a great way to stay off your feet relaxing by the pool and no cooking meals!
    Have a great trip!!!

  14. Hope y’all have a great trip! My mom and I will be headed back down to Orlando in the near future. My aunt has started to decline and the hospice nurse is coming more often. We just buried my husband’s aunt this past Friday, so it’s kinda bleak around here. I promised my daughter a trip to the coast (only about 30 minutes from our house) while they are all out for spring break this coming week. Our little family needs the time by the water to heal our hearts. I love your idea of big earrings to bring attention away from The Boot! One thing, you said you bring 2 sets of pajamas, one to wash and one to wear. Do you wash them in the sink? I’m just curious because I’ve considered this before but never actually tried it. Again, I hope y’all have a wonderful and relaxing trip!!

  15. I am so glad you are able to travel! Although, it is disappointing to not be able to be out and about like you want. I am packing for a cruise and am stuck on what to take to put over the black Tommy bahama sheathe dress, if I get cold. I used to wear a cropped sweater over a sheathe, but that looks dated. I am taking several dresses that an unstructured Jean jacket works over. Help!

      1. Thank you! Jean jackets are something I have plenty of! What length would you go with? I used to think that a topper needed to be short over a sheath, but now I don’t know. I have cropped white, structured kut from the kloth, traditional Levi’s, unstructured free people, and the new AG one you recommended. Can I still wear a cropped white jean jacket?

  16. Have a great trip in the warm weather. Did you tell us what bags you are using and I missed it? Meaning carry on, suitcase, personal item bag? I have been on the hunt for a fashionable, cute, backpack for a trip to WA DC in June to use as my personal item. I think I am looking for my own unicorn.

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