What I Wore in Florida (Medical Boot Edition)

Well, friends! Today’s What I Wore Lately has a new accessory… a big black medical boot. When I injured my ankle, some of you said you would be curious to see how I managed look stylish in The Boot, and I snorted because all I was wearing was Vuori joggers or my beloved Athleta Balance Flares.

For the first few weeks after my ankle injury, I spent the majority of my days on the couch with my foot encased in a big black medical boot. The last thing I cared about was looking stylish! But when it came time to pack for Florida, I had to figure out how to look somewhat put-together with my unwanted accessory. Today I’m sharing what I wore (and packed) in Florida for Spring Break with a medical boot.

My biggest issue was actually what to wear on the other foot. The shoe balancer my doctor provided is nice for leveling out my hips, but it isn’t very flexible, and that was causing my “good foot” (which has sustained several injuries of its own over the years) to act up.

I ended up ordering these Paul Green sneakers for store pickup at the eleventh hour, the day before we were scheduled to leave on our trip. I kept hearing how comfortable they are, and I like how they look, plus they have a platform sole to help off-set the height of The Boot. I took a risk and wore them (or it, rather) traveling all day and then to visit with family that night.

They turned out to be everything they’re cracked up to be. Not only do they look great with dresses, jeans, or shorts; but they are supremely comfortable and supportive. I couldn’t believe they didn’t rub anywhere or give me a single blister, without any breaking-in period.

As for the rest of my travel outfit, you probably recognize this uniform by now – versatile jeans with a polished white t-shirt, and some type of jacket on top. That way, I can remove the jacket and wear the tee by itself if it’s hot when I reach my destination, and each piece is easy to mix and match with other items in my travel capsule during my trip.

KUT from the Kloth Kara in Plush Pink (M) // FRAME Le Mid Rise V-Neck T-Shirt (XS) (budget option) // PAIGE Anessa (budget option) // Paul Green Hadley Platform Sneaker (8) (budget option) // Lagos earrings // Goyard tote (budget option) // AWAY The Medium in Sand

In fact, I did just that. Our room at the Opal Grand in Delray Beach wasn’t ready for a few hours after our arrival, so I shed my jacket and wore the t-shirt and jeans to have lunch and then to wait at a table by the pool for our room to be ready.

Once we finally got settled into our room, I changed into shorts and a tank top to visit some family members who live in the area. The Paul Green sneaker was so comfortable, I decided to keep it on for the evening, rather than change into the sandal that I brought.

This palm tank is so cute and comfortable, and I love how it pairs with the denim shorts. The shades of blue have just enough contrast to be compatible without competing, for an easy laid-back look. My exact shorts are from last summer, but they brought them back this season in a darker wash, and there’s a plain version without the porkchop pockets too.

palm tank (M) // KUT from the Kloth shorts (6) (similar wash) option // Paul Green Hadley (8) (budget option)

The next morning, I woke up bright and early, and I pulled on this comfy-chic Frank & Eileen travel set to work on my laptop outside by the pool. I also wore it a couple of afternoons when I was taking a break between the pool and dinner because it’s cozy but still summery.

Frank & Eileen Carmel Travel Set - Patrick Sweatshirt w/ Catherine Sweatpants

Frank & Eileen Carmel Travel Set c/o (M) // Paul Green Hadley (8) (budget option)

After a late breakfast with the girls, we decided to head back to the pool, so I changed into a swimsuit. I like the honeycomb texture on this this black Sea Level one-piece, as it’s very forgiving and a little more interesting than traditional swimsuit fabric.

My wrap is a few years old, so I can’t link it, but I really like how it complements a solid black swimsuit. And the gold raffia sandal has a 1 1/4″ platform, which helped offset the height of The Boot.

Sea Level Honeycomb One Piece Swimsuit

Sea Level Honeycomb One Piece (10) (budget option) // old Anthro wrap, option // Hat Attack tote (budget option) // Eric Javits Hampton Sun Hat (budget option) // Dolce Vita Selda Raffia Slide (7.5) // YSL sunnies (budget option)

We made reservations for dinner at the restaurant in our hotel that night, Drift, and I wore this black smocked tank with the wide leg crop jeans I traveled in. I jazzed it up with these fun earrings, which coordinate nicely with the raffia slides.

smocked tank (S) // PAIGE Anessa (29) (budget option) // Dolce Vita Selda (7.5) // earrings

The next morning, I went downstairs again to do some work before breakfast. I had been pretty warm sitting outside in the travel set the day before, so I went with a long sleeve top/denim shorts combo.

FYI, Nordstrom carries this Faherty top now; and it’s still available at Evereve, too. I like how it looks with the sleeves cuffed to make them more of a 3/4-length, as shown on the Evereve website.

Faherty stripe top (also at Nordstrom) (S) // KUT from the Kloth shorts (6) (similar wash) option // Dolce Vita Selda (7.5)

And then it was another afternoon by the pool for us! We really took it easy on this vacation, which was so nice. I rented a cabana both days, so I could relax in the shade.

This time, I wore my shirt dress coverup with a different Sea Level one-piece swimsuit. I really like this brand for quality suits that are modest but not frumpy. In fact, I already have this cross-over style in black and red, and I added the olive this year.

Sea Level Shirtdress Coverup + Eric Javits Straw Hat

Sea Level criss-cross swimsuit (10) (budget option) // Sea Level coverup (S) (budget option) // Dolce Vita Selda (7.5) // Tom Ford sunglasses (budget option) // Hat Attack tote (budget option) // Eric Javits Hampton Sun Hat (budget option)

I wore this black dress with my Paul Green sneakers to dinner the next two nights. We went to Hampton Social the first night. It was fun, and the food was insanely delicious, but it was so loud, it was hard to talk.

The next night, we ate at a cute Mediterranean restaurant, Boheme Bistro, in their outdoor courtyard. It felt very reminiscent of our trip to Italy last summer. The food wasn’t the best, but the service was excellent, and it was much quieter and easier to have a conversation.

Paul rarely comments on my clothes, but when I came out in this dress, he mentioned how good it looks on me. Funny, because I also have it in white, and he never seemed to notice that one. I do really like the contrast stitching on this black one, though. It’s a small detail, but it packs a punch.

Tommy Bahama Palma A Dora Sheath

Tommy Bahama Palma A Dora Sheath (M) // Paul Green Hadley (8) (budget option)

We hung out at the Monkey Bar in our hotel after dinner the first two nights. The Sixers game was on the TV the first night, and we met some other hotel guests who are from our area. In fact, they were also on our flight to Florida, and they had the cabana next to us that day! Such a small world.

Paul took this random picture of me, enjoying my favorite mixed drink. When in doubt, a cosmo always hits the spot.

There was live music in the bar on the second night, so we went in again, and the girls joined us after they got back from exploring downtown. It’s a little weird, but rather fun, to have kids old enough to join us in the bar. There may have even been dancing… not me, of course. That would have been quite the sight in The Boot.

This is what I wore to breakfast the next morning. If this outfit looks familiar, it’s because you saw it yesterday! I really didn’t need two pairs of jean shorts on this trip, but when I was packing, I wasn’t sure which ones were going to fit better this year, and I was too tired to wrangle them on over The Boot to try them on, so I threw both in my suitcase, just in case.

Grateful Dead Watercolor Graphic T-Shirt with AG Becke Denim Shorts

Grateful Dead tee (M) // AG shorts (29) (budget option) // Paul Green Hadley (8) (budget option)

On our last full day there, we met some of our family at the beach across the street from our hotel. It wasn’t terribly far to walk on the sand, but probably more than I should have done in The Boot. Still, I really enjoyed getting some time by the ocean. The weather was perfect – sunny, with a gentle breeze.

Sea Level coverup (S) (budget option) // La Blanca swimsuit (10) (budget option) // Dolce Vita Selda (7.5) // Tom Ford sunglasses (budget option)

That was the night we ate at Boheme Bistro, and I wore the Tommy Bahama sheath for the second time. We decided against after-dinner drinks at the bar and turned in early. Tell me you’re old without telling me you’re old. Haha!

I was feeling fluffy and didn’t want to wear jeans to fly home, so I pulled out these Spanx wide leg crop pants for our return trip. I wore the same pink jacket, but this is a different white tee, which I brought in case the other one got dirty traveling. (I always travel with two white t-shirts because I wear them so much and they don’t take up any space.)

This Splendid cotton blend v-neck is new, and it’s more form-fitting than the FRAME Le Mid Rise V-Neck, but not super tight. (I have the medium in the Splendid tee.) I like how it gives my waist a little more definition under the jacket, and the v-neck isn’t quite as low as the FRAME tee.

KUT from the Kloth Kara (M) // Splendid tee (M) // Spanx Wide Leg Crop (M) // Paul Green Hadley (8) (budget option) // Goyard tote (budget option) // AWAY The Medium in Sand

And that, as they say, is a wrap! Now that I’m home, and it’s cold and rainy, I haven’t been feeling much like styling The Boot. I did try to look put-together for Easter Sunday, and I have a few other pictures of outfits I’ve worn on either end of my trip, but I’ll save those for next time.

Did you go anywhere fun for Spring Break?

What I Packed for Spring Break

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31 Responses

  1. Sun hat… when clicking this link it refers to a “squish” in the name. Would you please share how it packed? And when you packed it did you fold it?
    Also, again… welcome to the PG Hadley club😊 in a way it’s like a proud mama moment for me, LOL.

    1. I know, I feel like you’ve been telling me to get these for years! I did try them once and didn’t think I liked them, but I’m sold this time around.

      I did not fold the hat. I’ve had it for a few years, and I always place it in upside down and pack stuff around it and inside it.

  2. I’m curious that you don’t have to use crutches or even a cane to help with walking…especially for those further walks. I remember graduating from Crutches to a cane and realizing how helpful it was.
    I also did a beach walk with my broken ankle and the cane was necessary.

    1. Mine isn’t broken, it’s all soft tissue damage. I had crutches from the ER, but I only used them for a couple days, until I saw the foot & ankle doc. He said I could be weight bearing, and I feel more stable walking on it than using crutches. I’m a liability with crutches! I was holding onto Paul, though, when I was on the sand.

    2. Sharon I was thinking the same thing. I went to one crutch instead of a cane. It helped to give me support.

  3. I noticed that the boot you are wearing in the pictures at the beginning of the article was sometimes on your right foot and on your left. April Fools!

  4. I love the look of the Paul Green sneaker. What color are you wearing? It’s great that they look nice with a dress.

    1. I am eyeing a pair of the Super soft sneakers with the “Converse” stripes. I’ve been looking for something similar in the realm of comfort sneakers and these are good. The colorway with the Converse nod in the Hadley is “white red”.

  5. The wide leg jeans are not only stylish but functional for wearing that boot. I’m glad you get to start your therapy. I can see wanting to walk by the beautiful ocean but did you get sand in the boot? I can’t imagine me walking on the beach in a boot. You’re a tough lady.😊

  6. Hi! Now that you’ve had the Frank & Eileen set for a while, what are your thoughts? Washes well? Does or does not need ironing? Feels luxurious? I’ve wanted one for a while but I’m not sure if I’m more scared of spending that much and not wearing it enough, or loving it and wanting to get every color. I think it could be a uniform for me so the cost per wear could justify it. Hard to tell. I’d love to find it locally to try on before I order one.

    1. This is my second set. The other one is black and it seemed too heavy for Florida – I much prefer the neckline on this one. I haven’t washed them yet but I love the fabric and how elevated they look and feel.

  7. If you were going back to Europe this summer would you consider taking the Paul Green sneakers or would you stick with the ones you brought to Italy?

  8. You look so stylish in that hat. I’ve been eyeing them for awhile. What color do you have ? I might have to bite the bullet
    Thanks for sharing all of your great looks.

  9. Well…………..you looked super cute and “The Boot” was hardly noticed! 🙂

    What is the inseam on the Frank & Eileen crop? I couldn’t find it on their site? Also what is the bust measurement of the M top?

  10. Did you size up to a medium in the evereve palm tank? I am debating between the small and medium, I just didn’t want the armholes to be big. So happy to see the pork chop short is back in a new wash. I wore them on repeat last summer!

  11. Even though we don’t have any kids, Spring Break down here is this week. Even with the medical boot on, you look nice. I know that you are thrilled to be transitioning out of the boot. A medical boot is just one of the many items I have stowed away. I hope that PT wasn’t too painful today!

  12. I ordered that Tommy Bahama dress in the black when you mentioned it went on sale a few weeks ago, but I ended up returning it… It bunched up in the back & didn’t hang smoothly on me—maybe because I’m only 5’3”? I ordered the medium but don’t think a small would work for my bust. Too bad because it seems like a great summer dress otherwise!

  13. Glad to see you got to enjoy the sun in spite of your boot!
    We are getting hammered in Ohio with awful weather this week- any good raincoat recommendations? Not looking for a long trench- just more of an everyday with jeans…I figured if I invest in a new one spring will come! thanks

  14. I just want to say that even with The Boot, you look stylish and beautiful! I’m so glad y’all were able to go on your vacation still. I think your heart needed that trip. I’m SO glad you linked those pork chop shirts from last year! I wanted them all summer long, but could never bring myself to actually buy them. (I’m trying really hard to limit my spending.) But they had my size at The Rack 🥳 and since I haven’t been shopping much, I let this purchase be a double point day and I used my Note lol! So I’m pretty excited 😂 And bonus that I just told my husband about this purchase and he was “proud” of me! 😂

  15. Just came across your spring break trip article and really enjoyed. I am currently in a boot, just switched to smaller walker, surgery on 5th metatarsal next week. Depressed , as will be in boot 6-8 weeks but knowing you went on a trip boosted me up. Just order the Hadley sneaker, help balance out boot. Love Frank and Eileen , makes me feel more put together. You are too cute and looked stylish in all outfits. Best luck , going to try and look more together, me and my boot adventure.

    1. Oh no, I’m so sorry that happened to you. It really does get old and it’s hard to not let it get you down, but I just keep telling myself, this, too, shall pass.

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