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I love a graphic t-shirt for spring/summer. It’s an easy way to inject personality into your outfit or represent your favorite cause or musical group, and it adds color and pattern without wearing a print. You can find graphic tees to suit pretty much any style, from whimsical to edgy, and I rounded up a bunch of options at the end of this post.

Evereve is one of my favorite places to shop for graphic tees. They always have a good selection, and the quality is on point. That’s where I found this Grateful Dead Tour Tee. It’s a little bit spendy, but I love the super soft cotton jersey fabric and the watercolor graphic.

Grateful Dead Watercolor Tee

And yes, I do enjoy the Grateful Dead’s music. That absolutely is a prerequisite for me to wear a band tee.

In fact, my daughter challenged me to name three of their songs when I wore this t-shirt to breakfast in Florida last week. Uncle John’s Band, Scarlet Begonias, Touch Of Grey, Ripple, Truckin’… Shall I go on?

I bet you didn’t peg me for a Deadhead, did you?

Okay, I would not call myself a Deadhead, but I do enjoy their music, especially when I’m floating in the pool on a hot summer day… or hanging out at a cool poolside bar in Florida. These photos are from The Sarasota Modern, where I stayed last month.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Grateful Dead graphic tee at The Sarasota Modern pool bar

The easiest way to style a graphic tee is to pair it with a pair of jeans or jean shorts. Give it a front tuck, add sandals or sneakers, and you’re good to go! Don’t be afraid to roll the sleeves or knot it in the front for a little extra style.

These jean shorts are the AG Becke with a 5 1/2″ inseam and 10″ front rise. Mine are from last year, and the wash is slightly darker than this year’s version, but the fabric composition and measurements are the same. They’re really soft and comfortable, and I love them for my most casual days.

For anyone looking for a more budget-friendly option, I rounded up some similar 5″ styles under $100.

Grateful Dead Watercolor Tee + AG Becke Denim Shorts

I borrowed these puffy criss-cross slides from Lindsey, and I liked them so much, I came home and ordered myself a pair.

The linen color is such a nice light neutral for summer, and I love how they match the color of the tee to bookend this outfit. They’re also very comfortable to wear, and stay on easily when I walk. They run true to size; or size down half, if in between.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Grateful Dead graphic tee at The Sarasota Modern pool bar

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13 Responses

  1. Such a great outfit for the warmer days! I also like graphic tees. Ruby’s Rubbish is another great online store for graphic tees. Wishing you a lot of luck at your appointment this afternoon.

  2. I like graphic T-shirts. I normally buy mine at Old Navy and Gap. I also have one from JC crew factory. They had a cute baker’s graphic I bought for my granddaughter who is in culinary school. She loved it. I hope you can start your therapy. My big toe that I had bunion surgery is still stiff. I think there was medical negligence in not telling me (after the cast came off) what I should be doing like moving the toe or doing stretches with my toe. After 2 weeks the doctor finally told me. Then I went to therapy to get rid of my limp. Back then I wasn’t into doing research like I am now. I would have known everything about the surgery and what to do afterwards.

    1. I had a bunionectomy on my left foot when I was 21, and same thing – they never even sent me to therapy. It is still a little stiff, even though I have had work done on it over the years. Many years later, I had a torn tendon behind that ankle, and a cuboid bone stress fracture in that same foot. (No idea how those two things happened, there was no accident. I think it was over-use, as they both happened after I trained for and ran a half marathon). I have always assumed it was partially because that stiff joint affects how I use the rest of that foot and ankle. I did lots of PT after that, and learned thru that experience how different doctors advice can be. I think that doc was too cautious and kept me in the boot too long.

      All that to say, I do wonder if I should be already moving this ankle, but the injuries are far more severe than what I did to the other one, and I don’t dare do anything until the doctor tells me to. As it is, I feel like I exacerbated the issue in Florida, walking a short distance on the sand. I was wearing The Boot, but I still felt the sand caused my leg to twist funny as I walked. Ever since, the inside of my ankle has been sore. I am very anxious to hear what the doctor says today.

  3. I love graphic t-shirts…but mostly ones that are scenic or floral. Occasionally, I’ll wear one with other graphics though. I like how easy they are to style. Lots of good choices in today’s post!
    Jo-Lynne, your comment in your email about how you will miss the commotion once the kids have all moved on really hit home today. My youngest daughter, who will be 21 years old in July, is moving out this weekend and I’m really having a tough time emotionally. I have 3 daughters and the older two have moved on but this one is really tough and bittersweet. Cherish all the moments with them at home!

    1. Yeah, I am going to feel much the same way this fall when my youngest goes off to college. My middle might go back to college, as well, and if she does, it will be extremely quiet around here! But I know it’s the way it should be. 🙂 I hope to travel a lot more to help assuage my loneliness, lol.

  4. I love your slides, but can’t wear flat anything with my high arches. Another place I have found graphic tees is Etsy. You can search for your special interests. EBay as well—they are brand new.

  5. Very nice post as usual. You look great! Best wishes on healing your ankle.

    I have a question. Do you have issues when you buy graphic tees that you get tiny holes at the bottom of the shirt? I have the worst time with cotton tees and getting these little holes by where my jean zipper is. I am guessing it is low quality and thin material. Ideas on how to prevent this? I am not buying $20 tees. Last one I bought at Anthropologie for $68 and within 3 hours I had holes.

  6. We are an AC/DC family, but I really love a good Beatles song. I really like all music. I’m rather shy and quiet and it floors people when my kids tell them I taught them all how to head-bang. 😂. I love a good graphic tee so I will have to check some of these out.

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